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What Jobs Am I Qualified For?

What Jobs Am I Qualified For

Don’t undermine your abilities and skills based on your age, height, gender or shoe size.

You can outperform and outsize any tap dancing spider crab, just by taking the time to acquire the skills (of a chosen job role/career). And by perfecting those skills through countless hours of “cuss filled” practice until they’re about as sharp as a cat’s claw.

But you don’t have to figure it out all on your own. You can make the process so much easier by aligning yourself with an “expert/coach” whose been there and done that and is still alive to tell the tale (preferably).

This affiliation won’t cut down the work necessary to acquire the proficiency of being a desirable candidate. But it can save you a ton of time and effort in not doing a whole lot of dumb things that wouldn’t have contributed anything to the outcome. And ultimately get you to your destination a few of decades sooner.


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