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The 3- Step Body and Brain Detox to Give You Total Control of Your Life

brain detox

Still carrying around your unresolved baggage? Then it’s time for your DETOX!

Whilst doing half an hour (or more) of a vigorous exercise flushes out much of the stress that you have built up short-term, a good meditation program will help untangle much of the longer prevailing issues. It might even help you overcome your fear of clowns and psychics.

I personally do about half an hour of the “Mindfulness of Breathing” meditation every morning after my Workout and Shower. And I do a session of Lifeflow a short while before going to Bed.

If you’re new to Meditation, Lifeflow is possibly the best way to go because all you have to do is plug in your headphones, press play and relax (without snoring or without thinking about bananas).

Then after about a month of doing it “right” (or reasonably right), you’ll start to feel a little lighter and freer (but without the risk of floating around).

It also helps to switch your diet to Raw Fruits, Raw Vegetables, Raw Greens, Nuts and Seeds. An ideally way to consume them (without lapsing into a coma out of shock) would be in the form smoothies and salads. When you switch over to the eating raw (fruits, veggies and greens not anyone or anything with a pulse), you’ll not only lose weight and feel amazing, but your body’s immune system will start working the way that it was meant to (possibly for the first time). On top of that your body would stop being susceptible to the “chemical fluctuations” that it would normally be subjected to if it were on processed and cooked foods.

Now, if the baggage you’re trying to get rid of has something to with a tragedy or a loss, then your best bet is to grab yourself a copy “Healing After Loss” by Martha Whitmore Hickman. And start the healing process from there.


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