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Situational Awareness Test

Situational Awareness Test

Shortsighted thinking often leads to missing limbs, toes (and the occasional chipped tooth).

There was a time when a new Shiny Business opportunity would have the same effect on me as a laser light did on a Kitten.  The shinier the opportunity and the easier it was to implement (supposedly), the more likely I was to buy into it (even though the Business opportunity was only opportune to the person selling it).

And before I could even start taking action on it, I would stub my toe on another even shinier opportunity and start chasing that instead.

But after years of flushing money down the drain, and countless hours of “fake hard work”, and having nothing to show for it, I came to two realizations:


1.Never let your impulses do the talking

So, now when I invest in an “online” Business opportunity, I don’t just do my due diligence. I also investigate and find out how the opportunity has panned out for their investors over time (usually over the course of several months or years).

If it’s not working as well as it did for them at the beginning, I then deem the opportunity to be yet another “hit and run” opportunity, a “one hit wonder” or just another poop log disguised to be something appealing.

I also check to see if the testimonials are from real people with real eyebrows. And lastly, I check to see if the opportunity is still “fertile”. If they aren’t receiving positive testimonials (backed with verifiable Facebook accounts), it’s probably too good to be true.

I do the same with people that I go out with. If we aren’t going the same direction, have too little in common, or they try to slip something highly toxic into my tomato soup, I give them the “it’s not you, it’s me” story. And then leave Town as fast as I can.


2. Always listen to that small (and slightly squeaky) voice within

One of the best practices that’s paid off for me (and countless others) is to “forward” all my dreams and desires (much like you would forward an email) to the “supernatural administration team”. I then ask the CEO of the Universe to tell me whether or not I should proceed.

Sometimes I get an answer in as little as a few days. At other times, it takes a little longer…like several months. But so far, it’s paid off for me “reasonably well”.

By the way, if you don’t get a reply back (in the form of a voice that speaks to your soul) within fifty years, it’s safe to assume that your request has been denied. With regards to “the voice”, I’m not referring the voice in your head that’s been telling you to stomp your on Cat’s tail for years. When the message or voicemail is from “Supernatural HQ”, you’ll feel different. It’ll feel right. And it’ll feel like you just lost 100Lbs off your mind without any additional exercise.


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