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“In anything (including religion), it’s not the car (or the car brand) that makes the difference. It’s who’s behind the wheel”

If you put a lunatic (who’s also had a few too many hurricanes) behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo Giulia Saloon (one of the safest cars around), that one Idiot can tear down all the merit associated with the Car Brand in a matter of minutes (especially if the Cops had to chase him around Town in Choppers).

Then once the Media catches wind of what had happened, they’ll spend the next millennium spray painting our minds with horrendous images of how this “perfectly innocent car” ruined everyone’s day. And if there were no foreseeable legal consequences, we might even be told that this particular car ran on “human blood” and was seen “barking” at several stop lights.

Nobody will remember the driver’s name (especially if it takes more than a minute to pronounce). But the second we see another Alpha Romeo on the road, we’ll drop everything (aside from our Lattes) and start running in the other direction.

We’re “biologically designed” to view the World in the darkest shades of ickiness possible. And stereotype creatures (starting from the 2-legged variety all the way to anything that has 500 legs or more) for a couple of reasons:

For starters, nobody wants to become an evening snack to a passerby predator. Or get run over by a herd of Wild Elephants dashing out of a nearby Movie Theatre.

So (in an effort to keep us all “alive” and in one piece) Mama and Papa Nature devised a mechanism to label and counter most potentially life threatening issues, even prior to a personal acquaintance. That way we can postpone the dying part for another day. This mechanism (commonly referred to as a the “fight or flight response mechanism”) relied on our prior experiences and the experiences of others (mainly our peers) to help determine whether a certain “creature” or person with a “creaturelike personality” was likely to be a friend or a foe. And whether or not they were likely to gobble us up, the second we say “hello”.

Additionally, it “programmed” us to label all creatures that walked, talked, wiggled and giggled in a similar way as “enemies of the State”. That means if we (or anyone we know or “knew”) went through a horrendous slap fight with a Leopard, we would by default label ALL other undomesticated members of the Cat family (particularly the ones with bigger teeth and paws) as “equally hazardous”.  And if our housecat made the fatal mistake of scratching up our special massage chair, we would throw his entire “breed” into that “most unwanted list” too.

This was a good thing way back in prehistoric times when humans (who were relatively far “less combustible”) were considered the “good guys”.  And the rest of the World (including the cuddliest of Koalas) were considered the “bad guys”.

But nowadays, where both the greatest of allies and the meanest of foes are both humans, this “stereotyping mechanism” does more harm than good. That’s because our brain isn’t wired to tell two Panda Bears, two Brown Bears, two Polar Bears or two Black Bears apart, even if one of them had the personality of an Eleanor Roosevelt and the other was an Adolf Hitler (right down to the single testicle).

Yet, due to a few isolated incidents that happened over the past few…thousand years, we have started doing just that. In fact, nowadays we subject just about every human we come across (aside from the ones that “look and smell like us”) to our “Mental detectors”. And subsequently, label them as potential Nazis, Terrorists, Hackers or Gangsters, based solely on their “skin color”, “teeth color”, “hair type” and “football team affiliation”.

Why? Because our “reptilian brain” (that thinks like an old-fashioned “reptile”) is only designed to keep us “safe”. It’s not designed to think, sing, dance, play the banjo or improve interspecies, interracial, international or interplanetary relationships in any way.  Obviously, that doesn’t mean our “moral compasses” have all run out of batteries. Or that the rain has washed away our “common sense” and “rationality”.

But at a “primal level” we are programmed to choose “life” over civility, humanity, bread pudding, kittens, puppies and all that sweet stuff.  Therefore, the second we come across anything (or anyone) that even remotely resembles an entry in our “threat database” our usual response is to shoot first and ask questions later (provided they’re not already “too dead” to talk).

Obviously, if one (or more) of these “supposed perpetrators” genuinely meant to kill us (perhaps with some really bad music), we could justify the shooting and not feel too bad about the incident. However, often times (in fact in more than 99.9% of the time) that’s not the case.

The Matrix


Ever since the bloodthirsty predators of the “wild wild wilderness” became vegetarian and took up golfing and kayaking, and the world became a much safer (and awesome) place to live in, our reptilian brain didn’t have much to do other than stare into dead space all day. This allowed our “prosperity brain” to focus more on growth, rapport, family, happiness, baby giraffes and on establishing a higher (and a relatively cozier) way of life.

But some of our badass ancestors considered this “harmonious lifestyle” a “monstrosity to our partially hairy design”. That’s because at a “primal level”, we were designed to constantly be on the lookout for bad weather, safeguard our loved ones from creatures with exceptionally long unmanicured nails, declare war on spiders that take up space in our Caves, wrestle down alligators that try to sneak into our pools at night and slap the daylights out of any racoon that dares to go near our cookie jar.

So, in an effort to regain their “sanity” and their “identity”, our great-great-great-great grandpas and grandmas embarked on a bewildering journey to find ways to reenact these “golden memories of sheer terror”. And in the process unwittingly reprogram their “threat database”.

This is how Rollercoasters, Ouija Boards, Clowns, Magicians, Ventriloquists, Horror Movies, Video games, TV shows, Movies, Skydiving, Mediums, the Media (aka “Mediums that read our minds through the TV”), Politicians (aka Poltergeists) and the Blue Man Group came into being. Now, even though some of these were frightening enough to wet our pants on the spot, none of them really “killed us” ….at least not immediately. Therefore, they became socially acceptable forms of “recreation” across many parts of the World.

In essence, we had built ourselves a whole new cocoon full of lies, artificial fears and mind-numbing shock, just to keep our “hormones” (particularly our “stress hormones”) happy.

But that chilly “happily ever after” story came to an abrupt end when Darth Hideous and his merry band of misdeed weavers (from the planet “Pitchfork”) met up with several top-level Poly Tacticians and Media Executioners to devise a strategy to “psychologically enslave” humankind for all eternity.

The strategy entailed weeding out all the good stuff from existing news programs, filtering out anything that they deemed as “incriminating” to their “main audience”, inflating the remaining “news items”, labeling them with “heart attack inducing” titles and pictures and then serving up those “unhappy bedtime stories” to our “adrenaline hungry brains” with a “hint of professionalism”.

This “fizzy news formula” would in turn ensure more votes for the Poly Ticklers. And more regular and horrified viewers for the Media Giants. Darth Hideous would also get his slice of the “thrills” from the daily “Chaos episodes” that shows in his inbox every morning. So, it was pretty much party time for all the Dudes at Evil Incorporated. Parts of this “total chaos model” were later adopted by numerous Video Game, TV and Movie Producers to help make our hair even frizzier.

Chaos to our “reptilian brain” is like a laser light to a kitten. Once it gets our attention, “our administrators” can make us jump around, jump up and get down and basically “steer us” in whichever direction they desire, all the while making us believe that we’re in total control of our decisions.

In that regard, most elections are merely tussles between various “laser light shows” where the candidate/party with the coolest light show usually wins the race to the “grand celebratory cake”.

That’s not to say that Politicians and the Media don’t care about the people (at least not entirely). But by owning and controlling the agenda, Poly Tacticians can tactfully steer us toward the topics that are more “doable” and “realistic” for them, whilst sweeping all the more important issues (that affect all of us in some shape or form) under the carpet.

For instance, Cigarettes puffs the life right out of 6 million people every year (including 600,000 innocent bystanders),  every cigarette we smoke toasts 14 minutes of our lives, alcohol drowns the sorrows of 2.4 million people each year for good (whilst potentially passing down the habit down for many generations), every alcoholic beverage we consume snips out 7 hours of our lives, 1 out of 10 people who touches a drop (or more like a few drops) of alcohol end up becoming alcoholics, 1 in 4 deaths in the United States (a total of 17.3 million worldwide) result from heart disease each year, another 1 in 4 deaths in the US (a total of 8.2 million worldwide) result from Cancer each year,  1 in 8 deaths in the US (a total of 2.8 million worldwide) result from Obesity, 85% of the all prison inmates in the US come from Fatherless homes, 1 in 3 people in the US (1 in 2 adults) are infected with an “incurable” STD (with similar stats across many parts of the world). And that collection of hairballs is just the tip of a “much hairier” issue. Now, here’s the punchline to all this: “Nearly all of these issues (aside from the people who randomly drop dead from ‘total boredom’) are preventable through ‘repetitive awareness’ (the kind “mainstream news media” specializes in).


