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Permissive Indulgent Parenting: The Answer to Raising Confident and Happy Children

Permissive indulgent parenting

Kids learn best through mistakes and role models (the ones that don’t have double or quadruple standards)

But the one mistake we must refrain from doing at all times is going all Clint Eastwood on them. Yes, even when they’re all geared up in their miniature gunslinger outfits and are ready go.

Criticism, judgement and blame, especially in a Child’s formative years paints a negative image of themselves, often times stifling their growth potential. It could even lead to them developing hairy ears and horns at some point.

The home they live in should always be a dynamite-free, safe haven that they can walk into without it feeling like they’re walking into entering a Courtroom (or a minefield).

If a child receives the warmth and the unconditional love of two biological parents he/she would never seek to fill that space through drugs, cigarettes, alcohol or even a truckload full of glazed doughnuts. That’s provided you keep your beaks clean of that stuff too.

Top this “remedy” off with a bone crushing hug every day and you would also not have to worry about parenting a bunch of teen moms and teen dads in your household any time soon.

Unconditional love also means forgiving and letting go of all the little stuff, including that $20,000 clock they “accidentally” smashed to smithereens as well as any kittens that they may have catnapped along the way.

However, anything they don’t fess up to and have a blast doing, you’ll need to “remedy” through the use of “corrective measures” for the sake of entire human population.

The “corrective measures” I’m referring to are not medieval torture techniques or waterboarding. Instead you’re gonna hit them right where it hurts the most. Yep. I am talking about their treasure trove of Video games, Toys and TV Shows.

So, the next time you spot them doing something that can potentially brand them as a 2-foot tall wanted criminal, try taking away one of their favorite games for a week or a month (depending on the crime). Or inflict some “serious pain” by temporarily taking away one or more of their favorite TV shows or toys.

However, you should always need to make the punishment fit the crime. If you get “emotional” about the process, you could mess the Kid up for life. And even condemn him to a life of crime.

When a player does something wrong in a sports arena, the referee or umpire isn’t gonna start blowing the whistle till they turn red. Instead, they get penalized for the misdoing with no emotional attachment to the deed whatsoever.  And that’s kind of “cool parent” you should be too.

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