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Good Role Models For Our Kids

Good Role Models

The saying “Like Father like Son” isn’t just a cliche.

We do become who our are Parents are, in what we say, do and aspire to be, right down to the way we wiggle our ears and twitch our noses. And quite surprisingly, that includes all the stuff that what we do in secret.
They’re so much like Spies living in our own household, recording and documenting every little nuke and crane in sight.

And contrary to popular belief, we cannot mold our Children into who we want them to be. Sure, they’ll do what they’re told because they’ve seen on TV what happens to Prisoners who try to escape or don’t do as they’re told.

But when they’re left to their own devices, all that cuteness and fluffiness dissipates and the wild and the nasty Gremlins come out to play.

So, if you aspire to be a great humanitarian, commit your life to the service of others, treat everyone with respect and your Kids witness that firsthand on a regular basis, then that’s who they’ll become too.

If on the other hand you rob Charities and Animal Shelters for a living, replace your Spouse every year with a newer, shinier and more feature packed model, frown at everyone you see on the road, kick every cute puppy in your neighborhood and resort to booze and cigarettes when things get too hot to handle, then that pretty much becomes what your Kids will become too.

So, give your Children the gift of their own futures, by portraying what you would like to see in them when they grow up.

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