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No Motivation? Then This Will Get Your Engines Purring

No motivation

Be your own Cheerleader!

Never say anything discouraging about yourself or about another person, to them, to their pets or even to yourself.

Words have power. You might not be able to knock someone down flat with a few words. But they sure do have a long-term bearing on your wellbeing, your finances, your health and even the wellbeing of the people around you (at home, not the people around you at the café).

In fact, every word you speak and every deed you do travels up to the ether (i.e. Supernatural HQ) in the form of “vapor”. And given enough time they form into clouds and come back down in the form of “lucky breaks”, “favorable circumstances” and “favorable coincidences”. Or they may show up in our backyards in the form of thunder, lightning, hailstorms and “bad luck”.

Supernatural HQ doesn’t care about what your religious affiliation is, or even whether or not you believe in a higher power, much like “gravity” not caring about who’s about hit the road flat on their face. The simple rule is: if you put “good stuff” out into the world in the form of good words and deeds, good stuff will eventually start coming back to you, provided you don’t follow up each good deed you do with two bad ones to cancel them off. But it does take time. And whole lot of frigging time. If the “system” wasn’t designed like that, everyone would get into the habit of fooling the system into giving them what they want. Then they would cheerfully return to their “serial killer lifestyles” the following day.

Most people nowadays have given into the newfangled notion of believing that “it doesn’t matter what you do or say”, and that “bad things always happen to good people”. And as a result, they have stitched themselves into a cycle of pins, needles and tripwires. But the truth is: it does matter. And the “Universe” does keep score. In fact, I’m living proof of that, because I live my days with ZERO religious affiliation. And yet, I hardly go a single day without experiencing our Creator’s presence in some significant way. That’s because despite all the dumb things I have said and done over the years, my moral compass has never run out of batteries. And even when I had the “opportunity” to take advantage of people, I never did (doggone it!).

Oh, I do have to add that I also make a charity donation every month to an orphanage, which amounts to more than 10% off my net income every single month. On top of that, I also take around 30 minutes a day to say “thank you” to my Creator for all the great things and the not so great he’s done in my life. I even thank him for the clean air that I breathe, the water that I drink. And for all the great people and resources he’s lined up for my future.

In essence, what we do and say does matter every second of every day (both indoors and out). I wouldn’t worry too much about the thoughts part too much though. I get the urge to kick the asses of dozens of people almost every day. I even close my eyes from time to time to visualize “strangling” the last person that pissed me off.  But that’s about where I leave it.  I’m careful to never to let any of those icky thoughts ferment into words or deeds (even if it means having to gulp down hundreds of vicious thoughts throughout the day).

So, get into the habit of seeing yourself as the person you are meant to be: a magnificent and exceptional human being who deserves nothing but the best life has to offer. And stop seeing yourself for who you were 2 days ago (or even maybe 2 hours ago). For every chapter in your past, the price has already been paid (in a good way or in an excruciatingly painful way).  But if you discount that, and continue driving forward with your eyes glued to the rearview mirror, you could end up driving straight into …more bad news. Or a very angry traffic cop with a boxful of tickets.

The new chapter of your life should start with a fresh slate with you writing down what and who you would like to see yourself as. You should write that down in the form of affirmations and stick them on your bathroom mirror, so that your own words can start shaping you and molding you into that brand spanking new person. By the way, if you’re way too tall for any mirror, then you may wanna consider sticking them affirmations across your forehead or your forearms. Or consider tattooing them into each finger in small letters.

So, when you’re not feeling well, instead of saying “oh! this illness is gonna turn me into a troll”, say “I am well”;

When you see yourself not doing well at something, instead of blurting out every cuss word ever invented, say “I’m able! And just as I was able to figure out how to walk, I’ll figure this out too.”

And when you notice the “guilts of the past” trying to shake you like a polaroid picture, say to yourself “I’m NOT that person anymore. I’m blessed. I am renewed. And I’m guided”.

I have a whole lot of “pattern interrupts” built into my vocabulary to prevent me from going down every rabbit hole that I come across (or paint in my mind). For instance, whenever I make a mistake I say to myself “Whoops! I did it. But I won’t do it again”. If I do it again, I say something like “Whoops! I did it again. But that means I’ll probably never do it again”. When I do the same dumb thing more than twice I say to myself “I’m a working progress! Besides I’m so much better than I was 10 years ago”. And given enough time and repetition, I eventually break through. If I let disappoint, regret, fear or anger sit on my head like a bigass elephant, I would probably be stuck there forever.

I applied the same principles of positive affirmations and positive thinking when I was broke and had less than 30 bucks a month for food. And when I had a severe case of eczema and looked like I spent a weekend in a beehive. And when I had an agonizing phase of stomach ulcers and spend a good part of the day inventing what I like to call unorthodox dance moves. To a professional it just looked like I was wiggling from side to side.

To get you going with your own list of affirmations, let me share some of mine with you.


Here we go:

“I am Strong!”
“I am healthy!”
“I am Trim and Fit”
“I am Anointed”
“I am Protected!”
“I am Resilient!”
“I am Agile!”
“I am Youthful!”
“I am Loved!”
“I am Appreciated!”
“I am Talented!”
“I am Blessed!”
“I am Guided!”
“I am highly Favored!”
“I am Gorgeous!”
“I am a Finisher!”
“I have a great personality!
“I am a True Child of God!”
“I have ALL the resources I need!”

Feel free to use the same or add your own. Or come up something better and cooler for yourself. However, don’t delay as ideas have a tendency to melt away like Ice Creams on a hot summer’s day. And what we postpone for another day, rarely gets done.

If you start this ritual tomorrow and do it twice every day, you’ll start feeling more positive in as little as 30 days. And you’ll start seeing good things in other people that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. You’ll also start seeing the world in a different light (not just 50 shades of blue, pink or gray). If that’s not good enough, you’ll also start feeling invigorated and uplifted. Now, I am not saying that you’re gonna start floating around or anything. But you’ll feel “emotionally uplifted”. And given enough time, the quality of your life will also start improving dramatically.


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