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I only preach what I practice. So everything I recommend I use almost on a daily/weekly basis (and sometimes even in my sleep).  Some of what’s listed here would make sense to you right away while the others will make you go “what the &%$”.  But all will be revealed in detail through my upcoming blogposts, newsletters and youtube videos. So make sure you are subscribed and tuned in.

My preferred medium of building a sustainable online Business is through Blogging and Social Media. This is a business model that sustains itself (and grows virally) through the relationships you build with your readers and followers. The same model can used to inject an online presence to just about any brick and mortar business in the industry. And if you are into MLM this is definitely the business model to go with.

So here’s what I use to make it all work..

A2Hosting – is hosted on A2. I made the switch when I realized that my previous hosting company (like most others) didn’t provide a complete SSD hosting solution. A2 hosting is not only super fast and affordable but their customer service is impeccable. And they have a free server rewind option that allows you to restore your sites to an earlier state free of charge.  (discount coupon 51SPEED to get 51% off at the checkout).

Uniregistry – Extremely affordable domain registrar with free privacy Guard. Aside from their intuitive, easy to navigate user interface what I like the most about them are the free Topcoins that you get with every purchase. The coins can be redeemed on future purchases.

Genesis – is built on Genesis. It’s mobile responsive, secure, SEO friendly, fast and has an easy to use interface.

Elegant Themes – Possibly the prettiest themes on the web. But I switched over to Genesis when they ranked number 1 on GTMatrix tests a few months ago 🙂

Blogvault – Backup by blogVault is the most reliable way to perform WordPress backups for your site. The sites get backed up automatically every 4 hours or so to Blogvault’s cloud and can be restored to any location with a few clicks of a mouse.

Whilst A2Hosting do have a daily backup facility in place, I don’t want them to be my only salvation should something go awry (especially given numerous bad experiences I’ve had with “other” hosting companies in the past).

MegaSync – All my blogvault backups also get stored locally to a hard drive that is connected to Megasync. I also have a ton of other “important files” that get synced through “Mega”. Their free account comes with 50Gb of storage.
Hit the “Sign up” button to skip the paid for optional upgrades.

SECockpit – SECockpit does within seconds what other software takes minutes or hours to do. And it takes the whole learning curve and the “human errors” out of the process. But it does cost $40/month or more a month (depending on your requirements). So my recommendation is subscribe when have a TON of keyword research to get done, then cancel and resubscribe as needed 🙂

Aweber – The money is in the list (or rather in the relationship you have with with your list). Having a reliable autoresponder is possibly the most vital element to building a thriving (and profitable) business online. Aweber is super easy to use and they are said to have the highest deliverability in the industry.
Video Motion Pro – All the intros, outros, lower third animations and screen captures for my videos are made possible through Video Motion Pro. It’s possibly the easiest Video creation and editing software out there. And it’s a much cheaper alternative to Camtasia and Adobe After Effects.

PressPlay – All the videos that you see on this blog and many of my video pages/squeeze pages and sales pages are powered by Pressplay. PressPlay monitors Video Insights / Analytics, creates Viral Facebook Videos within minutes, updates and modifies active campaigns on the fly, embeds Share-Gate Options and Timed Call-To-Actions to videos, creates video sales letters and squeeze pages within minutes.

Optinarchitect – All of the optin pages and popups that you see on are powered by Optinarchitect. Aside from the fact that it can create sexy, animated optin popups, side-bar optins, sitewide optins, 2 step optins and exit popups with advanced exit intent technology, it can also track page and campaign stats so that you know what’s working and what’s not at a glance.

WP Profit Builder – The “Free custom blog” and “Partner with me” pages were created through WP Profit Builder. It’s an easy to use drag, drop, edit and crop software with a ton of templates that you can use to build your perfect sales and squeeze pages.

1 Minute Sites - Creates Point-n-Click High Converting Landing Pages within minutes it comes with a ton of useful features like A/B split testing, countdown timers, exit popups, exit redirects,  1 or 2-step optins, SmartLinks, Optin Forms On Any Site, attention bars, Facebook / Twitter share page locks, Easy Facebook Optins With Facebook Connect, GoToWebinar Integrations, Visitors Leads & Sales tracking. If you get both WP Profit Builder and Pressplay then you don’t really need this.