We can reduce the probability of a Child ending up in Prison by 85% just by doing the completely ridiculous thing of “staying together” (and by not going all Mr. and Mrs. Smith on each other after a strong cup of coffee). We can remove ourselves from the “STD equation” altogether by sticking with the same person for the next 200+ years and by getting our “appliances” and “utensils” clinically tested before putting them to ANY kind of use. Contrary to popular belief, mittens and muzzles don’t keep us safe from “all intimate weather conditions”. Likewise, we can say goodbye to most heart diseases, cancers, obesities and part of the “no second date” epidemic just by substituting everything we eat with raw organic fruits, and vegetables and committing to drink at least one glass of water every hour.

Sure. There are dozens (if not hundreds of) Government and non-Government organizations out there assigned to address these issues. But they only “spring into action” when it’s already too late and we’ve just gotten diagnosed with the “mad cellphone disease” or something. Given that such items (primarily pertaining to preventative measures) rarely ever make it to the Top 10 or even the Top 1000 of most Poly Tactile agendas, they not only don’t get tackled, they barely get “tickled on the surface”.

So, why isn’t our administration (and many other administrations around the world) not interested in saving lives “by the millions”? Well, it’s simple really. Nobody wants a politician to walk in and take away all our toys, our fabulous blueberry pancakes, our red red wine and all what we “perceive” as fun and then tell us that we have been doing everything (including the way they sneeze) wrong from the day we were born. But we would vote in a heartbeat for anyone who allows us to break a few more of those pesky “laws of the universe”, have a little more “fun” and kill ourselves a little earlier in the process. And someone who blames everything including our sore throats, sunburns and neck cricks on a terrorist organization 3000 miles away, made up of 5 penguins, 2 turtles and a mean looking duck.

This is how “external terrorism” end up being a lead item in most Poly Trickster agendas even though out of the 301,797 Americans killed by gun violence between 2005 and 2015, only 71 of them have died as a result of a terror attack. It’s also how the media keeps “forgetting to mention” the 450,000 Iraqi “civilians” that have died so far during the Iraqi war between 2003 and 2017. By the way that number contributes to more than 90% of the causalities. Interestingly enough, we also never hear about “who” (during the cold war) “indirectly funded” several founding members of the very terrorist organization that was later found responsible for the 9-11 attacks.

This is not to say that all “terrorists” (with “terrorist visas”) should all be greeted with gift basketfuls of explosives on arrival and be assigned tour guides to make them feel more comfortable. Or to say that the valiant efforts of servicemen and servicewomen (of all flags and nations) who risk their lives day and night to keep their Nations safe from possible penguin invasions, and other similar threats isn’t greatly appreciated. But when we don’t deal with things in the “right context” and in the “right proportions”, we end up blowing them way “out of proportion”, often times multiplying the very issues we’re trying to contain or extinguish.


The truth, nothing but the truth, but the whole darn stinking truth

“He’s not dangerous, he’s just different. You don’t have to be afraid of different” – Molly Woods (from the 2014 TV Series “Extant”)The world may not all be sunshine and rainbows. But it isn’t exactly a series of lightning storms, thunderstorms, blizzards, snowstorms, hurricanes, heartbreaks and road collusions either.

When we take things in the “right context”, without subjecting ourselves to the daily (or hourly) “brainwash, and dry treatments” imposed on us by the Media and without hanging around people who smell like “freshly brewed news”, we start seeing the World for what it really is.

In fact, you’ll most likely find the answer to that yourself just by asking yourself the simple question “how safe is the world I live in?”. When you do, avoid factoring in all the probable, possible and potential threats to your answer, because you have a far greater chance of being followed home by a family of Meerkats than have any of those “threats” come to life and claw their way out of the ground.

Therefore, if you live in a fairly “safe neighborhood” then it’s safe to assume that you don’t get shot at every hour. And that you don’t have to fight off werewolves, vampires and zombies constantly, whilst trying to get all the work done for your Boss by 5pm.  If that’s you, then that too is the reality for 98% of the people in the World (regardless of their geography). Most people (aside from those with “extremely slow internet connections”) love life, love their families, love their pets, love their toes and fingers. And they’re all crazy about cheesecakes and pizza too (maybe).

In fact, when you take a minute to filter out all the cultural bewilderments, strange rituals, funny names, bazaar body language gestures, weird clothing and all the nostril flaring foods you’ll realize that we’re far much alike than we are different. You can prove this to yourself by hopping over to YouTube, doing a “sad song search” relating to an ethnicity that you currently deem as “not very huggable”. And then listening to a couple of their “achy breaky songs”.

Afterwards, followup with a couple of their “happy songs” to turn any tears that ensue into a flurry of giggles. Obviously, you might not have a clue as to what any of them are saying. But “human emotions” (particularly when they are at their highest and their lowest) are universal. And they always speak far louder than words.

When you get acquainted with the “human spirit” that lives in all of us (but maybe “hibernating” in some) you come to see people for who they really are. You start discounting the “ethnic stereotypes” that had been embedded into us from birth. And realize that not every Brown Bear is in the habit of blowing up abruptly in crowded places, not every Polar Bear is looking to invite themselves to your home to kick you out, not every Panda Bear is looking to hack into your bank account while you’re asleep, not every Koala Bear gets drunk out his wits before 9am, and not every Black Bear greets you with a punch on the nose.

The fact of the matter is, there are good bears and bad bears in every single race, religion and non-religion around. What sets them apart is their level of sanity (or insanity). And how many weapons they can buy from their local toy store.

Also in terms of numbers, the good bears outnumber the big bad bears by a 100 to 1 roughly (regardless of the geography).  Those numbers are also reflected across the number of good things happening around the World too. So, you can safely assume that for every “bad news contributor” out there, there’re at least a hundred do-gooders working overtime to make the World a little brighter, better and overall a more “puppy friendly” place. Unfortunately, we don’t notice any of that because sunshine, happiness, rainbows and good news all got banned when the “new doom and gloom media empire” took over (and made all the Children across the World breakdown in tears).


Now, the ban on “good news” wasn’t just another piece of bad news. In many regards, “bad news” can be considered the biggest weapon of mass self-destruction ever created, because it doesn’t just take away our potential and drain away every ounce of “hope” and maple syrup from our veins. It also locks us in a cycle of “brain constipation”, where we’re forever trying to digest and rid ourselves of all the bad news that’s buzzing around our brains in the form of “brain flies”.

These brain flies also take up a ton of space in your brain leaving you with barely enough “workspace” to allocate to any of the important issues like figuring out what you’re gonna have for Dinner, when you’re gonna have Dinner, where you’re gonna have Dinner and who you’re gonna have Dinner with etc.

Essentially, the more “bad news” you stuff your mind with, the more “brain flies” you’re gonna be walking around with. It’s worse if you’re a regular “News watcher” or a “traumatic reality show lover” because your brain is gonna be so jampacked with these “brain flies” that you’ll have a hard time keeping your head balanced.

If that’s not bad enough, you also have the mountainous task of fending yourself against the mind controlling influence these “brain flies” have in your decision-making ability. As far as Chief Reptilian Brain is concerned, these brain flies are all “unresolved issues” that need to be “terminated” (Arnold Schwarzenegger style).

And if Chief Reptilian Brain can’t identify any of the real culprits, it’s gonna nudge you to do the second-best thing… which is to go after anything and anyone “that looks like the culprit”.

But since there are between 1.5 – 2.2 billion people that fit any “character based racial profile”, this opens up a whole new barrel of worms, that over the coming decades could grow into an army of fire-breathing, weed smoking, chocolate snorting Dragons.

As Seth Wright in the 2016 ABC TV Series “Designated Survivor” puts it “When people don’t know who their enemy is, they start with people who look like me.”


