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I Love God! But Does He Love Me? This 10-Step Process Will Show You Firsthand What God is Really Capable of (no religion required)

i love god
You can live a much more rewarding life with God on your side.
And as shocking, as it may sound, you don’t need a religion to do it.

Let’s just forget about all the Supernatural and Heaven stuff for a second.

Let’s just think about how we take care of our own Kids as Human beings. Or if you’re not already a Parent, let’s think about how your Mom and Dad took care of you a few centuries ago.

When we are Parents, kids may not agree or even understand why we do or say, much of what we do or say. In fact, half the time, we won’t have a clue as to why either.

But what we do know, is that we love them with all our hearts, even if one of them suddenly grabbed a pair of Hair clippers and decided to give the Cat, the haircut of its life.

You may not be happy about it. And the Cat sure wouldn’t be happy about it, especially given the fact that it may have to go through years of therapy in order to make a full recovery.

But hey, they are still Kids. More so, they’re YOUR kids. So, after you beat the crap out of them in a Video game of your choosing, you call it even and get back to your sanity.

Does that mean you love em all the same? Absolutely!

But, if you’re a Parent who has a truckload of Kids (which might be the case if you don’t have a TV and don’t really know what to do with your time) then you’re gonna “secretly” favor the ones that are thoughtful, considerate, generous, don’t Kidnap Puppies in their spare time and are absolutely crazy about helping other people. Obviously, you don’t starve the rest of em or ask them to camp outside just because they’re not fully living up to your expectations yet.

Not at all. In fact, you’re gonna be there for them as best as you can, but your extra special favors are naturally going to be reserved for your favorites.

Now, what if I told you that you already have a special Parent or a Supernatural Dad like that? And he doesn’t care about your color, race, religion, gender, height, width, breadth or the triangular shape of your ears (as long as there’s nothing living behind it)?

And what if I told you that this Parent only judges people by their virtues and their contributions?

Well, Ladies and Gents, the good news is: we do have someone like that.
And all it takes from you are 10 simple things to get him on your team for the rest of your life.

So here they are (the 10 steps to get you in God’s VIP list):

1. Be nice

Yep. Be nice, kind and friendly to every single soul you EVER meet as best you can, especially when being nice is the furthest thought in your mind.

2. Be forgiving

Human nature loves to get even with people who do us wrong. But make it a point to always live by the simple rule that “God is love”, because every time we step out of that compassionate mindset, we end up wearing an all-star jersey with the logo of a Red dude with horns, holding some kind of a fork and a cookie.

So, see yourself always as a river of goodness (or one giant ice cube) that extinguishes every fire that comes your way. And when you get into the habit of ignoring all the spiteful folk out there (who were presumably kidnapped and abused by a Dingo at some point), then God will eventually reward you for your troubles in a spectacular way.

At the same time, forgive yourself for past misdoings, mistakes, regrets and disappointments as well as for mishaps that will continue to happen from time to time. Learning to live with TOTAL integrity can be much like learning to walk for the first time (especially given the fact that our hormones have little brains of their own). So, it’s a process and a transition that takes time.
Babies don’t kick themselves or lapse into instant depression when they fall down a few times like many grownups do.

So, whenever you stumble or fail (at anything) just say to yourself “I am a working progress” or “It’s a lesson learned” and press on.

3. Be generous

Go out of your way to help people. And don’t think about the inconvenience that it causes you because every act of kindness serves as a deposit that goes straight into your SHISA (Supernatural High-Interest Savings Account) .

Just as importantly, start contributing 10% of your net income each and every month to a cause or charity, where the money goes to help people who “genuinely” cannot help themselves.

Think of it like this. You wouldn’t go a single month without paying your rent, mortgage, taxes or bills. If you do, your accommodation probably wouldn’t be as comfortable the following month. So, this 10% is your Supernatural rent or the tax money owed to your Creator, every single Month. If you’re not happy about it, maybe you should consider moving into to one of those snazzy Resorts on the Moon.

4. Be Thankful

The next time you grab a glass of water, be thankful in your heart that you have clean, clear water to drink. And be thankful for all the hardworking souls who have made that water accessible and free of toxins and hairballs.

Be thankful to the checkout clerk at the Store, who helps you diligently with one eye wide awake.

Be thankful to the Mailman, who handles all your letters and parcels gracefully and shows up at your door regardless of the weather, when they’re not walking around in circles trying to figure out where everybody lives.

Be thankful to the Police Offers down your street who help you sleep better at night, when they’re busy not interrogating some vicious looking glazed doughnut.

Be thankful to your local Firefighters who are at your beck and call around the clock should the need ever arise, except when they’re trying out a few dance moves on the pole.

