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Is Second Hand Smoke Worse Than First Hand Smoke?

Is second hand smoke worse than first hand smoke

Looking for an easy way to lighten your lifespan? Or a lighter way to lengthen your problem-span?

Most people who take up smoking already know that an early death comes as part of the package deal. In fact, they would’ve probably read the statistic about 6 million people dying as a result of the habit every year a dozen times over, just as they were busy lighting up another one. But, what they may not know is that 1 out 11 of those who die (which account for around 450,000), are innocent bystanders. And disappointingly, they’re not our enemies or people we randomly hate for no apparent reason. They’re our loved ones.

So, the question is would still continue smoking:
1. If you knew that your cigarettes had a 10% chance of killing your loved ones?
2. If you knew that smoking even two walls apart didn’t make much of a difference as 90% of all smoke is invisible?
3. If you knew that your Children could potentially pick up the habit one day (since Kids generally become carbon copies of their Parents)?

I highly doubt anyone would if they really knew the facts.

But if you’re feeling trapped and feel like there’s no way out, I promise you that you’re not.
The way to quit smoking is to have a burning desire to quit and then…just quit altogether.

Yes. The withdrawal pains will kick in eventually and you’ll feel like your whole World is spinning around in circles. But that pain will subside and that “lethal drug” called nicotine will eventually get completely FLUSHED out of your system.

However, there is something that will help make the process somewhat “yummier” and more rewarding called “quit tea”. You should be able to get them off the Web or through
But if you want even more incentives to boost your willpower in quitting the habit, then try reading Alan Carr’s “Easy way to quit smoking”. It’s helped millions of people to quit the habit already.

You’re NOT a smoker! You don’t need a crutch to get through the day! You are STRONG!
Don’t lose your loved ones, your teeth, your hair, your immune system, your nails, your ability to taste food, your sleep, your legs (to a possible amputation), your ability to reproduce and every little thing that makes life worthwhile, to one bad decision you made months or years ago.

Give yourself a chance. Give your FAMILY the gift of life. And set yourself free!

PS: If you need more motivation, look at your child, then close your eyes and imagine in vivid detail what it would be like to carry your own child to their grave, if you don’t find the strength to quit now. Then run this “recording in your mind” over and over again (particularly when you get the “urge” to light up) until you snap out of your nightmare!  

Decide now, who do you want to keep alive the most? Your loved ones? Or your habit?

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