The higher path

“It remains to be seen whether Humanity will revert to its baser instincts” – Commander T’Pol from the 2001 TV Series Star Trek: Enterprise

The “shock value” approach used by the Media and (certain) Politicians may help them to pay their bills, and keep themselves above quicksand. But it comes at too great of a price that our Children (and their Children after that) may have to pay for with a whole lot of Macaroons, Macadamias and Macaroni Cheese.

However, that need not be the case for you and me. We have the power to turn back the tides. And even stomp out many of the self-destructive seeds put into motion by our shortsighted Medievalists (aka the Media), Poly Ticktacks and (some of) our forefathers just by “tuning out those darn flea-ridden Mews Broadcasts” and by giving our brains a good rinse.

When that “icky stuff” (known as “the Mews”) gets into our brain, the “sugary sweet side of our brains” go into hibernation and allows Chief Reptilian Brain to party like it’s 1999 BC.

Disconnecting from the News (and from people who walk around “broadcasting bad news”) is only half the battle though. You also need to “treat” the “bad news” condition and do a proper brain detox in order to flush out any remaining “news residue” from your mind.

If you were to speak to a Doctor who specializes in “Brain detoxing”, she would most likely prescribe you something like 1 sitcom per meal every day, 10 giggles every 4 hours, 1 snuggly hug every 8 hours (ideally from someone who doesn’t hate you too much) and 2 standup/romantic or action comedies every week …for the rest of your life. Given enough time (and discipline) your “bad news” symptoms will clear up. And those “brain flies” will just fly away and find someone else to suck the life out of.

But wait! How are you gonna know what’s going on in the world if you just turn off the “Mews” (for good)?

Well, for the starters, what you see in the News will never affect you, unless of course you work really hard at “attracting them into your life” with your thoughts.  Secondly, to say that the news is a depiction of reality would be like someone showing you a closeup of a horse’s butt and calling it a Horse. Besides, there is a 375,202 times greater chance of dying from something that you’ll never hear about in the News, unless of course you die as a result of just “hearing” bad news constantly.

As per things you like to stay ahead of such as traffic and weather, you can always look these up on the Internet. There are sites dedicated to keeping you informed about the traffic and the weather on an hour by hour, cloud by cloud, raindrop by raindrop, snowdrop by snowdrop basis. Or you could just have your psychic on speed dial for that.


The payoff

So, is there a payoff for being nice to people who (according to the experts in the Newsrooms and certain Poly Tentacles) are all “potentially criminals”?

To answer that we must first answer 2 bigger questions:

  1. How are Criminals made?
  2. Is there a “worthwhile payoff” for being nice to “people” (the good, bad and the confused)?

Let’s start with the first part. How are Criminals made?

There isn’t a “How to guide” currently in the market for becoming a criminal, because it’s not exactly a:

Step 1. Get a bad haircut,

Step 2. Build up a rap sheet by stealing candy from babies and

Step 3. Pick a gangster name and distribute Business cards” kinda process.

There isn’t a plug and play solution for it either, where you step into a “Radicalizing brainwashing pod” and momentarily step out looking like an angrier version of Captain America. That unfortunately also rules out hypnosis, harry potter spells, artifacts with mythical powers, lucky charms and lucky underwear, because real life doesn’t exactly work the way that it does in Hollywood (total shocker, right?).

Professional Criminals (the kind that doesn’t get caught within 2 minutes of “thinking about committing a crime”) are usually the result of circumstances, personal experiences and numerous cooking accidents accumulated over many decades (if not centuries).

For instance, children from fatherless homes have a far greater chance of suffering from anger and inadequacy issues that over time can lead to violent and suicidal tendencies. In fact, 90% of all repeat arsonists, 70% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers, 85% of children who exhibit behavioral disorders, 85% of youths in prisons, 80% of rapists with anger problems all come from fatherless homes. That’s discounting the ridiculously high suicide rates, teenage pregnancy rates, school dropout rates and dozens of other issues that primarily affect fatherless homes. Suffice to say children who grow up without a biological father (even an “idiotic” one) have to weather a great deal more storms to reach “solid ground”. And even when they do get there (if they ever do), they have work twice as hard to keep themselves from shooting the first guy that pisses them off.

Then, we have people who live around Criminals and have two of the most wanted Criminals for their Parents. This is where even the most resilient of 3-year-olds fall into the “default behavior” trap and start walking, talking and squawking just like their Parents. In fact, by the time they reach the age of 8, these ex-toddlers will have already robbed half the Banks and Toy Stores in the State, all by themselves.


Next, there’s the “brainwashed since birth” trap where we are continually exposed to things that make us howl and hiss from the tender age of 18 (months). The usual perpetrators of this crime are gruesome TV shows, Movies and violent video games (that aren’t suitable for anyone under the age of 121), messages of hate and racism (which includes dinner discussions seasoned with ‘disharmony’ and ‘thyme’), religious sermons (that awaken our “kittycat ways”) and Baaaad News (that makes our noses twitch even while we sleep). In fact, many Violent Video Games, TV shows and Movies have been named the “real perpetrators” behind various murders, mass murders and suicides. Fortunately (for us), that didn’t earn the offenders (the Dudes that were holding the guns, when they went off) a “get out of jail free” card.


The Fourth criminalization factor is partying with “big bad wolves”, who are known to turn even the cutest of puppies into nasty howling machines with equally undesirable habits.

Just as with drugs, cigarettes and alcohol (other than when they’re passed down from the Parents), the underlying reasons behind these “detrimental associations” are parental disapproval and criticism. When Parents continually make their Children feel unworthy and unloved, they turn to other peers (aka gangsters with personalities) and addictions to fill those “holes in their souls”.


Lastly, we have the most common (but most overlooked) Criminalization factor of all: Social disapproval, injustice and discrimination.

If you were to go on a 5-year mission of culinary experiences to Planet Pandora (the Alien planet from the 2009 movie Avatar) you might not be greeted with the warmest of welcomes (especially given the teeny tiny disagreement they had over not being willing to handover all their “unobtanium” and their “limited edition doughnuts” to us Humans a while back).  Obviously, you didn’t have anything to do with that personally. And neither did any of your friends or pets.

It was in fact the result of a supposed “diplomatic mission” conducted by a few dozen inhumane humans that “created” the incident and consequently the current environment.

But since all creatures (regardless of their planet) live by a similar code of “primal behaviors” (especially when it comes to “self-preservation”) the Na’vi (the indigenous people of Pandora) have pretty much labelled all 7.5 Billion of us humans (right down to the teeniest, tiniest diaper wearing baby) to be “the bad guys”.

This results in the obvious “strange looks” that you get everywhere you go and the occasional person passing out on the street (from shock). But overall, all is calm and all is bright in the “blue people front”. However, when you start talking and interacting with them, you start seeing a whole other picture. Despite a majority of the Na’vi community being nice, friendly and just as strange as everyone else there, you can sense some “unspoken hostility” and animosity emanating from their eyes, ears and occasionally through their nostrils.

For starters, since they can’t be bothered pronounce your name, they label you with a name that they’re familiar with. Or you get the opportunity of picking one out a hat yourself. Then you get the “spare wheel treatment” for a good part of the day. It’s not that evident at first. But you eventually start “getting the picture”.  If that’s not bad enough you also run into the occasional lunatic trying to ‘bump you off the road’. Nonetheless, you stay focused on the peaceful and delicious mission you had embarked on. After all, you’re there to meet new people, seek out new recipes and new cuisines, to boldly go where no culinary explorer has gone before, not to make enemies.

However, after several months of “being your delightful self” these little irritations start weighing on you (particularly around the tummy area). Then after the 3rd or 4th year, you start brewing your own share of resentments. With that, you find yourself being unusually guarded and protective around the Na’vi. And whenever things get out of hand, you visualize violent scenes from a horror movie that you saw a while back, whilst keeping a smile on your face. Then by the 5th year, you’re a full-blown gangster prowling the streets of Pandora, wearing the trendiest gangster outfit you could find.

What happened? It’s simple. We always “live up to the expectations of others”, often times our peers.

So, if our Parents believed wholeheartedly that we were gonna be a great person one day and served that “belief” on toast (perhaps with a little bit of margarine) every morning, that’s who we’ll strive to be. If on the other hand, they believed we were gonna turn out to be another “Dognapper”, that’s most likely what we will turn out to be.

