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Best Exercise to Lose Weight + A Permanent Weight Loss Solution (For Real)

Best exercise to lose weight

Nothing good ever comes out of keeping Junk Food around the house.

Most people have the definition of Junk Food all wrong. They diet on Candy, Soda, Steak, Pizza and Doughnuts in reduced quantities. But that’s not much different to cutting down the number Piranhas your keep in your swimming pool. If you sit still long enough, they’ll still eat you…even if it’s at a slower pace.

Junk Food is basically anything that’s NOT a fresh produce. The fresh produces I am talking about are fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, seeds, milk, and eggs. If it’s different (even in the slightest) to way Mama and Papa Nature has given them to us, then it would pretty much qualify as a guaranteed “body inflator” (i.e. junk food).

Now let’s talks about the “no meat” policy.

Humans unlike the “true carnivores” of the jungle, don’t have vampire fangs and the retractable claws, which not only makes it almost impossible for us to hunt anything bigger than a squirrel with our bare hands. But it also makes it near enough impossible to consume, the way they were “designed” to be consumed (i.e. raw). You might not have much trouble if you’re one of those Aliens that starred in the 2009 TV series “V”. Otherwise, it would probably not be a pretty sight. To put it bluntly, we were designed to be herbivores. And if some Dude didn’t burn down a whole forest and in doing so discover “fire”, we would all be too.

It might also be worth mentioning that “red meat” is now considered the leading cause of cancer. And if Red Meat is potentially lethal to us, I highly doubt that the remaining shades of red (particularly the lighter shades) are “completely innocent” either. I mean, it’s not like the Chickens, Turkeys and Ducks all came here one night on a Spaceship, while we were all fast asleep. In fact, they have a similar biology as their bigger boned and bigger assed friends (along with closely matching DNA profiles).

So, if you wanna melt away those weight worries right off your waist, the solution is to: eat clean and eat raw whenever can you can. Obviously, it will take time because this isn’t one of those “fad diets” that helps you lose everything except the bones within a matter of weeks. Nonetheless you will see a dramatic difference in as little as 6 months.

As per the what to eat, I personally have around 3 salads and 3 smoothies every day 2-3 hours. My salads consist mainly of “finely chopped/grated” vegs (even though I keep call them “salads”). And a drizzle of coconut oil to give those “light meals” some “volume”. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about your tummy grumbling and growling about them throughout the day.

You could also use other healthy oils such as Virgin Olive oil, Sesame oil, or Rapeseed oil in place of the Coconut oil if you prefer. I choose Coconut oil because it’s health benefits slightly outweigh the rest IMO. Alternatively, you could just add a little bit of everything for good measure.

Feel free to throw in a couple of eggs in there too if you prefer. And season it with some all-natural spices and Himalayan salts to keep your “taste buds” from going bananas. Just as importantly, make the plate as colorful as possible so that you pretty much cover a whole range of “nutrients” in one go. I aim for around 10 different types of vegetables and greens a day, so that I know the chances of a “bug” getting into my system is slim to none.

As per the smoothies, grab yourself a NutriNinja or a Vitamix blender and try whipping up some of the delicious (but 100% raw) recipes that you find on their website.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. On top of everything mentioned here, also start drinking a minimum of one glass of water every hour. This might sound and feel like some kind of medieval torture technique. But in my personal experience, it’s by far the greatest weight loss tool ever invented (by you know who). It’s also a great way to double your “health factor” in an instant. That’s why if you go to a Doctor and tell them that you’re dying, the first question they normally ask is “Did you try having some of water?”.

I eat clean and healthy for 6 full days a week. And on the 7th day I take a walk on the wild side and eat whatever, whenever and wherever. But I still stick to that one glass of water per hour ritual, because it’s that important.

Last but not least, get into the habit of working out 5-6 times (or preferably every day) of the week. It can be just a 30-60-minute walk to start out with. But once your body starts to feel like it actually belongs to you, you might wanna pick up the pace a little. And then jump over to something more fun and exciting like P90X3 (which is what I’m doing right now).

I also squeeze in a couple of sessions Bullworker sessions into my workout regimen. The Bullworker serves as a great substitute for weights. And it also minimizes your chances of getting squashed to death by an unforgiving barbell.

Exercise is a surefire way of keeping your bones from coming undone like autumn leaves, usually around the time you start running out of space for birthday candles. It also keeps you fit, strong, healthy, sickeningly youthful, and looking mighty fine all the way to your 111th birthday.

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