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What Might a Considerate Character Do? The 5-Step System That Will Give You an UNFAIR Advantage in Anything

What might a considerate character do

Be kind, considerate and compassionate in your everyday life.

Pounce on every opportunity to help other people (even if the other person’s an extraterrestrial with pointy ears that talks funny).

Humanity is a universal language. It also happens to be one of the few languages that our Creator speaks alongside Love, Compassion, Contribution and Gratitude. And much like gravity, these Universal laws work just the same for anyone who prefers to breathe oxygen, regardless of their religion or lack of it.

But don’t expect overnight rewards or expect rewards in the same proportion as your input.

For instance, if you sprinkle a hundred seeds in good fertile ground, then twenty of those might get washed away. Twenty might become bird food. Another twenty might not feel like sprouting. And another twenty might end up procrastinating continually.

However, the remaining twenty will reap a bountiful harvest for years to come.

But there’s one slight wrinkle. Every compromise that you make along the way (however small), serves as a weed that you’re unwittingly planting alongside your own good seed. Obviously the weed doesn’t stop the harvest. But it does wrestle down and choke a few good seeds that would have otherwise contributed to your harvest. In fact, some of these weeds are so nasty that they go all “serial killer” on the good seed. And when that happens the end result can be very mucky and soiled.

So, if each of those seeds represent a good deed, then it also means that this process took a very, very (yawn) long time, which is why most people give up. Most folks prefer the vending machine approach to life, where they get to spend the pocket money that someone else’s given them to get what they want instantly.

Now, aside from how this game of “good vs evil” affects you, it also plays a much bigger role at a global level.

Remember the last time someone did or said something so nice to you that it immediately set you off in a flurry of niceties almost like a sneezing fit? Now, can you imagine for a second how far and wide the ripple effect of that single seed would be and how long it will loop around the World (and neighboring planets), until it fizzles out (if it ever does)?

So, you have the power to multiply the magnitude and reach of every good or bad deed that shows up in your inbox or the ones that you initiate. And likewise you have the power to stop a Tsunami in the making dead on its tracks, just by deleting or spam marking the ones that are anything short of sweet and cuddly.

Oh, and when you’re ready to take this to the next level and be blessed with your Creator’s supernatural favor and protection in a truly astounding way, then try integrating the following into your lifestyle:

1. Start making a 10% contribution off your net income, every single month to a cause or charity that helps people who genuinely cannot help themselves.

2. Spend a few minutes everyday thanking your Creator for every good thing he’s done for you in the past and for all the difficulties and sicknesses he’s pulled you/your loved ones out of.

3. Ask for your heart’s desires and ask for your problems to be resolved. But always do this with trust and faith. Otherwise it would be no different to hailing a cab and then walking away 2 minutes later.

At the same time let the “Chairman of the Universe” do things his way. If something’s not right for you, he’ll reject your request outright because he can see years into the future and see how each scenario plays out.

But if it is and he wants you to accomplish it just as much, then he’ll supernaturally communicate this to you through nature, other people, technology or a modality that most resonates with you.

And he’ll personalize those “supernatural messages” in such a way, that you’ll just know in a heartbeat that it’s from him.

4. When good things happen throughout the day, just say thank you or close your eyes with a sense of gratitude.

5. Build a trust relationship with your Creator to the point that you feel like you have a genie right next to you who can grant you an unlimited number of wishes.

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