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The BIG Dilemma: Leap Before You Think? Or think before you leap?

Think before you leap

Hasty actions lead to Nasty results.

As humans, we’re programmed into the push button and expedient way of life. We want everything YESTERDAY.

And if something or someone is late even by a minute, we instantly get roweled up over nothing at all. Sometimes, it’s just the contents of a bad breakfast talking and at other times it’s because we forget to take our sanity out of the clothes dryer the night before.

But life would be so much more rewarding and delightful, if we just take a step back, take a deep breath, pause for a minute and think “Am I doing this because I wanna get it over and done with OR am I do doing this after I had carefully thought through it a few times AND after consulting the right people?”

Always think of consequences before taking action.

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