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How to Make a Wife happy: 6 “Daily Habits” to Rejuvenate Your Marriage

How to make a Wife happy

Spend more time with people who matter the most to you. A garden left unattended only attract weeds (and unwanted phone numbers)

The Problem:

Men are pretty much like Cell phones with a limited talk time.

That’s mainly because the speech part of his Brain called the Broca Area is er..asleep for of the time.

So, if he’s had to talk for any length of time or has worked his fingers to the bone all day, then his “batteries” are in dire need of a recharge.

That’s why the first thing he does when he comes home, is head straight to the Living room and slide right into his recharging cradle (more commonly referred to as “the Sofa”). And he generally needs to recharge for a reasonable amount of time before he’s sane enough to talk to anyone.

This wasn’t an issue back in the day when there were no light bulbs, candles or lamps because it was pretty difficult to have a sensible conversation in pitch darkness. And that meant that he could recharge his “batteries” for as long as he darn well pleased.

But now it’s a whole other story. If a Man were to go through his Cave Man routine and head straight over to his “charging cradle”, the Lady would feel punished, ignored and even insulted. Unlike Men, who uses Television to wash away all the stresses of the day “quietly”, Women want to do the complete opposite and “talk about it”(which Men see as a form of “punishment”).

So here’s the Solution:

1. Give her a long, sloppy, one minute kiss, as soon as you walk in through the Door(you may have to handcuff the Kids first to avoid interruptions). And then give your Kids a big, long, bone crushing hug.

2. Ask her about her day. But tell her lovingly to keep it to about 20 minutes, so that you won’t feel overwhelmed (and slip into a coma). Then tell her about your day (with a few extra juicy details, which she’ll appreciate). I like to call these 20-minute sessions, “Weather reports”. So, feel free to share weather reports throughout the day, whilst sticking to that 20-minute rule.

3. Ask her to give you 30-60 minutes of uninterrupted “solitary” time (without a straitjacket) to “recharge your batteries”. Since that won’t make any sense to her, explain why it’s a biological requirement for Men, much like “conversation” is for Women.

4. And after you’ve fully (or partially) recharged, turn off the TV (or video gaming console) and take a quick walk around the house to see what’s different there compared to the Day before. Since Men see the World in Black and White (compared to Women who see it in Bright Vivid color and in high definition) they have to work extremely hard to notice these “subtle” differences. But, it’s very important to her because she obviously puts in a great deal of effort into it.

And if she asks what you’re doing, just tell her that you’re just “admiring how elegantly and gracefully she takes care of the house”, which is true. And as soon as you find the one little thing she’s done differently (in the household or with her appearance), tell her what you like about it. But try to put your compliments into more than a few words.

Women don’t really get a Man’s “1-2 word communication style”. At the same time, summarize all your complaints and blame to less than zero words.

5. Then proceed to help her out in the Kitchen or fix whatever needs fixing around the house

6. Make it a TOP priority to spend a good amount of time playing and giggling with the Kids.

Or if you don’t have kids, do something fun and romantic with her.

How about taking her out to a romantic Dinner by a Candlelit Lakeside Restaurant? Or just going for a relaxing walk along the Beach? Or join an Art Class for the two of you to spend time together in a different environment?

Always be looking for ways to conserve your energy while at work without compromising your productivity, so that you can channel it to the people you carry in your heart, everywhere you go.

So, consider giving those non-work related conversations and activities at work, a miss.

And consider switching everything you eat for 6 days a week to just RAW fruits, RAW Veg, RAW Greens, Nuts, Eggs, Seeds and Milk and workout for half an hour each day. This not only make you fitter and even more good looking, but you’ll also start to feel like a real-life Energizer Bunny all day and night.

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