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Do You Over Work to Earn Far Less Than Your Worth?

Over Work

Are you being paid your true worth?

If you feel that your current salary doesn’t justify your input, then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is anyone in your Company getting paid the salary you desire?
  2. What skills do they have that’s different to your current skillset?
  3. What sort of contribution are they making to the Company?
  4. Are you happy to work that many hours and do what it takes to develop yourself to that level?
  5. Are you prepared to detach yourself from the naysayers, complainers, and whiners, even if it means losing a few bloodsuckers, backstabbers, fiendish friends and friendly fiends along the way?


Once you have answered these questions and have decided that you’re prepared to do what it takes, strap on your roller skates and get ready to engage in some seriously awesome and serious juicy…work:


1.Dress more professionally –

The shoes you wear would need to be as shiny and as presentable as Cinderella’s glass slippers. That includes the back of your shoes as well.

Your work clothes would need to be nicely pressed. Your hair should be nicely groomed with no signs of lightning rods or antennas sticking out. And you should keep a clean shaven appearance at all times. In fact, your Cheeks should look and feel about as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

And if you’re a vampire, you’ll need to keep those nails nicely trimmed and free of bloodstains.


2. Show up to Work early, but not in your pajamas. And then be the last person to leave.

If necessary, stick around till Security has to forcibly remove you from the building. This might not be a good idea if those Security Dudes are armed and haven’t had the pleasure of testing out their “Toys” on a real human before.

This willingness to go the extra 10 miles demonstrates your commitment to the workplace. And puts you a cut above the rest (who spend a majority of their time sipping on Coffee, checking their Twitter feeds and twiddling their thumbs).

Don’t ask to be paid for any of the extra hours you put in though. You’re meant to be a source of “pain relief” for your employer and not a source of “more pain”.


3. Be the nicest and most helpful person around– Maintain a cheerful and friendly attitude at all times, even if your Cat had decided to redecorate all your living room furniture the night before.

When you’re personable, friendly, easy to get along with, helpful and cheerful at all times, the spotlight immediately falls on you. Your Bosses will start taking notice. And as an added perk, you’ll instantly become that much more attractive to anyone and anything around with a pulse.


4. Develop as many skills as you can– If you’re a one trick Pony, then you’re a fairly disposable commodity.

But, if you’re a Pony that can play the violin and the Piano and can operate a TV remote control with one hoof, then you become that much more valuable to your Company.


5. Familiarize yourself with Company policies, culture and training programs– Take time to learn all there is to know about company policy, safety and health practices to just about any training program that they deem as important.


6. Do more than what you get paid for– Work efficiently and diligently throughout the day and get things done faster than anticipated.

You need to be the guy or gal who has an insatiable appetite for work, much like a T Rex being presented with a piece of stake after having lived on celery sticks for months.

And, when you’re done with all your work, do the unthinkable and bug your Boss for more work and responsibility.


7. Treat your customers like they just won the lottery and are walking around with all the money they just won (in other words, treat them the way you would like to be treated) – Customers are the lifeblood of your Business. When you take the time to care for them, the word will spread and your Managers will eventually hear about it (hopefully when they’re sober).

These steps will not only make you “considerably” recession proof , but they’ll also put you in line for an early promotion. And in the unlikely event that it doesn’t happen after several months or at the very least a couple of years, then try applying for a higher position with some of your Company’s direct competitors. If you had become as good as you had initially set out to be and won the love and respect of your Customers, then chances are that your competitors will have already heard about you. And are just waiting for you to “show up” (to hire you, not to shoot you or anything).

BUT, if you feel that this “transformation” has made you too sexy for your shoes, too sexy for your workplace and too sexy for your cubicle, then consider getting into Business for yourself. You can still keep your job (to finance your venture) at least up until your Business revenues match or exceed your regular salary. Then, you can jump into a balloon with your Family, let out a loud sigh of relief, and fly away into the sunset (preferably on a clear day with no lightning storms in sight).

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