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Going Above The Basic Customer Service Duties

Customer Service Duties

Bake a few compliments and smiles before everything else.

If you ever go to a Restaurant where the Host serves you with a frown and later the Waitress tops off the pleasantries by spilling a couple of drinks on your finest Suit/Dress, then how likely are you to go there again or even recommend the place to your friends?

A Business is not Business until you have a good foundation of repeat customers, who are also thrilled with your level of service, to the point that they tell everyone they meet in the streets about you.

So, get into the Business of thrilling and wowing your customers consistently as opposed to just giving them a few freshly baked “Scowl Chip Cookies”, and you’ll have yourself a thriving Business that will stand the test of time and even live through a few dozen hurricanes.


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