Depositphotos – If you’ve read a handful of my blog posts or seen my Social media posts then you would probably know where all my pictures come from 🙂 It’s worth mentioning that their daily subscription is their most cost-effective option but the credits cannot be carried over. And don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the standard and extended licensing terms before getting started.

Monarch Plugin–  All of my social share buttons and features are powered by Monarch. Before that I was using Sumome (which is free). Monarch is sold as part of the Elegant Themes package (which consists of 87 themes) and several other wordpress plugins.

Squirrly – Squirrly is an SEO plugin for the NON-SEO experts. It does great Seo with Better Content, Ranking and Analytics (for both humans and bots). But their free version doesn’t accurately depict what the plugin is really capable of.

Yoast (free)– I was a huge advocate of Yoast up until I started using Squirrly. It’s still a great plugin but if you try Yoast for a month and then compare it against the paid version of squirrly you’ll see why I made the switch 🙂

Akismet (free) – Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet Web service to see if they look like spam or not and lets you review the spam it catches under your blog’s “Comments” admin screen. It’s a cute little plugin that keeps your sanity in check 🙂

Yuzo Related Posts Plugin (free) – Having several related posts show up at the end of a post not only increases reader retention but it also plays an important role in the onpage SEO department.

Easy Facebook Likes Plugin (free)– Getting likes on your Facebook fanpage is not much different to building a second email list. Just as it is important to have a steadily growing email list, it is just as important to create a secondary portal to engage your audience with.

Social Media Powerhouse (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  Intagram, Youtube and Linkedin– At the very minimum you’ll need to have a good clean account on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. I say “clean” because most “wannabe marketers” spam their cheeks and eyebrows off every chance they get 🙂

Facebook Comments by Vivacity (free) – The WordPress comments section (when backed with the Akismet plugin) works fine on it’s own. But having the option to have your posts show up on their Facebook pages adds in the extra viral marketing element.

SEOGear– Is an automated cloud based SEO software that uses “human-like” simulation to post high quality backlinks.  But post only 1-3 backlinks per day to begin with.  And please be vigilant about the quality of the content being used as these guys will shut your account the first instance they get a whiff of spam/duplicate content/adult site references etc.

Socisynd – Social Media sharing is what gets the Search Engines raving about your content. But it has to be done in a natural and progressive way. SociSynd is a powerful social media syndication system that distributes your content and generates a Buzz on high authority Social media sites using thousands of Unique Social accounts.

EaseUS Backup Tool - There’s nothing worse that having your PC die on you and having to reinstall everything back from the ground the up. A majority of the backup tools out there are buggy and in many cases create backups that just don’t work. EaseUs just works and helps you sleep better at night 🙂

CCleaner– Cleans up all the clutter that Windows and all your apps create almost every day. The free version does a fabulous enough job to keep your PC purring like a happy little kitten.

SSD Drive (for your OS and Program files) – I only discovered SSD about a year ago and I have to tell you that it is possibly the single best piece of hardware I had invested in, in years. Ever since I plugged in this puppy and reinstalled my OS, my PC boot time and file processing speeds have increased by around 600%. But it only works of you have a SATA2 or SATA3 connection (and a shamrock leaf nearby :))

Royalty free music – This is where all my Acoustic background music comes from. You’ll find a total of 77 great tracks here with full commercial usage rights.

Royalty free video - My only source for free video stock footage, motion backgrounds and after effect templates.

Lead Swaps – Is it possible for you to send 100 clicks to your Landing Page, and receive 150+ clicks instead on autopilot? Well, that’s what this software does in a nutshell 🙂

Serp Book – This powerful online-based rank tracker to keeps track of keyword rankings in real-time for Google, Bing and Yahoo. I use this service mainly to provide live rank-tracking dashboards for all my ( SEO clients.



If you aren’t sure how all of these pieces of the puzzle fit together, please be sure to checkout my 12 day bootcamp. I believe I covered everything in there.

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