Now, when that “peer structure” isn’t available, we would draw up a new belief system based on “our environment” (even if they didn’t have our best interest at heart). That means, if “society” treats us as arsonists, hitmen or terrorists, we would cheerfully put in double shifts every day to become that.  If on the other hand “society” treated us as productive members of the community, we’ll go as far as chipping all our nails, to “become just that”.

Of these two influences, the peer influence is always stronger (and usually overrides most external influences) because it is the strength (and depth) of the foundation that determines the height and stability of a building, not the actual height of the builders or what they have for breakfast.

Okay. So, now that we’ve covered the first part about “how people become criminals”, let’s talk about the payoff for “playing nice” (even with the hideously unlovely). Is there really a payoff? Or would we be better off as Zombies, Werewolves and Vampires with no accountability, no laws, and no fast-food?

Yes, there is a payoff for “playing nice”. In many regards, that payoff is like winning a lottery that covers your health, wealth, happiness and relationships all rolled into one. The difference is you don’t get all your winnings delivered to your doorstep at once. And contrary to popular belief, you won’t have to wait until you get an invitation from your “Afterlife Concierge” to enjoy those benefits.

With anything in life, the way it works is you score the points (in accordance with the “required criteria”) and you get the rewards.

If you wanted to become a Doctor, you would go to College, stay awake during Lectures, pass all the tests and try not to kill anyone during your internship. If you wanted to be happily married, you would familiarize yourself with each other’s “completely different scoring systems” and score points on “those areas” (as opposed to doing what “feels right”).  If you wanted to be healthy you would start eating and drinking ONLY what Mama and Papa Nature has given you (i.e. fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, greens, nuts and water) for at least 6 full days a week. And start exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes every day (maybe starting with a 30 second daily workout and building up gradually).

Likewise, if you want a slice of the “sweeter life” (aka the “Supernatural 4G” way of life) you would start scoring points pertaining to the “Supernatural 4G” model every chance you get and eventually receive your “sweeter life membership” in the mail.

Does that mean you can’t have a sweet enough life without this “Supernatural 4G” thing? Sure, you can. The difference is when you’re in the “Supernatural 4G zone” (which you get to by being committed the process), you no longer have to take down the whole opposing team by yourself and hope to get to the end zone alive.

When your Supernatural 4G score is good (and consistent), you’ll have a whole army of “invisible warriors” to give you a “clearer” and “cozier” path to your victory. They’ll even guide you along the journey, much like a GPS to make sure that you don’t get lost on your way to the Donut Shop. That doesn’t mean that you’ll be completely immune to the tackles, the tickles and all the heavy-duty foot stomps that you “have to” encounter and overcome along the way. But it will make you immune to all of the “lethal stuff” and anything that can “permanently derail you from your ultimate destiny”. Also, since you have the backing of a whole bunch of “invisible helpers”, you’ll easily outnumber your opponent a hundred to one, and boost your chances of a Victory manifold.

Now, the Supernatural 4G scorecard is made up of a set of virtues, primarily 4 virtues that we’re all too familiar with, but avoid practicing at the risk of coming across as “too nice”.  Suffice to say that the more “points” you score (consistently) across these 4 virtues, the more “favor”, “protection” and “lucky breaks” you’ll receive from the Universe…based on a timeline predetermined by the Chairman (of the Universe).

However, this isn’t anything new or anything with a religious bias, although you will have come across these virtues in every religion known to Man, Woman and Sheep in some shape or form.

Also, it isn’t another “feel good theory” that’s gonna fill up your soul with hope and then leave it feeling abandoned, robbed and clawed out the next morning.

Simply put, it’s a time-tested system that I had personally used and greatly benefitted from over the years. And I have heard of countless others (from all walks of life) enjoying the benefits of this “Supernatural 4G” way of life too.

Therefore, if you do the same, you’ll get the same…or at least experience “similar results” given enough time. But don’t just take my word for any of this. Instead, put it the test and see the results for yourself. After all, the evidence doesn’t lie, right (unless it’s bewitched or something)?

However, this is a process, that takes patience and time…

If you dance or figure skate at a competitive level, what determines whether you’re worth “keeping around” or whether you should just be “fed to the Lions for Lunch” is your overall score. And in order for you to bag yourself a darn good score, you have to impress ALL the judges. If you impress just 3 out of the 4 judges and put the other one to sleep (or send them into a deep coma), there’s a good chance that you won’t make it to the next round. The same applies to sports, modeling, employment, education, home buying, loans and everything else.

You have to not just check the boxes, you also need reasonable scores across each criterion to get a big thumbs up. Also, it’s not about “scoring big” once, then grabbing yourself a Triple Scoop Ice Cream and calling it quits.  If you wanna stay in the “winner’s circle” (where life’s a lot sweeter, flamboyant and rewarding), you have to keep scoring big…over and over and over and over (yawn) and over again.

But before you think about the “winner’s circle” and all the accompanying accolades, you must first acquire the skills necessary to ice skate, sing, dance or operate on people who are still breathing. For instance, if you wanna play Doctor in real life, people are not gonna come anywhere near you, unless you have some kind of paper to prove that you know what you’re doing (at least some of the time).

Likewise, if you wanna enter a figure skating competition, they’ll only let you into the rink when they know that it’s safe enough (for everyone) to do so. And that level of “competency” is normally only acquired by going through a 4-year graduation, trustworthy certification of some kind.

The same goes for your “Supernatural 4G” graduation, except with this particular graduation the length that it takes for you to earn the paper with the big smiley face, depends entirely on your performance and in your loyalty to the process. You could be done in 4 months if you get the scoreboard ticking quickly and “sincerely” commit yourself to the process for life. Otherwise it could take anywhere from 4 years to 4 millenniums.

But this isn’t just about racking up points. It’s also about minimizing (or preferably avoiding) “penalties” (i.e. “misdeeds”) along the way. If you go out of your way to help the first 100 people you meet on a given day, and then shoot the 101st one (just because you didn’t like what they were wearing), it would probably not reflect too well on your overall score. And it could potentially lengthen the “training process”.

Great! So, now that you have a general idea of what to expect from this fluffy puppy, lets grab a sandwich and a couple of crayons and dive straight into the “4 mythical character traits” that makes life sweeter than sweet tea.


Generosity – Coming in at number 1 we have Gen-err-oh-city

Nobody complains about receiving too many presents for their Birthday. But not many people feel that generous when it comes time to repaying the favor.  Nonetheless, if we didn’t reciprocate that act of generosity in some way, we would go completely mental. And potentially end up in a psychiatric ward.

That’s because reciprocity to a Human is much like a tail is to a Dog. The more you try to run away from it, the more it follows you around. It’s pretty much “stuck on you” (like Lionel Ritchie), until you…give it away (like the Red Hot Chili Peppers).

However, generosity doesn’t need to be based solely on things with monetary value. You can also give of your time, your skills, your humor, your love and whatever else you have lying around in the house that you don’t use anymore (provided they belong to you in the first place).


Now, in order for you to qualify as a “legitimate giver”, and really get your “Supernatural 4G” scorecard ticking, you have to first commit to donating a minimum of 10% of your net income to a charity that supports other “humans” in need, every single month, no matter how much or how little you are earning right now. Think of this as your monthly “Supernatural Tax” contribution.

You pay taxes on just about everything you own. And, you pay “some form of tax” for the people and pets you love (and occasionally hate). But you don’t pay taxes for the Sunshine that soaks you with delight, the air that you breathe, the soothing sea breeze, the magnificent scenery and landscapes, the gravity that keeps you from floating around and all of the other natural resources that enable you to stay clothed, fed, sheltered, cozied, pampered and occasionally hammered. So, in part this is you paying your taxes and enjoying all that good stuff, guilt free.


By paying your government taxes, you get to drive on the road as opposed to having to drive off it; you get your 9-1-1 calls answered by real people as opposed to having them all sent to voicemail; and you get to walk on well-lit sidewalks as opposed to fumbling around in the dark with candelabras.

