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How Receptive are You to a Change in Market Direction? Or a Change in Business?

Market Direction

Diligent action is important but feedback and regular course corrections are even more important.

Much of the vinyl records that had been around for decades got replaced with a whole bunch of dangly compact cassettes and digital audio tapes in a matter of years. Then much of that soon got replaced with CDs in a matter of hours. And now the preferred medium for our dazzling and sizzling music is digital media, that is commonly available through portable Mp3s, smartphones, laptops, tablets, Macs, PCs and extremely talented parrots.

The same can be said about the way we access and share information, the way we do our Shopping and Banking, what we wear (and no longer wear), the way we Rob Banks and Toy Stores, the tools and techniques we use in various aspects of Manufacturing, Business and Entertainment to just about every appliance we use around the home.

Simply put, every technological, biotechnological and economical aspect of our lives is in a constant state of evolution. And it’s usually the early birds that catch the worms unless you’re a vegetarian (and don’t particularly enjoy worms). In that case, maybe you could try catching a ripe Mango instead. 

So, always be vigilant about your market trends, consumer needs and consumer feedback (especially when they don’t sound too happy about something). And always be growing, grooving, adjusting and evolving.

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