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Learning About the Most Important Things in Life vs Learning C-R-A-P

Most Important Things in Life

Time is like a barrel of water with a tiny leak at the bottom. And, you have about as much time left as there is water in that barrel at any given time. So, use it primarily for the “essential” stuff.

Isn’t is strange that we never use much of what they teach in School or College? And at the end of the journey, we’re far more confused than when we started? That might be the reason why the last words most people say before waving their final goodbyes are “Darn! I wish I had more time.”

Formal Education, for the most part, is really a way of “getting by” with a mediocre life. It doesn’t teach us anything about life, health, relationship or even wealth. But wait, isn’t that the stuff that life is really made of?

So we go to School, spend a whole bunch of money for our Education, get into a ton of debt, get a truckload of certificates that most Employers end up using as Coffee mats and then spend years knocking off Toy Stores and Candy Stores, in an effort to pay off those hefty debts.

And when we find the time, we eat ourselves into a coma with the unhealthiest foods around and get slapped, tossed, kicked, flipped, squashed and stir fried by every “seemingly” meaningful relationship that we get into.

Obviously, if your School Education lead to specialized topic areas such as Medicine, Law or Engineering, it’ll be a whole other story. I mean you can’t exactly learn to be a veterinarian by carrying out a whole series of questionable experiments on your house Pets or practice dentistry on your Kid Brother or Sister, just because they volunteer.

So, how and where do we learn all the IMPORTANT stuff?

The answers that you seek young grasshopper, are all neatly stacked away under one cute little category called “Self Development” or “Self-help”.

And all you have to do is find the resources that have received the most number of favorable reviews, apply that SAME knowledge in your own life and then experience…the same sweet results. It’s much like to shadowing a World Class Chef (every day for about 25 years) and then making the same Carrot cake he/she does so well, to purr…fection.

Now, before you discount the effectiveness of “self help” and believe that you’re somehow different, I urge you to try just one of these “well reviewed” books first and THEN pass judgement. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as “life instructions manual” until my ex-Wife decided to wrap me up in a floating carpet (while I was asleep) and send me to a place far far away. This “separation” forced me to “search for solutions” on the web. That led me to Dr Ellen Kreidman’s CD programs. When I first started listening to them, my socks blew right off me. My eyebrows and ears nearly fell off too.It felt as though Dr Kreidman had been sitting in my living room for many years, documenting my journey. Or maybe she was. I never really got around to asking her that, despite having spoken to her many times.

The Laws of life are as “predictable” as the laws of gravity, medicine, politics or a goose’s vacation plans. They rarely change.

So, where can you find these “resources”? Is there a special “dealer” you have to get in touch with?

The right resources are everywhere, but to know what’s most effective and what’s working for the greater majority, we go by “customer feedback”. And in terms of feedback, very few resources come close to what offer.

So, that’s a great place for you to start too. Do a search for “relationships”, “fitness”, “happiness”, “meditation”, “catnapping” or whatever area you’re looking to improve on. Then glance through the inventory to find a resource (ideally a book) with 4 stars or more. Then try reading and applying a few of those chapters into your everyday life.  IF they work, you will have pretty much discovered something far much more valuable than diamonds, peals and video games. And something that could shave off decades of trial and error and heartache from your life. If they don’t, then hopefully your Cat or Dog will be able to “utilize” your book in someway.

Amazon reviews are also helpful in finding solutions to various issues that you may have been struggling with for years such as acne, stress, anxiety, panic attacks and even possibly the answer to that all important question “does this suit/dress make my ass look big?”.

I personally had a severe case of Acne one time, and aside from drinking bucket loads of water (which is the best cure for Acne and a whole lot of other health issues), I also found a number of resources that helped me transform my (once archaeological dig site of a face) to something far less frightening. I had since then cured several issues that showed up (quite unexpectedly) such as Stomach Ulcers, Sore throats. Eczema, Heartburn, Chilblains, Hay fever and several other issues using the same approach (and the impeccable and invaluable guidance of the Chairman/Founder of Planet Earth).

By the way, this “Amazon review strategy”, should NOT in any way serve as a substitute for real medical advice/medicine. So, always consult with a Doctor first (for health related issues, not fashion advice), because trying to treat a “symptom” without a proper diagnosis is not much different to counting stars in broad daylight.

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