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How to Increase Business: 15 Ways to Make Your Company More Profitable

How to Increase Business

The greater rewards are always in the extra mile

But that extra mile can be in the right direction or it can be the wrong one.

If you go the right way, you’ll not only get the sale but it’ll also get you a ton of referrals and a whole bunch of happy customers that show up time and time again, even during the worst of snowstorms.

But if you go the wrong away, you’ll most likely land in the middle of a puddle of quicksand that sucks out your credibility and a good chunk of your future potential sales through bad referrals.

So, here are a few ways to really WOW your customers and push you a few miles in the right direction:

1. Offer high-value bonuses and extras that your customers genuinely appreciate. For instance, if you’re selling an oven, why not throw in a few high-quality non-stick baking trays, a pair of non-slip oven gloves and a few hash browns in there to get them started?

2. Offer an extended warranty unmatched by your competitors – If you know it doesn’t break and you’ve gotten your Bulldog to put it through all kinds of vigorous tests over the weekend, then why not double or even triple the warranty that your competitors offer?

And if your manufacturer isn’t happy to back this up, then give them the option of purchasing additional cover in the form of“insurance”.

3. Offer a lifetime (or a 365 day) money back guarantee – This works better with higher value items as customers who spend more are generally far less likely to ask for refunds. Besides, I’m yet to hear of anyone having to do a refund after 80 years.

4. Only sell the best and the most reliable of products – You definitely don’t wanna be known as the guy or gal that sells stuff that breaks down the following day

5. Have a Support Desk that’s available around the clock – But not run by the same folks who work the daytime shifts, as it’s not as enticing to speak to people who’re constantly yawning, snoring or sipping on Coffee.

6. Limit outsourcing support calls overseas – Whilst outsourcing overseas works brilliantly in most areas, it’s not as effective with support calls mainly because it makes them feel “disconnected” by thousands of miles of airspace.

7. Hire and retain only the friendliest and most helpful staff known to Mankind – Feel free to explore extraterrestrial recruitment options if all the good ones are taken.

8. Provide as many related products and services as possible under one roof to enhance the shopping experience – People don’t particularly enjoy having to cross the Street to buy the next item on their shopping list. So, why not have as much of it as possible under one roof?

9. Offer a loyalty points and rewards scheme – Loyalty points make customers feel valued and important. Besides, if it looks really cool, they’ll even find themselves flashing it around in the streets.

10. Make returns and refunds as seamless and as flawless as possible – Did you ever have to run the 100-meter hurdles in order to get a refund somewhere? And did you buy from them again? Having a seamless and effective refund process is just as important as an efficient checkout.

11. Offer discounts on upfront annual and biannual payment options as well as upgrades – Everybody loves to save money. If they don’t, then they’re probably long overdue for their check up.

The most effective way to offer discounts is to offer them on repeat sales and bulk purchases as it brings in more sales whilst retaining customer loyalty.

12. Make available as many Customer reviews as possible – People want to buy products and services that are backed by the assurance of people that they’ve never met before.

13. Give everyone a hug and a chewing gum at the door (or just greet them with a sincere smile) – Often times we forget that we’re dealing with other human beings. We enjoy meeting other humans especially when they’re acting more “human”.

14. Remember your loyal customers on their Birthdays – Being remembered on our Birthdays is a great feeling, just as long as it’s not with the intent of getting them to buy something.

15. Give them more shopping modalities and ways to pay – Do you have an online store? Do you have a smartphone app for the store? Do you offer credit payment options? And do you accept counterfeit money?

The more payment options and modalities you can reach your customers on, the more Business you’re likely to generate.

So there we go. 15 little ideas to make a big change in your Business.

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