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Removing Limiting Beliefs: To Change One’s Limiting Beliefs Is to Change One’s Life

Removing limiting beliefs

Do you feel weighed down by Circumstances?

Most of us settle for mediocrity because we believe that we’re either too old, too young, too tall, too short, too hairy or too hairless to have what it takes to start our own Business or venture into our Rock Star, Rap Star or shiny new Vampire careers.

But the foundation of all good things is DESIRE.

Desire can be in the form of a trade you fell in love with somewhere along the way or it can be fueled by the longing to right a wrong so that future generations won’t continue paying the same price as they had done before.

Sure. It’s gonna a take a little more than a desire to make it happen.

You’re also gonna need the right people in your corner, enough reasons to keep your toes wiggling with enthusiasm, access to a Coach whose been there and done that, a proper game plan, the right tools, some funding and an uninterrupted supply of carrot juice to get you there.

But if you have a burning desire, that doesn’t seem to be going away no matter how many ice packs you put on your head, then it’s put there by your almighty Creator, which means when you start taking steps of faith to make it happen, the Universe will open up to you and start helping you along your journey, even when you don’t ask for the help. And no, you don’t need a religion to be showered with these Supernatural blessings.

But you do need to commit 10% of your net income each month, to a cause that helps people who genuinely cannot help themselves. And you need to start “playing nice” with everyone you meet, especially when being nice is the furthest thought in your mind.

I like to refer to call this 10% as “God’s taxes” or the “Universe’s taxes” if you prefer. Much like the Government not caring about your Race, Religion, Color or how many teeth you have as long as you pay your taxes on time, neither does the CEO of the Universe.

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