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Afraid of Failure? Helpful Tips on Overcoming The Fear of Being a Failure

Afraid of Failure

Your focus determines much of the outcome.

If you had ever tried driving forward with your eyes on the rear-view mirror, you know that it’s not a very pedestrian friendly way to drive.

This is why tightrope walkers focus on where they’re headed. And never bother looking down. If they did, they would be headed “that way”.

So, never entertain failure as an option, because the second you allow that thought into your consciousness, you will have already lost.
Instead, visualize yourself scoring that touchdown, hitting that game winning shot, winning that major client, living in the house of your dreams, becoming the next real-life Superhero to accomplishing whatever “ethical” dream you have in your heart.

Wanna know how effective it’s been in the past?

  1. Jim Carey wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars back in the early 90s for “services rendered” and dated it to 1994. He then carried that around in his wallet for years, until he was ultimately rewarded that exact sum for his role in Dumb and Dumber in 1994.
  2. Oprah Winfrey designed the life of her dreams by repeatedly affirming the phrase “My life won’t be like this. it will be better.”. And by tapping into the power of Vision boards.
  3. The Legendary Michael Jordan had already taken the game winning shot in his mind before walking into the court.
  4. The Champion beach volleyball duo Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor told USA Today that much of what they do is “visualize”.
  5. Lindsey Vonn had visualized her run a hundred times over in her mind before actually nailing the real Gold medal.
  6. During the Depression when Conrad Hilton had suffered many setbacks and had very little going for him, he clipped a picture of the Waldorf-Astoria from a Magazine and kept it in a wallet on his desk for the next 18 years, until that 2000 room Hotel did become a reality and the latest member of the “Hilton Chain”.

So, cultivate the power of focus and visualization in YOUR life too. And let the Universe do the rest.

Visualize “small tasks” being done to completion from beginning to end in an orderly manner, much like what you would see in a movie. But without the popcorn.

Then rerun and rehearse the “visual movies” as often as you can. A few “reruns” would suffice for minor tasks. But the biggies would need to be “visually rehearsed” dozens (if not hundreds) of times.

Then let the “lego pieces” fall into place with patience and effort. Yes, you still have to do the work (unfortunately).



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