And be thankful to the Doctor who helps you make a full recovery when your eyebrows start to misbehave.

Just as importantly, be thankful to your magnificent Creator, even for the seemingly small stuff. So be thankful whenever you find exactly what you need at the mall, when a health condition that you had been praying about suddenly takes a favorable turn, when your Soulmate just falls out of the sky straight into your arms, when you just miss the car that’s learning to moonwalk on the road, when a new client signs up with your Business and when you finally get the courage to go cold turkey on cigarettes and thus protecting your family from the secondhand smoke that kills 600,000 people every year.

Make it a habit to ALWAYS pass the gratitude and praise to your Maker, even if you’re totally convinced that it was your bright and shiny teeth that made the difference. If you had made a significant contribution to a project at Work and your colleague takes all the credit for it, how would you feel? Wouldn’t your fist (or handbag) have something to say to that person’s face?

And above all else, spend a few minutes each day to just thank your Creator for the life that you’re living now (even if it’s not perfect). Consider the fact that you could be just as easily be living without electricity, running water, clean air, freshly brewed Coffee and even possibly without the most basic human necessity of all: The Internet.

5. Be awesome

Living a gracious, generous and gratitude-filled life alone would give you access to the Super Claw (The Supernatural Club of Awesomeness) in a way that you probably hadn’t seen before.
However, Super Claw memberships take around a year to get processed, as they are subjected to a stringent “Credibility Check”. Credibility checks are much like Credit checks, except your credibility history only dates back as far as the date of your “mega commitment”, you know the day that you made a pledge to “play nice”.

Now, getting into the club is a tremendous feat in itself and if you stay “reasonably” committed to your new way your life, you’ll slowly but surely start to see God’s hand of grace and protection over your life and over the lives of those closest to you.

But, if you want access to all the extra perks and admittance into their VIP circle (along with a shiny new Black Card), then you’ll need to go above and beyond your call of duty. I’m talking about paving a path to reach out and help people by the thousands if not millions. And ONE of the best ways you can do that is by going into Business for yourself.

Almost every little material thing that we enjoy in life (including access and accessibility to natural resources) is invariably the byproduct of a series of decisions put into motion by an Entrepreneur/Innovator at some stage. Their contribution may appear almost minuscule compared to the collective contribution put forth by everyone else, but it is their commitment, idealism, and willingness to risk everything in the process that makes those projects possible, to begin with.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean that every Business venture that was ever born was intended to serve the greater good or to benefit mankind. But hey, eight out ten is not bad. So, as long as you don’t appoint Darth Vader as your trustworthy Business Adviser and your intentions are noble, then you’ll have the backing of the Supernatural World in a way that you cannot even fathom. Now, that’s not to say that it’ll all be a walk in the park. Far from it in fact. But when you have God’s backing, what you get is a “guarantee” to get you over the finish line, even if your face looks like a doodle pad that a Kid’s been playing with for hours, when you get there.

A Guarantee from God?? Yep. When God finally gives you a thumbs up on something and wants you to achieve it just as much, he’ll communicate that promise to you through a modality that you’re accustomed to or use regularly. So if you’re someone who spends a great deal of time with nature, chances are he’ll most likely use nature to convey the message. For me, it’s mostly electronics, as I happen to spend a good amount of my time around Computers, Smartphones, Mp3 players etc. Even when I’m around people, he still uses electronics, possibly because it might seem a bit strange if the person I was talking to suddenly said something along the lines of “I have a message from God. Please wait while I connect your call…”

When God makes a promise, he likes to associate something that is significant to you with that promise. For instance, you see a picture of the same house that you had always dreamed about right down to the marbles on the floor and the name of its photographer just happens to have the same first or last name as you. If not, it might show the day and month of your birthday (without the year) somewhere. And in some cases, he’ll find a way to associate one of your photos or selfies with the words that align with his promise.

The modality and method God use to communicate his messages and promises may vary from person to person, depending on their personality. But whichever way he chooses, when it’s meant for you, you’ll know it without a shadow of a doubt, much like how you would know when a letter is meant for you.

Then, all you to do is tap into the resources that God brings in your path with each chapter that unfolds and step over and around the 5002 pins, needles, nails, alligators and pterodactyls to ultimately reach your God-given destiny.
Yep. It’s that easy!

Now, if all of this sounds like too much of a stretch for you right now, just put the thought or wish out into the Universe and let God do all the brainstorming for you and then text you with your perfect Business idea.

So, if a Business idea suddenly props up in your mind and you can’t shake it off or even rinse it off in the shower, and the thought just seems to grow with each passing month, then chances are it’s from God.

