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Attributes Of a Good Employee

Attributes Of a Good Employee

Ever found yourself having to get your shoes dirty to please your Boss?

Most jobs demand flexibility and doing a few hundred thousand things that weren’t originally mentioned in the “job description”.

Flexibility along with Commitment, Loyalty, Attitude, and Teamwork are the key attributes that Employers look for when promoting people. It’s also a lead prerequisite to  “not getting fired”.

But, if that’s not exactly the life you had envisioned growing up, then why not give your Boss a “Gangnam style” goodbye and appoint yourself as the “New Boss”?

If the thought had crossed your mind (and slipped through your hair) many times, then why not make it “stick” by reading a book or two on Entrepreneurship such as “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster” by Darren Hardy?

It won’t be an overnight process though. Far from it in fact. But the more you expose yourself to these “entrepreneurial literature”, the more malleable and susceptible your brain will become.

And after a period of marinating your brain with this “new vision”, you’ll begin to notice your mind beginning to expand (especially around your forehead and eye areas). This is usually around the time, the right opportunities come knocking on your door (along with the right people, resources and a taxi to drive you to your destination).

Now, a great place to start (generally) is MLM (aka Multilevel Marketing). You can use the expertise, knowledge and the revenues from that venture to architect your own Business empire.

But whatever genre of Business you decide to go with, always find a good Mentor to coach you through the process. Otherwise, it can feel like you’re relying on an colony of Bats for directions.

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