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Thank you God For Saving Me! How You Can Replicate the Same Supernatural Favor in Your Life (With or Without Religion)

Thank you God

Are you mindful of your surrounding?

This was me a few years ago when I didn’t have much going for me.
I was out of a job and just had enough money to pay my rent and buy some basic groceries.
The question in my mind all the time was “How do I live?” and “Where do I go from here?”.
So, one day I was making my way to a nearby Supermarket, which was about 10 minutes walk from where I was staying. And whenever I go out, I always like to take my music with me (a wireless mp3 headset loaded with all my favorite tracks), otherwise, I would probably start snoring and sleepwalking somewhere along the way.

The journey’s quite straightforward, except for the fact that I have to cross 3 roads (two side roads and the main road) to get there. I had just crossed the first side road and was on my way to the second. The second side road is situated alongside an intersection of roads (next to the local town center). It’s perfectly safe at any given time
and even has a crosswalk with a Pedestrian Crossing Signal. Simply put, it’s as idiot friendly as it gets.
But on this particular day, my mind was somewhere else. So instead of stopping and looking both ways or even having a quick glance at what the traffic lights were saying, I just put my right leg out to step onto the crosswalk. But right then, I felt a firm hand grab me by my arm and pull me back. Then seconds later, I felt a gust of wind blow in my face from a Big-ass Bus, passing right in front of me. Had this person not pulled me back, I would probably have been a goner or would have at the very least ended up a vegetable, sipping on Carrot Juice, through a tiny straw, with my arms and torso wrapped up like a Mummy.

Whilst being a tiny bit annoyed, I was also very grateful. So, I quickly turned to my right to thank the person right next to me (whoever that was), but to my surprise, there was no one. Then I quickly looked behind me. There was no one there either. There was, however, a couple to my far left, who were engrossed in a deep conversation, but they were on the other end of the crosswalk at least five yards to where I was standing. So unless one of them was Superman, Supergirl or the Flash, there’s absolutely no way that any of them could have pulled me out of that potential“hug with the Bus”.
And besides the three of us, there was no one there at a reasonable distance.
And then it hit me. It was the God or possibly one of the Angels that he emailed moments prior.
Whoa! I mean I had witnessed God’s amazing grace many times over the years (not because I’m special in any way, but because I try to do the right thing even when it’s hard and rarely walk away from someone who “genuinely” needs help). But I never thought for a second that he would make his presence that obvious. I always thought he quite enjoyed being the “Invisible Superhero”. But I guess I had to push the term “stupidity”to a whole new level to know otherwise.

Whilst I thank God every single day for saving my life that day (along with dozens of other amazing things he’s done in my life), I am now super careful when I am out and about on the road. And I keep my audio volume really low so that I’m fully aware of my surrounding.

But it’s also strengthened and rejuvenated my relationship with God in a new way. I love God to bits, but I am not a fan of any religion because much of it has become political poker. And I highly doubt that God gives any of them the time of day either (until they snap out of it).

I often meet these very religious and self-righteous people, who act a certain way when they’re in front of favorable people and situations and then turn into something completely unrecognizable, when they’re not.

As I like to put it,“It’s not the brand of the Car that makes the different. It’s the Driver.”

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