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Over Ambitious? Then This Game Plan Will Set Your Ambitions on Fire.

Over ambitious

Be a Player! Not a Spectator!

Most people fall into the “spectator trap” of watching their favorite sports and TV shows from the “Spectator Stand” (so to speak). Nothing wrong with a “little” entertainment. But when we make them integral components of our daily lives, we lose track of what’s truly important to us and end up spending much of it, funding the lifestyles of the little people that live inside our TVs.

So, make a commitment today to break free from your eye candy bondage, starting with the News (aka self-inflicted shock therapy).

Then, aim to cut down a further 30 minutes of TV and unproductive time (which may include internet browsing, video gaming, random cussing, thumb twiddling, staring at walls etc.) until you’re down to around 1 hour of “eye candy” per day.

Once you have “reasonably unglued” yourself from the Sports Arena, the TV and other devices that have hypnotic powers, invest that “extra time” into things that advance different aspects of your life and career.  One of the fastest paths to growth is self-help. It might not be as fast as skiing down a slope at top speed. But it’s definitely faster and more effective than having to figure it all out on your own. And much safer than asking friends and family for “advice”.

Start by addressing what’s most important and urgent first. Then expand to further improve your relationships, your spirituality, your finances, your health, your teeth and your affinity towards pets (unless you absolutely hate animals, in which case that doesn’t apply).

Now what if your relationships, your health, your spirituality and all of the other stuff is hunky-dory? Then you need this self-help crap (I mean…self-help stuff) even more. A majority of the relationships fail not because they don’t care. They fail because they assume that “everything is okay or more than okay”. In fact, most people don’t even know that something’s wrong until their “other half” runs into a taxi and waves goodbye. Or until they get introduced to a pride of very hungry Lions. It’s also just as “interesting” to see that a whole bunch of people who end up having to spend their retirements (or their early retirements) in hospital are also the ones who never thought “it would happen to them”.

So, set aside an hour each day solely for the purposes of “self-development”. Allot one day for the improvement of your “relationships”, another to enlighten yourself on “health” and “fitness”, another to improve your “spirituality”, another to improve your “financial situation” (unless you’re currently in the Forbes Wealthiest list) and another to improve your “baby talk” linguistic skills etc. Just as important as “learning the knowledge and skills” is practicing “some” of what you had learnt. Otherwise your life only be “theoretically” better than before.

Just as importantly, get into the habit of spending the whole darn weekend or at least one day a week with your amazing family. If you don’t some fine-looking stranger will volunteer to take care of them for you (completely free of charge).


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