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How to Manage Money Wisely: 4 Money Management Tips to Create Total Financial Abundance

How to Manage Money Wisely

Are you a regular saver? Or a regular spender?

The first trip you should have made as soon as you untangled yourself from the umbilical cord and put on your most fashionable diaper is to a Bank that offers high-interest savings accounts.

But if at the time you were too busy trying to figure why everyone was poking their fingers at your tummy and making funny sounds and faces, then now would be a good time to do that.

In fact, in certain parts of the World (that I’m not familiar with) you could be arrested for not having a regular savings account.


So why is that so important?

Lets just put it this way. The money you don’t spend is the money that comes to your rescue when you need it the most i.e when you reach retirement 150 years from now. And if you’re familiar with how Pensions work, you should know that they rarely pay you more for sitting at home staring at a fish bowl.

So, start putting aside money for your retirement fund right away. And set up two more savings accounts to put aside money for those “rainy days” and “play days”. Yep. You need those too unless you wanna be diagnosed for “excessive sighing” at some stage and get sent away for some “sunshine therapy”.

Just as important as putting aside money is the paying of your “Supernatural Tax Contributions”.

You already know that not paying your taxes on time is a bad thing. In fact, if you watch just about any horror out there, you’ll know exactly what happens to folks who don’t pay their taxes on time. In fact, it’s possible that they’re not actors at all. They could just be real people showing up for what they misconstrued as a movie audition. And if you think that’s bad, then not paying your Supernatural Taxes could be much worse.


So what is “Supernatural Tax”?

Well, it’s quite simply a monthly contribution of 10% or more (of your net income) that you pay toward a charity or cause that helps people who genuinely cannot help themselves.

Now, this may feel like a waste of money at first. But it will literally save you from more financial fizzles, health hiccups, relationship tornadoes, poisonous squirrels, and wannabe serial killers than you can imagine. And to prove to yourself how effective this really is, try paying your Supernatural Taxes for a whole year faithfully and then go a year without paying. The difference will be astoundingly obvious from the before and after expression in your face (and all your Pets faces).

And once you realize how powerful this is, you can maximize its benefits by adding a “daily shot of graciousness” into the mix (a spoonful should do). You might also wanna keep a few extra doses at hand to prevent yourself from ever going into “graciousness withdrawal” as that can get pretty messy.

And in case you’re wondering, this works just as well if you’re religious, not religious or don’t even know what the word means.

So, here’s what your savings and contributions blueprint consist of:
10% of your net income – Contributed to a worthy charity of your choosing
The next 10% – Invested into an iron-clad “retirement fund” (this is one account you don’t touch even if you run out of doughnut money)
Another 10% – Put into your “rainy day fund” (intended for those leaks that show up in the roof and the occasional lightning bolt that ruins your hairstyle)
The last 10% – Put aside for your “play day fund” (so the next time you go on vacation, you won’t have to break every piggy bank in sight)


Whoa, 40% of my net income?! How can I afford that?

If 40% sounds like a big deal right now, then start out with a 1% retirement fund, 1% rainy day fund and a 1% play day fund. And when you can comfortably manage that, increase your monthly savings to 2%, 3% and so forth across the board. And once you hit the 10% mark, make your retirement fund your utmost priority (without resorting to living on one Carrot a day).
But stay committed to paying your 10% in Spiritual Taxes regardless, as this could just be your ticket out from all those “minor inconveniences”.

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