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Tired After Workout? Not After You Try This…

Tired after workout

Make exercise fun by keeping it light and easy. But don’t make it too easy as you wouldn’t be able to experience any kind of growth otherwise. Also, it is the “exertion” that helps flush out the toxins, the candy, the stress, and any violent and murderous thoughts that you may have accumulated from the previous day.

But if you’re genuinely feeling “worn out” or constantly feel like you just bumped into a bigass Elephant, then your main culprit could be what you eat and drink.

When you have the “right kind of fuel” running in your veins (which isn’t alcohol by the way), you’ll be able to breeze through your workouts like nobody’s business. Obviously, it doesn’t happen overnight as growth happens “slowly” and gradually (just as does with children and squirrels). We would be in for a real shocker if our Kids just decided to grow 2 feet overnight.

Now, the best kind of fuel for your body are Water and Raw Foods (specifically Fruits, Vegetables, and Greens). You can also throw in some Nuts and Seeds, in there too for the extra protein and to help keep those hunger pangs sedated. A few eggs might not kill you either.

I have these in the form of smoothies and egg salads (that’s 3 egg salads and 2-3 smoothies a day) for 6 days a week. I also drink a glass of water every hour to ensure that everything on the inside “works flawlessly”.

On the 7th day however, I’m like a Gremlin that breaks all the rules. Then when the clock strikes midnight on that day, I regain my sanity and get back to my “health regimen”.

As per exercise, I do P90X3 for 4 days a week and on the other 3 days, I use a nifty little all in one “gym on a stick” called the Bullworker. It’s old school but it’s super effective.

To build up my “stamina” I use a breathing gadget much like a diver’s breathing tube (without the tube or the goggles) called expand-a-lung. It doesn’t really “expand your lungs” per say so that you end up with a very puffed up chest. But it does help “increase your lung capacity” so that you can go longer and faster (in just about anything), provided you keep breathing. I use this for about 30 minutes a day whilst watching a seminar on line.

Lastly, we have “meditation”. That might not sound very “energizing” or even “rejuvenating”. In fact, it sounds like a great way to fall asleep (whilst looking like you’re doing something important). But it is by far one of best “energy boosters” out there. In fact, a good 30-45 minute “Lifeflow session” or a guided meditation like the “Mindfulness of breathing” could help clear out much of the “psychological factors” that’s hindering your performance. When your mind is “light”, your body won’t feel like it’s being “weighed down” by a ton of thoughts.

Jam all of the above into one big whopper of a daily regimen, and stay faithful to the process (as best as you can). Then just 6 months down the line, you’ll have a hard time recognizing who you are in the mirror (in a good way).


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