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Feeling Unappreciated at Work?

feeling unappreciated at work

Are you still on the “Red pill”?

The Red Pill? The Red pill is what most Employers sneak into their Employee’s Coffee Machine late at night. It’s perfectly harmless and tasteless. In fact, all it does is make you wanna stay at your job even more.

The blue pill on the other hand is your “way out”. It’s your ticket to “endless possibilities” and potential. And it’s a place where your growth isn’t limited by the height of the ceiling. But it can also be a very scary place, since you’re pretty much on your own for the most part. Sure. You’ll have the backing of your Creator, provided what you’re doing is legal, ethical, pet friendly, and beneficial to people (including yourself of course).

But it does entail a whole lot of “getting lost in the forest” and possibly “staying lost in the forest” before figuring out a way forward. Even then, there’s potentially years of waiting to see a harvest that you can really sink your teeth into. However, when the big harvests do kick in, you’ll have plenty for a lifetime (or a few if you’re planning on coming back).

So, the question is, do you wanna continue down the road of “employment” whilst settling for the crumbs, or are you ready to do what it takes to sour higher so that you can finally start living the life that you truly deserve?


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