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How Expendable Are You Really? Do You Have a Secure Job or Position at Your Workplace?

Secure Job

How safe is your Job or Business?

Technology is replacing jobs every day. So make every effort to stay ahead of the curve by consistently developing your skillset (and your dance moves).

If you’re still doing your paperwork with a quill, whilst the gal next to you is flying through her work on a PC at a hundred thousand words per minute, then it’s only a matter of time before the Boss calls you into his office to “say hello to his little friend”.

According to the Forbes Magazine, the average worker stays at a job for just 4.4 Years.

One way around that trap is to show up for early for work, work late, work your buns off every single second (whilst at work obviously), ask for more work and responsibility when your work quota is done, look your best at all times (in a professional way, not in a fashionable way). And then “hope” and pray that you don’t get fired. Or get fed to the boss’s pet lion.

The alternative (and better route) is to take the time to build up a profitable (and evergreen) business of your own. Then at some later point you can sell it and retire to a tropical paradise. If that’s not your thing, you could always buy an igloo next to a family of Polar Bears in a slightly “colder climate”.


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