Likewise, by paying your “Supernatural taxes” you get your emergency calls tended to swiftly and politely (as opposed to having to line up behind 7.5 billion other callers and waiting 25 years just to talk to someone), you get your setbacks and injuries (both physical and emotional injuries) patched up faster (sometimes almost instantaneously), you become immune to countless day to day inconveniences (such as food spills, toe stumps, sports injuries, electric shocks, static electricity, lightning, flying squirrels, flying fish etc.), your daily needs are always met (you’ll never have to worry about another meal ever again or be forced to share a tent out in the woods with a Bear), you get tips and guidance (in the form of messages and impressions) to help you enjoy every aspect of your life better and you get a Supernatural PSD (personal security detail) assigned to you around the clock (to protect you from harm, not to protect everyone else from you). And that’s just a fraction of the benefits you receive as a regular “Supernatural Tax” payer.

I first heard about this “10% monthly charity contribution” years ago from a couple of finance experts, and was curious to see if any of it would transpire into anything tangible…like a lottery winning perhaps. So, in the early parts of 2009 I took the plunge and started donating 10% my net earnings every month to an Orphanage. However, donating money (to anyone other than myself) wasn’t in my cards at that time because I was getting by on a very mediocre salary. On top of that, things weren’t going so well for me at work. This prompted me to start exploring the whole “work from home” concept, even though I didn’t have a clue where to start.

So, after reading and trying out a whole bunch of “make money online programs” (91% of which were 101% crap), I finally found a fairly straightforward way of whipping up several “product review websites” together.  The plan was to get them to make me enough moolah for me to quit my job. And after several months of tinkering they did start churning out a few… pennies. It wasn’t enough for me a make bid on Bill Gate’s house in Medina, but it was enough to buy me a few cookies. So, for the first time, things appeared to be going my way.

And then the unexpected happened.

Yep. I got fired. Actually, I was given an ultimatum to put up with my Big Bad Boss’s crap or leave. I chose the latter. Following that, all my websites lost their rankings. And died a horrible and painful death. Apparently, the Search Engines have a thing about cutting corners and dumping half-baked crap onto the web (who knew?). When that happened, my first thoughts were “Ha! So, much for becoming a giver!”. It felt like someone pulled the chair right under me.

Then after several intense minutes of cussing under my breath, I started pondering about several other minor and insignificant issues… you know…like… paying the rent, the bills, buying food etc. This prompted me to, pull up my “accounts spreadsheet” (the I use to tell me where I am financially) and run the numbers for the current month on there.  

I started with how much I had left in the bank, how much I had in my wallet, my jacket pockets, behind my ears, drawers, under the furniture etc. Then I keyed in the actual and projected expenses for the month (as accurately as possible). This would hopefully give me a clearer picture of how far my limited stash of “cookies” would get me, before having to resort to eating brains (I had always been curious about trying out a few of Liv Moore’s “brain recipes” from iZombie, the TV Series).

Now, when I entered all my actual and projected expenses, I deliberately left out the “charity contribution” part because from where I was standing, I was headed straight for a brick wall.  So, the idea of giving away money just felt like I was hitting the gas even harder.

But curiosity got the better of me, and for the sake of squeezing out a few giggles (at a very non-giggly phase of my life) I decided to type in what the charity contribution would have been for the month. And as I did, something very “unusual” and “spectacular” happened. The balance my spreadsheet turned changed to “777.00”.

Okay. Here’s what’s special about that number. I had always considered 777 to be a lucky number. It’s nothing religious (for me anyway). It’s just been “ingrained” into my psyche from an early age as a “lucky number”, just as 666 has been ingrained into all of my squishy little braincells as “unlucky”. So, if 84142 was your lucky number, then the balance (for you) would have probably read something like 841.42 instead of 777.00. Secondly, the spreadsheet was made up of a whole lot of decimal numbers, so the chances of the final balance ending up on a round number, let alone a number that “I consider” to be “lucky” was slim to none. Thirdly, this is the first time, that ever I had 777.00 on a spreadsheet account balance.

This unusual “coincidence” made me think twice about going ahead with the contribution, even though my brain was asking me all kinds of questions like “were you dropped on the head as a child?” and “how long has it been since you were last seen by a Doctor?” etc.

I did have a couple of distinct “supernatural interventions/messages” (along with a whole bunch of “hamster sized” ones) in the past.  One of those “big interventions” would have definitely prevented me from going broke for 10+ years whilst the other could have “potentially” saved my Late Brother Keerthi’s life. But since (at the time) I strongly and very adamantly believed that the whole World ran on Science and Milkshakes, I didn’t take notice of any of it.

So, if I had learnt anything from my past, it is to not let my “brain” do all the thinking and talking. I let my heart do the talking this time and committed to my monthly contribution. By the way, this all went down was maybe a couple of years before I was physically pulled out of the way from an oncoming bus by what I can only describe as “the invisible hand” (you can read that story here). Otherwise, I could have saved myself 2 bucketfuls of worry before arriving at that decision.

But there was no pay off!  There were no checks showing up in the mail. There were no rainbows in the sky. And the birds were singing even more offkey than they usually do.

Then when I was down to my last few cookie crumbs, and was contemplating the possibility of turning into a fulltime Zombie, I decided to take one last peak at my bank balance. When I did…I was greeted with the biggest (and most pleasant) shock of my life. My former employer had suddenly (and without any prior notice) decided to pay me every penny he had ever owed me.

The wage issue was something I had been trying to remedy for years, to no avail. So, for him to wake up one morning with an insatiable urge to pay me everything that had been owed to me for years, is a little more than “strange”. Also, it was a little more than a coincidence for the money to show up…just when I needed it the most. Okay. It wasn’t a huge sum of money, but it was definitely enough for me to get by for a while. And that “while” was good enough to get some money coming in at my end.

Following that “mini-blizzard”, charity contributions went straight to the very top of my monthly financial commitments. And yes, I still donate to the same Orphanage. In fact, I now give more than the “standard 10%”. On top of that, I committed to upping that percentage in line to my monthly earnings. That’s in addition to the pledge I made to Mama and Papa Nature of giving away MOST of wealth (one day) to people in need (Orphans in particular).

When I upped my monthly contribution for the first time, the amount on the money transfer (which is subject to a currency conversion) also had a “7.77” at the end. This to me was Mama and Papa Nature giving me their thumbs up.

Sure. I have encountered countless financial, relationship and health setbacks since then (and at times have even come close to becoming homeless and Dorito-less). But I’m yet to encounter a problem or setback that didn’t already come with a solution (even when the solution takes years to show up).


Graciousness – We like to hang around people who are nice, respectful, delightful, helpful and 100% Cat and Dog friendly. Being around people like that is fun, easy, productive, heart-friendly and even therapeutic.

And we don’t particularly enjoy the company of serial killers, drug dealers, hitmen and anyone who’s considered “less than fabulous”. Sure, gangsters will like each other’s company or pretend to for the sake of not getting shot. But if they had a way of making a decent living without having to shoot people all day (and without getting their butts decorated with bullets in the process), they would most likely go for it.

But, the true test of graciousness is not when the going is easy, the sun is bright, the breeze is gentle and the neighborhood songbirds have just released their latest chirping chart topper.

No, the true test happens when we have to deal with unfavorable circumstances. And when we’re faced with people that we do rather feed to our Pet Crocodiles.

Would you be just as cool and awesome when the skies are gray and droopy? And when you had been battling a serious health condition for the last 5 years? Or would you give everyone (particularly the people you deem as “unlovable”) a firsthand sneak preview of exactly how you’re feeling?

How about when someone’s daily agenda is filled with nothing but ways to make you misserable? Or when someone “accidentally” steps on your big toe (and then just stands there admiring the view)?

Would you still continue being your delightful self when it’s happening? And after it’s happened? Or would it provoke you to unleash a barrage of profanity in all 6909 languages known to humankind?

When someone starts mimicking every animal in the Zoo in the hopes of getting a reaction from you, they’re really telling you exactly what THEY are going through. And if they called you a whole bunch of names in the process, they’re merely “projecting” what they think about themselves all the time. That’s why they don’t even have to refer to any notes when they’re “letting it all out”. You just happened to be the “most desirable” scapegoat in their vicinity. The only other reason why anyone would go all “killer whale” on you (or anybody else), is when they feel threatened by you in some way.

