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Is the Fear of The Future, Fear of Responsibility and The Fear of Failure Holding You Back?

fear of the future

In 1931, when Connie Hilton only had 38 cents in his pocket (along with a Mountain of debt), he saw a picture in a Magazine of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York. This was by far the Grandest and Largest hotel at the time. That picture grabbed Mr. Hilton by his nicely trimmed Mustache and instilled a vision in his heart that he would one day become its proud owner. So, he scraped out whatever money he had left to buy that magazine. He then cut out that picture of the Waldorf-Astoria and wrote the words “The Greatest of them all” across it. And as soon as he got himself a desk (that he could call his own), he slipped that dog-eared clipping under it’s the glass top so that he could see it all the time.

Then 15 years later after many trials, truffles, and tribulations, what he once referred to as “The Greatest of them all” became a reality. Yes. That means he bought the whole place (not just the sign) with… his money.

He didn’t give up when he was wiped out financially, when the bottom fell out many times or when he was advised by members of the “feline syndicate” to give up, all because he knew where he was headed. And because he kept one of his eyes superglued to the prize he was pursuing.

But, had he shifted his focus or entertained the fact that he could barely keep food on the table or had he spoken a word of doubt and disbelief, he would have easily knocked himself out of the race. And the legendary Hilton Hotels empire would have never come to fruition.

So, GRAB that vision that makes your heart whistle and hum, put it somewhere you can see it every day. Then just keep on keeping on. Better yet, grab pictures of everything that you wanna see come to pass in your life from the web (including that Elephant sized Cat that you’ve wanted to buy), print them and then stick them somewhere you can see them every single day (like the mirror or your forearm if you prefer that).

Then, when the bottom falls out or whenever you feel discouraged, light up your mind with those “coming attractions”.

What we focus on is what we bring about. And, what we verbalize we attract into our lives. Obviously, there’s also some “work” that goes into the process. But it all starts with a “vision” and annoying amount of “certainly”.


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