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[R Relationship Advice] 25 Insightful Tips for Men

R Relationship Advice

Do you go out of your way to brighten her day?

Most Men (just like Women) fall into the trap of thinking that aside from their Biology, they’re pretty much like alike. But the truth of the matter is that Women are different to Men as Koala Bears are to Grizzly Bears. The “last name” (Bear) might sound the same. But that’s about whether the similarities end.

So, the next time you go home, don’t sink into your recharging cradle called the “Sofa” to recharge.

She interprets this as a form of disinterest, disconnect, and even punishment.

Silence maybe ‘Golden’ in a Man’s World, but in a Woman’s World, it can be as bad as hiring a Cat to tune your Piano. In fact, if she’s quieter than a sleeping turtle when she’s around you but is livelier than a Jumbo Jet Engine when she’s around around her friends, then it’s usually early indications of a storm that’s been brewing for a while.

But thankfully, you can reverse this process in as little a few weeks, by letting her know that you still care, in a way SHE would understand.

So, here’s a glimpse of what Women expect from Men

1. Women love to talk and share. That’s how they connect with other people. So, they need an uninterrupted flow of back and forth communication every single day (and often times more than once per day).

So start by asking about her day first. And then listen intently without interrupting, as though you’re plugged into the matrix. And then when she asks you about your day, convey it with a few extra details if possible.

What’s more important than the conversation itself is how much attention you pay her when she’s around you. You should make her feel like time stands still and the whole world grinds to a halt when you’re around her. It kinda reminds me of the “Don’t let go of this moment” scene from the movie “Star Trek: Insurrection”. You’ll have to watch the movie know what I’m talking about.

2. Notice something she’s done different in her appearance or around the house and compliment her on it

3. NEVER lose your cool – That doesn’t mean you become a faithful little Puppy. But instead, handle the storms much like how a Mountain takes on the Rain. A Mountain doesn’t “check for lifelines” or “phone a friend” when the going gets tough. It stands still and faithful to its commitment.

When you’re strong enough to stand by her through the stormy weathers completely unshaken, then you earn the power to say “No” firmly but lovingly, when something doesn’t sit well with you or she asks you to go rob a Bank or mug like old Granny or something.

4. Help her out with any of the housework, in a way that’s “genuinely helpful”. But ask her first as helping out with things that she prefers to do on her own or she’s poured too much love into, can be perceived as anything but helpful.

5. Take out the Trash and fix anything around the house that needs fixing, without having to be asked or told.

6. Surprise her with as many “simple” romantic gestures and gifts as possible. Unlike Men, who go by the value or the size of the gesture, Women appreciate the frequency of them. For example,getting a Woman a single flower (ideally handpicked) every day for 10 days earns you 10 times the points of a large bouquet of flowers bought just once.

So, here are a few “inexpensive” Romantic gifts that will warm her heart:

Sexy lingerie (perfect for Valentine), Handmade jewelry, a DVD, Stone Therapy Pack, Scribble Writing Alarm, a Cute Shower Cap, A candle with a candle holder, Photo frame, Recipe Book, Homemade Cookies, a DVD, Custom CD, Digital Key Chain, A Canopy, Throw Pillow, Gift voucher, Phone case, Hand Cream, a Key Finder, Slippers, Popcorn Machine, Coffee Warmer, A Chocolate or Spa Lights

But gestures don’t always have to in the form of gifts. They can just be plain old “gestures”,such as:

Making her a cup of Coffee in the morning, presented with a rose (or a hand picked flower)on the side,

Surprising her with a handwritten “I love you” Balloon (perhaps left in the closet),

Sticking romantic cards and notes in places that she least expects to find them (such as in her car’s glove compartment, inside her makeup bag, on your forehead etc.)

7. Go out of your way to make her feel special

Small gifts and gestures are great. But going out of your way to do things for her takes it to a whole other level and makes her feel like a real life Princess.

So, here are a few ways that you can do that:

Name a star in her name, have her name written in the Sky, take her on a Balloon ride, explore the City in a Chopper, Take her for a walk by the Lake or the Beach, Take her to a romantic restaurant, Plan a Romantic getaway to the place she had talked so highly about months ago etc. Also, try talking to her friends (preferably her best friend) to get some “inside information” on what she likes.

8. Always be available – If she walks into to your Office during the day, drop everything and make time to greet and acknowledge her. Better still, roll out the red carpet whenever she walks in.

9. Take charge and take the lead – Plan out your dates, outings and how everything unfolds for the remainder of the day, in a way that’s “favorable to her” and present her with options that she already likes.

Her experience should be as smooth as operating an iPhone. An iPhone doesn’t stutter, hesitate or fall asleep abruptly and start snoring during operation. No, it’s got everything preloaded and ready to go. And if the options  weren’t favorable, to begin with, she wouldn’t have bought the phone in the first place.

10. Dress and groom well ALL of the time – Looking good not only makes you feel good but it makes HER feel awesome

11. Make her feel comfortable all the time – Always be on the lookout to make her feel a little more comfortable every day, even if it’s as simple as changing her bed linen with High-Quality Satin or Egyptian Cotton

12. Always do the heavy lifting around the house

13. Get in the best shape you can – If you’ve already tried losing weight before and failed (as I had many times)then have a look at my “Kaizen Fusion approach to Effortless Weight Loss”

14. Go nuts on a punching bag once in a while, to “indirectly” let her see that you’re the real deal. Feel free to let out a loud ROAR as well if it doesn’t force your neighbors to pack up and move.

15. Sign up for a fun activity that you’ll both enjoy outside your home. Perhaps you both like Yoga, painting, Bonsai or Howling at the moon. Once you identify it, make it part of your weekly schedule.

16. Always open the car door/entrance doors for her – Chivalry may be a rarity nowadays, but it’s just as effective and as magical as it was years ago;

17. Always pull the chair out for her to sit and push it back in gently(ideally, before she sits down);

18. Always order her food first and pay the whole bill yourself. And don’t forget to leave a generous tip;

19. When on the sidewalk, walk on the side closest to the road;

20. Offer her your jacket when she’s feeling cold;

21. Make a quick call or two during the day (instead of sending her a text)

22. Surprise her with Breakfast in Bed

23. Take the Dog for a walk or let the Dog take you for a walk instead (whichever works)

24. Be ambitious – Ambition and drive are two of the sexiest qualities in a Man. So, whatever you do, make every effort to OWN your space.

25. Be awesome – Have a good sense of humor and always be working toward expanding your “skills portfolio” (such as swimming, diving, being able to fly a plane/helicopter, ballroom dancing, playing a musical instrument etc)

Obviously, that’s a long list. And the only way to make it work for you is to grab just one of the above and to do it consistently every single day for a whole month. And then grab a second the second Month and so forth. Anything that you repeat for a whole Month (good or bad) becomes a habit. And after maybe 5-6 months, when you’ve got some momentum going, you can switch gears and start introducing more than one habit each month.

One habit per month may sound almost minuscule and even demeaning to some. But, if you try jumping too many hurdles in too soon, the only thing you’ll be gaining is a whole bunch of plasters and bandages.

You can’t bring down a mighty tree with a single kick unless you’re related to a Superhero. It’s always done one chop and one inch at a time.

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