So, take it in the right context. Instead of going all Hulk on them in retaliation, sympathize with “their situation” and move on. No person, who’s genuinely happy and fulfilled would ever make another person feel bad. Besides, it’s these bloodsucking, soul sucking vampires that earns us the “homeruns”.

That’s because the “bad dudes” tick off our Creator just as much as they do us. And he loves to “reward” the good guys for taking the time to rub a little bit of our goodness on the bad guys. He doesn’t just reward the good guys, he also hands out a little “ass whooping” to the bad guys. You might even get a front row seat to one of these live “bad guy ass whooping” shows yourself. If not you’ll probably hear all about it from a “third party” somewhere. On the other hand, if you do lose your cool and decide to get even by unleashing all your chihuahuas on them, the “ass whooping” by default gets handed to you (ouch!).

I have been fortunate enough to get front row seats to several of these “bad guy ass whooping” shows myself. And I have also had the displeasure of getting my ass kicked (by the Grand Designer) too, for the 1-2 times a year I lose my cool. When I was at the receiving end of the “punishment” (purely as a result “reacting”), it felt as though my cloak of supernatural protection (kinda like Doctor Strange’s cloak) had suddenly gotten blown away leaving me “temporarily vulnerable” to all kinds of things, including homeless kittens and puppies.  And yes, you’ll get your very own “Supernatural Cloak of Protection” and Lightsaber too, when you had been living “in the zone” for a while.

However, these “punishments” don’t hinder the journey that our amazing Creator’s already mapped out for us. It’s just a slap on the wrist (or a glass door on the face, in my case), to say “Don’t do it again!”. I’ll share the “glass door” story with you some other time. I really don’t know how it works with “major crimes” though, because it’s never been my jam. They may derail you from your journey and even your ultimate destiny, because there’s not all that much anyone can do from a 6×8 foot cell.


Greatness: Top Dogs get the top dollars, not necessarily because they do more work. They get paid more because they do most of the “emotional heavy lifting”, such as making decisions that can make or break their business, and being responsible for just about every mistake anybody in their Company (and all of their relatives) ever make.

The entry level Dudes get paid the lowest because they’re “dispensable” and even “disposable” (in certain ‘not so legal’ work environments). Above the entry level, the “pretend bosses” tier earns a couple of bucks extra per month. Then the tier above that (the Pretend Boss’s Boss) gets a whopping 10 to 20 bucks extra per month and so forth.

In the Supernatural realm, the pay structure (the supernatural favor structure) works much the same way. The more people you can serve, the greater your rewards. You sell one cookie, you get a few pennies, you sell a lot, you get a lot.

That doesn’t mean that the Dude who earns the “most dollars” gets the most “supernatural rewards”. It just means that the person who makes a “genuine” effort to do more, gets more (or far much more in some cases) than the average Bear.

Sure. Many of the people at the very Top of the ladder (Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Kermit the Frog and many others) who have pledged nearly all of their wealth to charity in some form or shape, do (very deservingly) enjoy a bigger slice of the “supernatural favor” pie. But you also see a whole bunch of everyday people who take their time to reach out to “large audiences” also enjoying equally sweet slices of the same Pecan Pie of life.

So, you don’t need to build up your own a multibillion corporation or have your own Planet to be able to do more and have more “favor”. You can start exuding your “greatness” right where you are.

You can increase your “Greatness” in your personal relationships (primarily with your Spouse and Children), by going the extra 2 miles every day (as opposed to the usual half mile), by investing in a couple of self-help relationships books (and practicing that time-tested wisdom) to improve the quality of those relationships further.

You can exude your greatness as an Employee/Employer by getting into the habit of going to work early and finishing late, whilst looking fresher and crispier than a freshly baked Croissant all day, every day. Better yet, become the first person in and the last person out. No, you don’t show up early to catch up on your ESPN and Fashion Shows. And then leave late because you’re too buzzed to find your way out. Instead, you use that time to get more done, whether you get paid or not.


Then throughout the day, focus solely on the work at hand. And in getting it done efficiently, productively and accurately whilst being helpful to your Boss, Coworker and Customers. And do it all with a bright shiny smile and a caring warmth, not with a Robocop personality. When you get all the work done, bug your boss for more work and more “responsibility”. Then leave home at the end of the day, feeling like you made a real difference.

When you rinse and repeat this simple (but slightly painful process), you’ll not only become a “great” Employee, but you’ll also pretty much put yourself in the running for the next promotion or raise. At this point (whether you get that promotion or not) you have the option of taking that “glowing skillset” and “work ethic” elsewhere and landing yourself a grander job (with your very own desk). Or you could just go and work for your favorite Boss of all times: Y-O-U.

Now, if you already have your own Business, you can streamline it further, by limiting your to-do-list to hold only 5 items at a time, by eliminating distractions during work hours (excluding Family) and by outsourcing nearly every trinket of your work (aside from anything that “requires your personal touch”) to people who are competent, reliable and are not on any kind of drug.

Last but not least, you can build up a daily health regimen to boost your health and energy levels further by switching what you eat and drink. And by exercising a little every day. The more energy you have, the more alive you’ll feel and the more productive you’ll be in ALL areas of your life.  Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about making the nearest hospital your favorite vacation spot.


Ever had someone that you went out of your way to help, turn around and walk away without even bothering to thank you?

Didn’t you wanna strangle them (for just a few seconds), to let them know exactly what you felt about their ill-mannered behavior?

If you did (think about it, not actually do it), then you’re not alone.

Nobody likes the feeling of being used up and thrown out like a Kleenex tissue and certainly not after a good deed.

Gratitude has fast become the most essential ingredient to every human dialogue and interaction (more so than salt or sugar). You take away the “gratitude” element out of an everyday conversation and all we’ve left is an exchange of frowns and sneers.

But Gratitude isn’t just limited to the Human, Puppy and Kitten Realms. It’s also a key ingredient in the Supernatural Realm. And since the “Supernatural Realm” is in the business of “multiplication”, every word of gratitude and praise that you send up (or add to your Supernatural 4G scorecard) eventually comes back down multiplied…. in the form of “Supernatural favor” (provided you also have a little dough i.e. good deeds in your “Supernatural Bank Account”).


So, how do you send your praises?

Since the Chairman and his trusty Board of Directors don’t disclose their mailing address or even their email to the public, we have to rule out the option of showering them with “Thank you” cards. And since their phones and cellphones operate very differently to ours, we can’t exactly call them up to say “Thank you” either. So, we are left with the option of talking into the “invisible earpiece” that’s hardwired into us from birth and forwarding our praises that way. To put it another way: if you just talk, they’ll hear you (wherever or whenever).  In fact, they’ll hear you even if “think” something, because they pretty much have total access to every molecule of your biology. Verbal praises tend to carry more weight though (more on that later).


And what do you thank him for?

Well, if you were to think of a single entity that held the World together, made it rotate, kept it warm during the Summer and “penguin friendly” during the Winter, “freshly generated” enough food and water to sustain every creature alive, designed all the strange and awesome wonders of this planet, and dazzled it with rainbows, diamonds, waterfalls, colors, and designer shoes, then who or what would that “person/entity” be (for you)? If you are a religious person it would most likely be your Spiritual Leader(s). Otherwise you could refer to that “entity” as Science, Nature or the Universe. The “reference” really doesn’t matter as much, provided it’s coming from a place of deep and profound respect.

And, IF there was such an “entity” or “person”, responsible for “silently” aligning and weaving “circumstances” and “coincidences” in the background every single second of every single day whilst keeping you safe from all kinds of blizzards, accidents and salespeople, shouldn’t we at the very least take a minute every minute to express our gratitude?

You may have to do this “expression of gratitude” part on “blind faith” at first. But do it nonetheless. Every “science experiment” requires a certain level of “trust” even when you’re just “recreating” something that had been time tested for millenniums.

When you plant a bamboo plant, you don’t see any growth for the first 3 years. Then it shoots up as high as 3 feet in as little as 24 hours.  After that it would continue growing at a similar pace until it hits a cloud, a plane or a flying gecko along the way. But by then, the tree would already be 80-100 feet tall.

