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Things to Save Up for With Every Promotion/Pay Increase

things to save up for

You can be just as broke with a bigger paycheck if you’re doing it wrong.

Does your lifestyle, hair, shoe size and waistline expand to reflect the extra income?

Or do you do the smarter thing and use those extra funds to pay down your mortgage and debts? Set up a better retirement fund? And give a little more to charity?

Use opportunities and career advancements to get ahead in life, instead of using them to get ahead in lifestyle.  Many celebrities who had chosen to rev down the “lifestyle freeway” are now more broke than the Pets they own.

But people who have enough money (in the bank) to buy their own Countries (and maybe a moon or two) live very different lives. Warren Buffet (worth 60+ Billion Dollars as at 2016), still lives in the same house that he bought in 1958 for $31,500. And he still doesn’t carry a cellphone or have a PC at his desk (although he could presumably borrow the cash to pay for those from one of his employees).

Mark Zuckerberg (worth $40+ Billion) still drives a manual-transmission Volkswagen hatchback. And Carlos Slim Helú (worth $26.5 Billion) still lives in his 6-bedroom house of more than 40 years.

Carlos Slim Helú and Warren Buffet both previously held the no.1 position for being the richest people in the World (before ultimately losing the title to Bill Gates).  Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg have already pledged all their wealth to Charity, whilst Carlos Slim Helú is busy using his empire to “create more jobs”.

Countless other Multibillionaires, Multimillionaires live by the same set of rules, which is why the Universe just keeps stuffing their Bank Accounts and Wallets day after day. Sure. There are a few big bad wolves in the mix too. But 9 out 10 on the scoreboard in favor of the good guys is not bad.



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