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Why Bother with Dudiligence?


Always do your due diligence and keep your eyes peeled for RED FLAGS!
Also when you listen to your heart, keep your ears peeled for any alarm bells and croaking sounds in the background.

Nearly all of our major decisions in life are made by our hearts, and rarely by us. In essence, our hearts do MOST of the thinking for us. Often times, our heart has decided what it wants before the message even reaches the brain. This helps the longevity of our hair as it means we don’t have to scratch our heads in excess when we have to make a decision. But at times, it can lead us astray (as evidenced by the countless celebrity couples that get divorced just after slicing their wedding cakes).

That’s why our Creator wired a special inbox into our brains that is capable of receiving messages from the Supernatural realm to keep us on the right path. So, when you’re on the right path (or about to make a brilliant decision that will yield brilliant results for eons to come), he will send you a text message with a series of smiley face emojis. On the flipside, when you’re about to do something dumb, he will text you a series of “shock face” emojis in an attempt to steer you back on to the “right path”.  How do you know the difference? Easy. If it’s a warning, it would pretty much feel like receiving a bone crushing hug from a Grisly Bear. If it’s a thumbs up, it would feel like you just received a hug from the cutest darn puppy in Town.

If you didn’t read the message right or couldn’t be bothered to, the Chairman of the Universe may still be able to intervene and “physically pull you away” from that “danger”, whatever it is (as he did for me with an oncoming Bigass Bus). But I personally don’t like to rely on the second safety net, too much.

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