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“I Hate My Career! And I Hate My New Job!” Here’s The Remedy

I Hate My Career

Do what you love and you’ll pave a path to your own treasure trove. Do what you hate and you’ll most likely end up becoming someone else’s bait.

Does work feel like hanging out with a bunch of Alligators during feeding time? If so, you should bail out and bail out quickly as working at a job that you don’t like is not only a waste of your time and your Employer’s time, but it’s also now proven to be a serious health hazard.

It’s not just a health hazard to yourself. You can also become a serious health hazard to anyone that you’re planning on killing during the course of your employment (especially on those full-moon days).

The Getaway Vehicle

Now, if you’re just stuck at the job because you don’t know where to go from here, start by looking at what the people you admire the most in your life are doing (excluding serial killers, well-known Bank Robbers, and the likes). Then find someone whose been there and done and is willing to show you the ropes to guide you there.

Oh… and take a flashlight with you (just in case).

PS:  It might not be such a bad idea to hang to your job in the meantime, so that you can utilize those earning to “fund the building your empire” (or at the least fund the “stationary” for that empire).

And while you’re waiting for your business to take off into the clouds, be grateful for the fact that you at least have a job, as millions of our brothers and sisters out there are struggling month after month to find some way of entering the workforce.


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