6. Be connected

Being connected with God is much like being Grateful but on a whole other level. Think of it like having a caring Parent, a trustworthy friend, a knowledgeable adviser and a soul-healing therapist all rolled into one, by your side every minute of every day. And you make this connection instantaneously, every time you flood your mind with a sense of love and gratitude to your Creator.

Another part of staying connected is prayer. By prayer, I am not talking about anything formal. If you were out with one your best friends, and you wanted him/her to help you with something, you wouldn’t make a “formal and serious sounding” request. No, you would just tell them what you want help with and they’ll jump to your aid (with cape and all). With God, he already knows what you want. He just wants you to make the effort anyway so that he feels acknowledged, appreciated and valued (much like you and me really).

At the same time allow God to do things his way. For instance, he will flat out reject a good number of your requests, because he can see how each scenario plays out all the way to your 200th birthday. He’ll even refuse to take away seemingly “unreasonable situations” and people that he may be using to mold your character and your destiny in some way. On top of that, he gets a kick out of closing doors that can lead to a whole lot of ickiness.

But, when a request does pass all his background checks, then all you have to do is to give him a little reminder every morning (or evening) in a respectful and trusting way. So more than a prayer, you’ll be thanking him in advance for it. Think of it like this. If you were playing a Professional Sport and your teammates had total faith in you that you were gonna play a pivotal role in the game and possibly even score the game-winning shot at the end, wouldn’t you go out of your way to prove them right?

The next component to staying connected is to be receptive and responsive to text message notifications that you may hear occasionally in your heart or mind. This notification can sometimes sound like an eerie siren or it can sound like the feeble chirps of a Robin that’s skipped breakfast.

Now, aside from God warning you about the bad stuff, he also tells you about the good stuff. No, he won’t text you the lottery numbers, even if you had been on your best behavior. But he will tell about a good piece of land that will multiply in value within a short period of time. He’ll tell you about the right business opportunities to pursue and about the resources that will enable you to make it an outstanding success. He’ll tell about the City or Town that’s perfect for you live in and about Medicines that can cure an illness or condition that you’d been fighting to resolve for a while. And he may even tell you about a Movie, Concert or Sport that you’ll really enjoy.

When you develop a strong enough trust relationship/connection with God, he’ll work overtime to decorate and bedazzle every aspect of your life, to the point that you may even start walking about with your jaw wide open in awe.
7. Be consistent and persistent

We have become a society of immediate gratification. We buy a 30-second abs machine, do a few crunches and expect to see a perfectly chiseled 6 pack in the mirror the very next morning. Or we buy a good meditation CD, fully expecting all our anxieties and worries to get flushed away permanently the very first time we listen to it. And when things don’t work on our own timetable we often give up and stop trying.

Obviously, it’s important to revisit our actions, habits, and rituals from time to time to ensure we’re on the right track. For instance, too many people get into workout regiments without ever changing their eating habits and after about 50 years of rowing away on dry land, they wonder why they’re still where they started out.

But things that are proven to work time and time again for thousands if not millions of people, we have to just accept on faith and pursue. It’s much like how drinking a glass of fresh water every hour keeps many of our health issues at bay and also helps us to lose weight. It works just the same for everyone (except maybe for folks who are “allergic to water”), so we just take it on faith.

One practice that I nearly gave up on was tithing. And even though I had a passion for helping Orphans and children in need, doubt started to set in following the loss of my job followed immediately by the loss of my first business venture. I was suddenly in a position where I could barely pay my rent and keep food on the table. So my dilemma was whether or not I should continue with my regular contributions, given my circumstances.

Now, I am a guy who likes to keep track of all of my expenses right down to the last penny. In fact, it’s something I still do (and recommend to anyone who likes to be in control of their finances).

So, once a week I would open up my “expenses” spreadsheet, punch in a few numbers into it and it would automatically tell me exactly what I would have left in the Bank at the end of the Month and at the end of the year etc.

Ultimately when the week rolled around to pay my 10% contribution, I did the same, hoping there would be enough money left afterward to pay for my rent and groceries. So, after I entered all the numbers, I then keyed in what the contribution would be for the Orphanage. And as soon as I did, the projected balance my account immediately showed £777, to the penny. Now, if you saw some of the numbers that were there on the spreadsheet at the time, you would agree that ending up with a round figure and especially at a significant number like 777, would be the last thing you would expect. And that was when I knew that my tithe, as tiny as it was at the time, was well received by The CEO of the Universe.

Following that contribution, just weeks later I received the amount of money that my former Employer had failed to pay me over several years. It’s something that I had been fighting for the longest time and gotten nowhere with. Subsequently, I had trickles of unexpected blessings that got me through a period that I had convinced myself, I would never come out of with my eyebrows intact.

