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How to Stay Focused at Work: 7 Tips for Focusing Better

how to stay focused at work

When at work, just, WORRRRK!

1. Outsource everything that you can – Before you start doing anything, identify all the mission-critical tasks that require your thumbprint. Then outsource everything else to people who are reliable, competent and don’t have much of a life (outside of their work).

2. Work only on the most important and urgent items – Extract the 5 most important and urgent things that you need get done during the day (from your long 10,000 item to-do list). Then avoid even peaking at any of the others until that mini-list is done.

If there are more than 5 items that you consider to be “urgent”, then break the Top 5 items down to the 2 most urgent and the 3 most important ones. Often times, what’s important is never urgent. And what’s urgent isn’t all that important.

3. Keep just ONE item on your desk/desktop at any given time (aside from your Teddy Bear) – Circle the topmost task from your Top 5. And work on getting that done to absolute completion before even “thinking” about any of the others. Otherwise it can be like trying to listen to two (or more) people who are talking to you at the same time.

4. Switch off your phone(s) – Stack up your calls (much like what you would do with a multilayer sandwich) and munch through em all in one fell swoop. At the same time, be sure to give your loved ones a different number they can reach you on at any time. That way when you return home you stand far less of a chance of getting killed at the front gate by all your favorite people.

5. Keep your doors and windows closed – Leaving your door open just invites people who make a living by annoying other people. So, by shutting out the doors and the windows, you’re not only keeping out these “daytime vampires”, but you’re also preventing any ex-employing and ex-pets from sneaking back in.

You can minimize these uninvited interruptions even further by sticking a “Quarantined” sign outside your door. If you’re getting your work done on a PC (or a Mac), then it might also be worth logging out from all your instant massagers, notifies and cuckoo clocks too.

6. Have a water feature or some soft instrumental music (as opposed to hard rock or hip hop) playing in the background to prevent your thoughts from running around like a scurry of bewildered squirrels.

7. At the top of each hour, take a 5-minute break – Grab a glass of water, open the window and gulp down as much scenery, fresh air and water as you can. Then follow that up with 5-10 pushups and 5-10 squats so as to avoid your body or brain from freezing up in the middle of the day.

This little hourly routine will increase your productivity, your energy, your overall wellness and even perhaps your ability to communicate with Horses.

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