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Are You Always Focused on Your Priorities?

Always Focused

If you’re in the middle of hypnotizing a Cheetah that nearly ate you alive, it’s “advisable” that you hold back the urge to check any text messages until the job is done. And the Cheetah is convinced that he’s always been a hardcore Vegan.

Likewise, if you’re in the middle of a Business Meeting or Job Interview, it’s probably not a good time to bust out any of your dance moves (especially if they’re awful).

And if you’re a guy on a date (with the best person you met in 50 years), it might be worth postponing those football updates for a later time (especially if you don’t wanna find yourself in the “Missing persons” page the next day).

When you compartmentalize every aspect of your life, and train yourself to “be present”, to be awake and to “live in the moment”, life becomes so much more worthwhile.


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