Years later, I was in the process of making a money transfer to the same Orphanage, when I was prompted to enter 3 random letters for a passkey to confirm the transfer. Obviously, the passkey I was using at the time was much longer than 3 letters. But the 3 completely random letters that I was asked to type in just happened to be G-O-D (in that exact sequence).

And then there was another incident where my monthly contribution just wouldn’t go through for one reason or the other. I had already cleared the amount with the Bank, but the transfer still wouldn’t budge. Normally, when I am met with one rejection after another, often times it’s an indication of God trying to close a door for some reason. But in this case, it didn’t make sense because it’s something that God’s already given me a thumbs up on many times before. In fact, I would hate to think what would happen to my finances afterward, if I didn’t pay it. To me, that’s a bit like trying to fly a supersonic jet with no seat belt, helmet or boots.

So after a few failed attempts, I finally entered all the details in one last time, and before hitting the Confirmation button, I frustratingly started talking out loud in my empty office (thankfully). I said “God, I don’t understand it. This is something that you had wanted me to do for years. Should I not send this contribution? I wish you could say what you want me to do” etc. This went on for about 5-10 minutes. Then when I looked at the screen, I realized that I hadn’t actually followed through on the earlier payment attempt by hitting the “submit” button.

Now, normally when you leave anything on the screen for that long on a secure website, you get logged out from your account for inactivity. But since it’s much easier to cycle from the “logged out” page onto the “log in” page, I hit the submit button anyway. And as expected, it immediately went over to the page with the “logged out for inactivity” message. But then, something that I had never seen happened. It redirected me, not to the login page, but to the payment confirmation page.

Now, if you’re familiar with how secure websites work and how long secure connections are allowed to stay open without any activity, then you would know that this presumable “glitch”, would rank way high in the category of “technical impossibilities”.

In other words, being consistent and persistent in the good fight always pays off at the end, even when you don’t see anything happening and even when the seeds you had planted appear to be taking longer than usual to sprout.

8. Be faithful

You’ll be tempted to lose hope in your Creator dozens of times over, mainly because you’ll rarely see anything happening even after shifting into a higher frequency. And, you may even continue to experience just as many disappointments as before.

On top of that, he may not even show up when you ask for help unless you’re seconds away from potentially being hit by a Truck or a Bus (in my case) and are about to be turned into mashed potato and peas (with a generous dab of ketchup).

Yep. I probably would either be living as a Vegetable right now or be writing this post from a different plane of existence, if God (or one of his trusted associates) hadn’t grabbed me by my right arm and yanked me back just as I was about to step onto the crosswalk, on my way to the Supermarket one Afternoon. That ultimately prevented my left leg (which was already up in the air) from ever hitting the ground, because if it had, it would have very likely placed my body perfectly in line with the Bus that just happened to be driving by.

Despite this not being the brightest thing I had ever done, I suppose I would never have witnessed how Amazing and Powerful God really is if it hadn’t been for all my adversities, setbacks, losses and spectacular stupidities. Before that, God and I only used to sit down and sip Coffee together. But when “life” decided to play a little squash (with me being the ball) and I kept my faith regardless, it was like I opened the door to this awesomely mystical place that very few people know about, much like the one you see in “Tomorrowland”, the Movie (starring George Clooney).

So, the good fight always pays. And when you REALLY need a helping hand, it’ll be closer to you than you can ever imagine.

9. Be Progressive

One of the key principles that God embedded into the Universe is progression. So, if you had a nice cozy home in the wild wild wilderness, surrounded by dozens of moody predators, then you would most likely be an extremely active individual, just because you have to keep your legs moving constantly in order to survive. In fact, survival in itself demands to be ahead of your competition at least by a whisker. And it’s a never ending cycle. When you get you get better, your competition gets better. And when they get press ahead of you, it pushes you to come up even higher.

It’s not necessarily about being number one, but you still need to be competitive enough to the point that you get to the banquet before they’re left with nothing but salad and breadcrumbs (if that).

And those who make the “effort” to come up higher, always gets an extra scoop of supernatural favor. Why? Because the more you come up higher, the more capable you become in helping others come up higher.

10. Be Courageous

If you’re struggling with an illness, or if you’re praying for a situation in your life to change, face every day with a smile and with total faith and courage. That’s not to say you won’t get discouraged from time to time. After all, you’re human. But light always follows the darkness just as Spring follows the Winter. So, as long as you don’t keep your blinders drawn for too long, the light will eventually blast away those gloomy clouds and shine through.


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