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[Negative people suck] How to Deal With People With Bad Attitudes

Negative people suck

Keep clear of the Naysayers

Many people have been spoon fed so much negativity over the years through News Media and naysayers that negativity has now become a part of their blood composition.

In fact, we now have a new (but toxic) blood type in town (as a result of the excess negativity in our minds seeping into our blood supplies) called “A-Z Negative”. However, it’s only detectable through a brief “mood assessment”.

Prevention (as with everything) is the best way to avoid falling victim to this “condition”. But if you really must hang around a few negative people (due to them being your Boss, a family member or a depressed Pet) then at the very least wear your gas mask, gloves, earplugs and diving fins first. And inoculate yourself by constantly overdosing on “positive messages”, “stand up comedies” and sitcoms.


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