You can start these “gratitude sessions” with just 10 minutes a day (I personally do 40). That way you won’t look “too crazy” talking to yourself. As per what to be grateful for, start with the “greatest blessings” in your life first such as your job, career or business, even if your real ambition was to be a Shredded Cheese Authority (yes, it’s a real thing).  Thank him for the house that you live in (even though you’ve always wanted to live in a bigass smart home in your own tropical island somewhere). Thank him for your health (you’ll be astonished by how many people are born without or have lost what you and I take for granted every day). Thank him for your family (even if they don’t exactly look like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their 172 children). Thank him for the clean air that you breathe (sure it could get a lot cleaner, but given that many people have to inhale dust, garbage, catnip and all kinds of crap it’s almost a luxury). Thank him for the clean water that you drink (one in ten people in the World don’t have clean, clear water to drink). Thank him for making your workouts “enjoyable and safe”. Thank him for the shower or bath that you enjoy every morning. Heck, even thank him for the occasional cheesecake that you enjoy. There’s no “formal process” to this. All that is required is that it “comes straight from the heart” (and that you stay awake during the process).

Then thank him throughout the day, for all the good things that “come your way”, however miniscule they may seem. As per the bad things, write them down on a piece of a paper and hand them to your Dog to decide the next course of action.

Since it might not be very “normal” to say “Thank you” out loud in a public space (such as in an elevator), you can always just “think it” in your mind. Or look up at the Sun and smile in acknowledgement, appreciation and awe.  By the way, if you can see the Sun from your Elevator, it would either mean that you took the wrong elevator or that you’re way too high.

Your “Gratitude sessions” aren’t just limited to “gratitude” though. When you deposit money into a Bank account, it’s perfectly okay to make a withdrawal once in a while (unless you’re the overly generous type and don’t want any of it back). So, at the end of a gratitude session, you also have a small window to make your “withdrawal requests”, in the form of prayers. And since in the Supernatural Realm, your “good deed deposits” get multiplied the second a deposit is made, you can withdraw a whole lot more than what you put in.

Now, of all the requests you forward to the “prayer hotline”, more than 90% of them will get rejected almost instantly. That’s because in the long run, they have the potential to hinder your journey or steer you 20,000 miles off-course. Or they’re just far below what your Creator has planned out for you. If a runner were to ask for a Pineapple-Orange Sherbet Punch as he enters the halfway mark of a marathon, he’ll get a bucket of water splashed on his face instead. That’s because the water would fuel his journey whereas the Punch (even though it’s non-alcoholic) would cause him to slow down or fall sleep. But there’s absolutely no harm in asking. If it’s a bad idea, it’ll just not happen.

So, ask him for the big stuff, the small stuff, the not so small or big stuff. Ask him to heal you of your seemingly insurmountable medical conditions. Ask him to help with the zit sitting on the tip of your nose. And ask him to help you to make a positive and lasting impact on the human race. Even pray that your favorite TV show gets picked up for another season. When you “witness” what he’s truly capable of, it’ll blow both your socks and mittens right off.

I am yet to come across a Medical condition that my amazing Creator hasn’t been able to cure. And so far (as of 2010), I have done it all “purely using his guidance” and without a single Doctor. I don’t recommend that for anyone by the way. You should always visit a qualified physician first before experimenting with alternative medicines, Jedi techniques, Doctor Strange sorcery or Harry Potter spells.

Now, all your prayer requests do not all need to be squeezed into a single “gratitude session”. You can certainly forward requests/prayers to Supernatural HQ anytime day or night. In fact, you have to many a times. It’s just polite to give first and ask later. It’s a bit like handing your Bank Manager ten bucks to leave all the Windows and Doors open for the Bank.

As per the “requests” that are locked away in your subconscious mind, you don’t even have to worry about those because Supernatural HQ already has a copy of your entire “mental wish list”. If any of them are permissible by the Chairman and his board of Directors, you’ll see them come to fruition without even having to verbalize them. On the flipside, some requests don’t get acknowledged by Supernatural HQ, unless you do verbalize them.

Years ago, I was working on a very time critical project that I had to get done within the next 24 hours. But my PC just wouldn’t “stay on”. It kept rebooting every few minutes causing me to redo many parts of it. Then at around 5 o’clock in the Evening, I hit a monumental level of getting repeatedly pissed off.

So, when the PC rebooted by itself probably for the 20th time (literally), I turned it off altogether. Then I got down on my knees, touched the CPU unit of the PC with both my hands, closed my eyes and said one word. No, I not “tacos”. I said “please!”. Then, when I flipped it back on, it worked without a single hiccup until the end of the day (which I think was 2-3am the following day). I did get all the work done though. The problem did return maybe a day or two after that, but it didn’t cost me my project (and possibly my groceries of the month). I later found out that the reboot issue was caused by a bad memory chip (not in me, the PC). When I ultimately replaced the chip, the problem just “evaporated altogether”.

Now, aside from these “asap prayer requests” that get processed and remedied within milliseconds, everything else (even the preapproved ones) work according to a timeline predetermined by our Creator. He does this for several reasons. First off, he has to make it all appear “circumstantial” and “coincidental” and avoid putting on a magic show whenever possible. And since he’s simultaneously working on 7.5 billion projects at any given time, it takes him a little bit of time to weave the “episodes that lead to your ultimate victory” (whatever that victory maybe for you). Lastly, he has to find the right people to star in the upcoming episodes of your life story to make those victories possible, whilst “getting you to guest star” in several episodes of other people’s life stories to make their victories possible too.

For instance, a sudden downpour of rain causes you to step into a store nearby. There at the entrance you bump into the person of your dreams. Then after a long-drawn-out staring contest, you decide to get married and have 20 children (not all on the same day obviously). Those Children in turn grow up, get married and have 20 kids each of their own. But none of that would have been possible if our amazing Creator didn’t plan out the “crossover episode” that brought the two of you together in the first place.

There are other reasons for delaying “approved prayer requests” too. For instance, if we had been “praying” for a promotion at work for long time, the approval of that request maybe dependent on us no longer snoring during work hours, not texting everyone in our contact list (whilst at work) and not submitting our work filled with emojis.  Or the delay maybe due to several character flaws that our Creator is already helping us iron out using “unfavorable circumstances” and nasty coworkers.

If the approved prayer request is a healing, then that maybe dependent on us getting into a healthy eating plan or a workout routine or both. Or it may be dependent on us meeting a certain doctor, who’s in the business of “healing her patients” (as opposed to just listening to their heartbeat and singing along). Or it could be dependent on us jumping on Google, YouTube or Amazon and looking up a few remedies online (as mentioned earlier this should always be your last resort).

When your “Supernatural HQ” account becomes active (as a result of accumulating enough points on your scorecard), you’ll pretty much have a 2-way communication portal with your creator. That doesn’t mean you get guided through every step of your life journey without ever having to make any decisions of your own. Or that you could phone up “The Chairman” anytime you feel like a conversation.

But it will get you signed up with Supernatural HQ’s SMS alert service, which enables you to receive real-time updates (straight to your mind) regarding all kinds of tipping points, tripping points, turning points and tilting points.  These updates don’t obviously include everything. They just include pointers that are deemed as vital (and helpful) to you. FYI: when a Supernatural HQ SMS Alert hits the inbox of your mind, you’ll feel a small vibration in your brain followed by a strong “gut feeling”.

But Supernatural HQ SMSs aren’t the only thing the Chairman uses for his communications. He may also send you a communication through a seminar or a sermon, through an interaction with a stranger, through a reference in a magazine, TV show or movie, through an email headline or tweet and anything else (in your circle of interaction) that he deems suitable to embed a “legible but profound” message into. It’s kinda like how MacGyver utilizes resources immediately available to him to get himself out of any ear twitching situation.

Obviously, our Creator doesn’t have a shortage of resources. In fact, he can pretty much mold every molecule of this planet (living or dead) to his accord and redesign the whole place into a theme park if he chooses to. But he doesn’t, because it violates his own personal “prime directive” of “scaring the crap out of us” in the process. Then again, he doesn’t have to because he alredy knows exactly how to get our attention using what’s readily available to us. That means when a communication is “addressed to you” it’ll be about as “obvious” as a Rhino showing up at your doorstep with a clipboard (I still haven’t figured out what the clipboard is for).

