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The Golden Rules of Life vs The Platinum Rule (Created by Dr Tony Alessandra)

Golden Rules of Life

Wouldn’t life be so much sweeter if we all treated others the way they liked to be treated?

It may be a “golden starting point” to treat others the way you like to be treated. That would no doubt work for a while, given that fundamentally all humans want to be happy, desired, appreciated and not killed for saying the wrong thing.

But these “general commonalities” can only get us so far, before we eventually hit a brick wall. Or the roof just decides to fall on our heads.  That’s because most relationships (whether they are professional, personal or extremely personal) are all built on the “premise” that they’re alike. But beyond the horizons of these “commonalities” lies a world that is full of “total confusion”, “chaos” and a whole lot of hairballs.

That’s why nearly 50% of all couples (in many parts of the World) get divorced within the first 4 years of their marriage. It’s like a great TV show that runs for 3 seasons with good ratings. And hobbles through on one foot for a forth. But the second the inevitable cancellation rears its ugly head, the only thing these two love birds are interested in is a “fair settlement”.

What happened? It’s simple. They were both playing 2 different (but slightly similar) sports, like Netball and Basketball. But due to the deceiving similarities, they both wrongly assumed they were both “on the same page”.

Obviously in any sport, if the opponent’s scorecard reads a big whopping zero at the end of the game (or at the end of a whole year), then you know something’s wrong. And that’s exactly what was happening at both ends. The Netball scorecard read a million to nothing on one end. And the basketball scorecard read something similar…in favor of the person who was going by the “basketball rulebook”. But since neither of them bothered to look at the “scores” objectively, neither of them realized what was happening.

Fast-forward that “million to nothing” scorecard a few years and you have yourself two people who are covered with all kinds of stab wounds to prove the dissatisfaction of their relationship or marriage. They both cared. And they were BOTH scoring points like crazy. But since they were both playing different sports (without ever realizing it), they both lost.

Romantic relationships aren’t the only place where these “differences” come into play. In fact, if you were to travel to the opposite side of your own Country, and spend a “good amount of time” there, you too will start noticing a whole lot of “strange things” about them. The differences become even more obvious if you were to travel to a faraway country where the people are almost different to the point of being extraterrestrial. How different you ask. Well, in some cultures nodding your head would be implied as a “No”, an okay sign would get you slapped, and a “thumbs up” could potentially be greeted with a hail of gunfire. And that’s all before you even said a word.

So, the next time you’re looking to get acquainted with someone different (be it someone who dresses different, talks different, looks different, walks different, smells different or just someone with less facial hair), do your homework first. There’re a ton of self-help books and YouTube videos out there to help you with the preparation part.

But don’t leave it to chance or luck, as that’s no different to going for a nice relaxing swim in a lake full of Piranhas with a sign on your back that says “bite me”.

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