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The 8-Step Brand Development Strategy That Gives You The Edge

Brand Development Strategy

Your Brand is your Business’s unique paw print.

It embroiders your Company’s personality, reliability (or mind numbing unreliability) of your Products and Services, your reputation in the Marketplace, your unique selling points, and your expectations as a striving Organization into one big Tortilla wrapping.

In essence, it’s a simple picturesque representation (consisting of a logo, symbol, a set of letters/words and/or color schemes) that allows your audience to connect with your products, services and values almost instantaneously without the usual selling, threatening and pouting. But a Brand will only have the legs (and the running shoes) to bring it to life when it’s backed with a well thought out Marketing Plan.

A good Marketing Campaign has the ability to sneak into your subconscious minds and implant a sensory association between their product, brand, and unique selling points with our lifestyles. In fact, when a brand and their unique selling points really stand out, it’s not much different to bumping into a Kangaroo at the Local Shopping Mall. In other words, it would be memorable, for you more far than the Kangaroo (because the Kangaroo’s already seen plenty of bewildered humans before).

This’s how many brands have managed to imprint their paw prints deep into our subconscious. For instance, when we see a big golden arch, the only brand that springs to mind is McDonalds. But our subconscious doesn’t stop there. It goes on to whisk a whole McFlurry of emotions in our Brains; starting with the giggling of the Children with their newly discovered Treasure Chests called “Happy Meals” and the distinct aroma of their fries that hypnotically transform our noses into junk food seeking GPS Navigators.

Likewise, when you think of an Apple with a bite missing from the side, you think about some of the most pristine, most reliable and “insect free” technologies in the Market; that are also simple enough to be operated by just about anyone who knows the first few letters of the alphabet.

And if that Calibre of Brand recognition and status appeal to you, then consider the following pointers to help Brand yourself the right way:

1. Make your Brand as unique as your DNA(No Frankenstein experiments required here).

2. Make it simple– The simpler the logo, the easier it is to remember and replicate. A catchy brand that’s backed with quality products/services can spread like wildfire

3. Make it special– A person should be able to take one look at your Brand and know without a shadow of a doubt what they can expect from you, in terms of product quality, reliability, cuteness and sales and aftersales care. For instance, when you see a Mercedes Benz logo, you know that you are looking at a fine (almost extra-terrestrial) piece of engineering in terms of reliability, durability, safety, features, comfort and experience. And that it’s not likely to break down and throw you out of the driving seat just 10 minutes into the journey.

A good Brand is seen as a promise or an experience, more than just a Product or Service.

4. Make it memorable– Think about Microsoft’s use of the 4 pane window to highlight their flagship product “Windows”. It’s not only a powerful association in our everyday life. But it’s hard to forget the correlation when much of what we do on our Desktop or Laptop happens inside a “Window”.

5. Associate it with key products/services– Just like Microsoft, Google have also woven their logo around their flagship product.

6. Associate it with your Unique Selling Points– Your Unique Selling Point is your Market Advantage. And often times it’s the lifeblood of your Business. If you aren’t bringing something into the Marketplace that no one else’s bringing, it’s not much different to tap dancing in the middle of the highway hoping not to get run over.

Your Business should have a Unique Selling Point (or several if possible). And those USPs should be embedded into your Brand and your Marketing Strategy. Having the Grandest Store in Town won’t mean much if you don’t have any Electricity.

7. Associate your Branding to everything you do– It’s safe to assume that the Mac guys would probably not keep any PCs or PC peripherals in their Stores for whatever reason. Likewise, your Branding should be a head to toe representation of who you are as a Business.

8. Make it consistent– Every nut, bolt, shirt button, color scheme and hairpin throughout your Business and all its branches should be consistent and unique and have a hint of “branding” stitched into them.

These Branding tips apply to both your main Brand (i.e. your Company) as well your Sub-Brands (the flagship products of your company).


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