With me, he uses all of the above for about half of his communications. For the rest, he uses references to my birthday, references to my surname and a series of 777s and 666s to let me know if I’m on the right track or not. With the 777 and 666 communications, it’s really a hit or miss. So, I have to read the message in the “right context” to get it right. Otherwise it’s about as random as a blue-collar Seagull.

If you remember the “budget calculating excel spreadsheet” example from earlier, you’ll recall the 777 balance that I was left with after keying in the projected charity contribution. The 777 at that time meant something, because of its timing and the thought process that was behind the whole thing. The number 777 again meant something when the converted amount of my “newly increased charity contribution” had a 7.77 at the end. Had either (or both) of these been a 666 (or a 6.66), I would have interpreted them as “bad ideas” and not proceeded any further.

When the Kaizen Fusion project got under way, and I first started making some headway, I was “suddenly” hit with several illnesses which at the time seemed insurmountable. They weren’t life threatening or anything, but they were enough to turn me upside down, inside out and round and round. Also, just to clarify, they didn’t ALL show up on the same day. They did all show up around the “same season” though.

So, for a while nothing made sense. In fact, for several days the question in my mind was “Why me? Why not the next-door neighbor? Or the dude down the road that “looks like” he kicks his dog every day?”. Despite the disappointment, I bought several “supposed remedies” online. But none of them worked. Then as I was contemplating on calling my Doctor (or perhaps the Ghost Busters), something told me to “keep looking online”.

So, I hobbled over to Google (again) and started searching for answers there (again). However, this time I didn’t stop at the first page. I dug in several pages deep into those search results and came across an article with a couple of “herbal remedies” that just “felt right” to me. The article strangely enough also had my birthday on it (without the year obviously, otherwise it would’ve been a very outdated article).

Afterwards I limped over to Amazon. And started going through a whole bunch of 5-star rated items there (pertaining to my condition, not their Blu-ray collection). So, after a while of “pretending to look busy”, I came across an item that had a 5-star review on it that was written on “May 6”. Nothing special about that, except the review was voted as one of the most helpful reviews for that item and therefore was on the same page as the item. For some “strange reason” I was drawn to it. And before I could think any further, my fingers had gotten click-happy and completed the checkout process, all by themselves. On top of that, I bought a couple of other top rated items, that didn’t have any “May 6” references on them. I combined them with the “herbal remedy” from earlier. And began feeling considerably better within about a week.

I later bought a couple of other items to speed up the healing process, one of which did have a “May 6” reference (in the same way as before). And another from eBay UK where the converted amount (from the US Dollar amount) read 17.77.  Normally that wouldn’t mean a thing. But a currency exchange (as you already know) is something that fluctuates every minute. So, for the exchange rate (at that precise moment in time) to translate to a price with a 777 at the end was again a little more than unusual for me. In fact, I rechecked the pricing for the same listing the very next day, and the converted amount was very different to what it was before.

Months down the line I bought another Medicine with a very distinct 777 reference. And that propelled me straight into the “final phase” of the healing process. Overall, the items with the 777 references had the most healing power, followed by the ones with the “May 6” references. The others just made the “cocktail” look colorful and pretty. I didn’t feel any different with or without them. But I suppose they did help with the healing process.

Since then, I make about a third of all my (non-consumable) buying decisions based on this “strange” unscientific, unorthodox and illogical, strategy. I now live in a home that was first “pointed out to me” through a “May 6” reference. The City in which I live was also “suggested” to me through a “May 6” (or more like series of “May 6” references). My favorite music album of 2016 by Keith Urban titled Ripcord was released on “May 6” of 2016. One of my Top 10 TV Shows “Supergirl” was “officially picked up” on May 6, 2015. The premise of the NBC TV Show “Timeless” (another one of my Top 10 shows) was woven around an incident that happened in May 6, 1937. It later became one of the 3 TV shows that NBC’s ever reversed a cancellation decisions on. The trailer for “Timeless” also had a “hidden message” that was very profound and timely to me.

My favorite movie of 2016, Captain America: Civil War first came out on IMAX on May 6,2016. The First season of Andromeda (a show that kept me company during many of my “Bullworker” workouts) was first released on Blu Ray (in the UK) on May 6, 2013. The list goes on and on and on and on.  In fact, many of my product recommendations on are based on this “weird but accurate” method.  By the way, the reason why I’ve made a ton of TV related references is because you can verify all of that through the hyperlinks provided. It doesn’t mean I have a TV glued to my face. In fact, I only watch a “handful” of shows on Sunday.

The Chairman also uses the same “birthday reference strategy” to convey “promises” for my future. And to give me “sneak previews” of significant upcoming life events. Obviously, I still have to do the work. But it’s tremendously helpful to have a few “snapshots” from my future to refer to, especially on those dark days where the skies seem to be doing nothing other than growl, snarl, sneeze and burp.

And yes, I do take screenshots of everything now. I have in fact taken screenshots of nearly everything I had mentioned above too. So, I have amassed a quite a large library of “screenshot evidence”, in favor of our Dazzling and Spectacular Creator. And of the hundreds or maybe thousands of “Supernatural messages” and “hints” I receive from the Universe on a regular basis, I have probably documented about 5% of those on my online journal at Penzu. Interestingly enough, when I subscribed to Penzu, the converted amount of my initial payment also read 7.77. Yes. I have screenshot that sucker too.

All of the above is meant to serve as a “glimpse” (as Don Chino tells Nicholas Cage in the 2000 movie “The Family Man”) of what you too can expect by living in the “Supernatural 4G” zone.  

Now, the “preferred medium” the Chairman uses to communicate with you may be similar or completely different. It depends entirely on “your environment” and what (or who) is available to you. I personally spend a great deal of time around my PC and laptop.  So, they’re by far the easiest ways for anyone (my Creator in particular) to reach me…although I would much prefer an email. Once you let “him” (the Chairman and Founder of the Universe) into your life, he’ll pretty much tailor a “custom solution” to communicate with you. He may or may not use the same strategy as he did me. But whichever strategy he does use, you can be darn sure that it’ll be one that resonates with you.

So, there you have it. Do more of the good stuff, keep the “Supernatural 4G” scoreboard ticking and you’ll be rewarded with a life that most humans and baby giraffes only dream about.

Almost forgot to mention the Villain of the story. I refer to him “Darth Hideous”. He only shows up when you’re about to make a breakthrough of some kind. Or when your “Supernatural 4G” scorecard becomes “noteworthy”. He may also occasionally show up when he’s bored out of his mind.

This is why I was hit with a series of “medical conditions” when all the Lego pieces for my Kaizen Fusion project started coming together. It’s kinda like what happens in a marathon. At the very beginning part of the race, nobody cares about how fast or how hard you run. Or about how much progress you make. But when you reach the final lap, your close competitors (and the people supporting those competitors) all start going crazy. They try tripping you over, tying your shoelaces together, yanking you back by your pants, flipping you over, distracting you with trumpets, bribing you with Movie Premiere Tickets and cheesy snacks.  They’ll even sneeze in your face and hope that you catch a bad cold before reaching the finish line.

The difference with Darth Hideous is he doesn’t wait that long. He usually “wakes up” when you make it past the halfway mark. But the fun part is that he can’t touch you. And he can’t touch your finances or your relationships either. He can mess “a little” with your health (by getting you to make bad lifestyle decisions). And he can try and distract, discourage or confuse you in a hundred thousand ways. Also, he can temp you into to blow all your money on cheeseballs, chewing gums and everything else under the Sun. Other than that, he’s just a wannabe with a serious personality problem.

You too WILL experience a few rough seasons/sessions, when you start gaining ground. Often times, you’ll even feel like dropping the ball, taking a seat and treating yourself to a big plate of Nachos.

But stay the course and press on, because in the final showdown between “The Emperor of the Universe” (the good guy) and “Darth Hideous” (the bad guy), the Emperor ALWAYS wins!!!

And beyond that “temporary vail of darkness” awaits a life that is TRULY and ASTOUNDINGLY rewarding.

Live long, live great and prosper!!!

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