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Do You Always Dream? Here’s The 10-Step Process to Make Those Dreams a Reality.

Do You Always Dream

“Anything of significance that’s ever been built was once somebody’s dream” – Isuru Epa


If you feel deep down that you’re not living up to your fullest potential, then there’s a simple process that will allow you to tap into that untapped potential, whilst helping you to live large and live tall. And all without the need for very high heels.

Our Creator’s primary goal is the “preservation, wellbeing and growth” of the human race. Sure, he loves kittens, puppies and all other wildlife too. But his priority is “humanity” above all else. That’s why cats and dogs still have trouble talking, despite having watched countless educational videos online.

Now, if you have some way of helping your Creator’s goal (in whatever capacity), he’ll not only help you with that plan, but he’ll also send hordes of people to stuff your pockets with along the way. On top of that he’ll also start showering you with all kinds of supernatural favor, protection and lucky breaks so that you start enjoying life in a whole new way.

Every human being was created for a “purpose”. A huge majority unfortunately lose their way when “life” slaps them a few times across their face. But a few people don’t. They courageously climb those “slippery ladders” of success all the way to the top. And in doing so, they touch the lives of thousands (and maybe millions) people across the globe.

It’s these daredevils that our Creator enjoys helping the most. That doesn’t in any way imply that he doesn’t love ALL of us equally. But by helping those who are willing to help others more, he’s actually helping a whole lot more people.

Interestingly enough, all that is required of you to join these ranks of “high performers” is to find your true calling. And to commit to working your game plan (or the game plan your Creator gives you) until that “true calling” becomes your new identity. Your true calling is where your riches are, not just in terms of money, but in terms of “total fulfillment”. When you live in the “frequency” you’re meant to be living in, life becomes more of a hobby than a mere series of accidents, somersaults and headaches.

Now, if you haven’t yet found your calling, then the first thing you should do is forward that that request to “Supernatural HQ” so that they can look it up for you. You initiate this process by asking the “Universe” a simple question like: “How can I serve you more, so that I can live a more rewarding life?”

Once you have sent this question to the ether (i.e. Supernatural HQ), you may have to wait awhile, Due to weather conditions and traffic many replies take as much a few months to show up in the inbox of your mind. At other times, you’ll get a reply in as little as an hour (even if it’s an automated response).

For me, I had my answer already. But I decided to go in a whole other direction altogether because I was in need of the “cash”. Also, the idea of me becoming one of those “self-help guys” was a little beyond my comprehension at the time. Yet, after many years of zigzagging around, I finally came back to what I knew at the very beginning, except this time I was a different person with more hair, eyebrows, whiskers and teeth. Also thanks to our Amazing Creator, I also had a rough roadmap to prevent me going driving off road.

Your journey may consist of a few zigzags, road blocks and road bumps too. But in the end, your true calling will come and find you, just as long as you don’t turn off your phone or move to another planet.

So, how do you know if the reply you get is “genuinely” from your Creator and not from some Dude dressed in a Halloween costume?

That’s easy. If the message is from Supernatural HQ, it will be profound! And you’ll feel it flood through your system like a double shot Americano. In the rarest of occasions, you may even see the clouds open up, the second you “get the message”.

Now, all of what I’ve said here might sound “somewhat religious”. But it’s really not. In fact, you don’t need to be a member of any religion, cult, gang, rock band or book reading club to be eligible for all the good stuff life has to offer. The one thing you do need however is your “humanity” and tons and tons of it. We’re talking about the kind of “unwavering humanity” where you treat every man, woman, child and the occasional extraterrestrial you come across with love, kindness, gratitude and total compassion, even when they occasionally stomp your feelings or try to kill you with a menacing stare.

You can dial up your “connection with the Universe” even further by taking out a few minutes from each day to send up a few “words of praise” to your Creator. If you don’t believe in a Creator, you can send those praises to a whoever or whatever you deem to be “bigger than you” be it the Universe, the Sun or just good old “Science”.  As per what to be grateful for, you can thank him for all the difficult seasons he has helped you through, for the cozy home that you live in, for your arms and legs, for your sight and hearing, for the “clean” air that you breathe, for the clean water that you drink and for the great people he’s brought into your life (including your “partially annoying” spouse or wannabe). We can’t help but be helpful to people who take a second to say “thank you” to us. And if they say it like they mean it, we would be compelled to help them even more. Our Creator works in a similar way. He appreciates people who take time appreciate him.

Now, if you wanna really put that “supernatural favor” on overdrive and make yourself “entitled” to far more than you could ever fathom, then you’ll also need to start donating 10% off your net income every single month to a charity that helps other people in need. I’m not talking about people who just want your money (which may include most people you’ve ever met). I’m talking specifically about people in dire need who are unable to help themselves. My personal preference for this monthly contribution is “Orphanages”.

Okay. So, now that we have helped you set up a direct line to Supernatural HQ, let’s get to the brainstorming part.

The world of business revolves around 4 key ingredients. No, not salt, pepper, garlic and thyme. They are service, value, audience, and leverage. These ingredients also happen to be the recipe for wealth. A dash of cayenne pepper wouldn’t hurt either.

In fact, if you look at any enterprise that has been around since the age of the brontosauruses and any entrepreneur who has been in business for a while, you’ll notice nearly all of them incorporating heavy doses of these “special ingredients” in their day-to-day “business practices.

Obviously, when you start you may not have the “Leverage” factor in your favor right out of the gate, unless you have a trunkful of firearms in your car and sound like Al Pacino. But you can still do pretty well with just the other 3 ingredients for starters. Leverage only becomes a factor when you’re looking to turn your venture into an empire, and when you’re looking to transform that little sponge cake into a whopping 50 tier skyscraping cake with a whole lot of icing.


So, if you’re ready let’s dive in. And get the wheels in motion for your upcoming (non-evil) Business empire:

1. Build a clear vision in your mind (by expanding on the concepts that’re bouncing around your head)

2. Identify the resources you need to make your vision a reality

3. Find a good mentor to guide you through every step of the way

4. Devise a game plan with the help of your Mentor

5. Snip that game plan down to nibble sized tasks

6. Set milestones for each of those tasks

7. Associate miniature rewards with each milestone to keep you motivated

8. Outsource everything that you’re not too brilliant at to folk who would be brilliant at them (ideally at less than “brilliant rates” so that you don’t go broke in the process)

9. Pledge 10% of your net revenues to a worthwhile charity or cause (so that you automatically have the backing of the CEO and Founder of the Universe).

10. Get to work and look busy (even when you’re not)

In addition to building your finances, you may also need to invest in your relationships, health and spirituality ideally by grabbing a few self-help books, and by putting that knowledge into practice on a day-to-day basis. Otherwise, you could risk it all falling beneath your feet, right upon reaching the topmost floor.


You can find out more about our Creator’s simple (and non-religious) “scoring system” that will take every single aspect of your life to a whole new level by clicking here…or here.

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