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How to Go from “I Hate Teaching!” to “I Love Teaching”

I Hate Teaching

Are you yawning your way to the finish line? Or are you loving every second of it?

Education is usually about as exciting as staring at your pinky all day long. And then coming back the next day and doing it all over again.

But should it really be like that?

Why not sprinkle that boring (yawn) lesson with a few giggles, a dash of bubbliness and maybe a couple of LOLs?

You’ll not only start “enjoying” the teaching process a whole lot more. But you’ll also be saving the lives of many “innocent students” who could otherwise die in the classroom… out of total boredom.

Also, since humor is scientifically proven (by a couple of very unfunny dudes in white coats) to increase memory retention, your students might “actually learn” something in the process too.


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