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A plan of action for the sweeter life

plan of action

Rewards are always in favor of the people who go the extra mile…

Too many people hope to get by with the least amount of effort possible. Or they prefer to look busy while others do their work. Then when they don’t get a payoff for doing nothing, they assume that all the privileges are reserved for the lucky few.

If you’re working for someone else right now, then the only way to get noticed in a good way is to get into the habit of showing up early for work, working late, for getting the work done accurately and quickly, for doing more than what you get paid for, for being one of the friendliest and most helpful people around, for dressing like a “true professional”, for taking fewer breaks and shorter lunchbreaks, and for showing up to work in something other than your pajamas.

On the flipside, you don’t wanna get noticed for emptying out the cash drawer into your backpack at the end of the day, for hanging around with members of the “employee complaints club” and for setting the building on fire a couple of times a year.

This work ethic not only consolidates and cements your position with the company, and put you in a preferential position over the 90% who prefer to sleepwalk throughout their workdays, but it also makes you a frontrunner for any upcoming promotions.

And in the unlikely event you don’t get promoted (perhaps due to a really bad haircut), you can still use what you had learned to land a better position somewhere else. Or better yet, pack up your newly formed work ethic and go to work for the person who brushes your teeth every morning and night. Yes, that would be you.

People get rewarded for their input, wherever they go, be it in their work, their relationships or their health. But the idea is to give what your employer or your spouse/partner what they want, not what feels right for you. And to treat your body in the way that it prefers to be treated if you still want it to hang around years down the line. If they were to wait for these things to just fall into place, all you’ll be left with is a 10-foot-tall stack of medical bills, divorce papers and overdue bills.

Living by this “rule of excellence” (of doing more and giving more) doesn’t just give you a better quality of life everywhere you go, but it’s also what puts you on our Creator’s radar. Most people never get anything more than their daily sandwich and water bottle from our Creator, because their input, contribution and dedication is limited. And they’re prone to compromise particularly in bad weather.

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