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effective listening skills

How do you get a Deer’s undivided attention?

  1. Make deer sounds to grab his attention (unless he already speaks English). If you know the Deer’s first name, try calling that instead.
  2. The second he turns his head, shine your headlights at him and then keep them focused

You’ll pretty much have his/her undivided attention for as long as the focus stays on them.

This is how it works with “humans” too, although you wouldn’t necessarily have to aim your headlights at them. Or give them a banana to make them stay still.

People love to be heard. People love accolades. And people love to be praised (unless of course they’re thoroughly depressed).  In fact, the more attentive of a person you become, the better of a listener you train yourself to be and the more you make the conversation “about them”, the more likable and important you’ll be to them.

Likable people have better relationships, command more respect, have more friends (who are not on their payroll), enjoy life more, have fewer cooking accidents and have a direct line to the CEO of the Universe (without them even realizing it). Being likable however doesn’t mean being likable to Drug Traffickers, Criminals and Bandits.


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