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4 Morning Motivation Methods To Set You Up For the Day

HMorning Motivation

Start the day off right by:

1. Listening to a motivational speech or seminar that tickles you right down to your very core. A solid power seminar should leave you feeling amped up enough to wrestle an Alligator blindfolded. Just so there’s no confusion, you’re not blindfolding the Alligator.

My Top 5 motivational guys (that I personally believe to be hundreds of times hotter than Tabasco sauce) are Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn.

Another great source that I absolutely love are the “Smoothe mixx” jams by Roy Smoothe. You could do a search on Amazon for “Smoothe mixx” to check out their titles (and samples).


2. Follow that up with 3 pints of water to help digest those power seminars. But sip it down slowly so that you don’t look or feel like a fish bowl afterwards.

Most folks treat water like a rare mineral that should be consumed “sparingly”. But it should really be the other way around.


3. Once you’re fully hydrated, treat yourself to an awesome breakfast smoothie made up of all fresh (and raw) ingredients But, be sure to leave out all of that canned and package stuff, along with anything that’s laced with cocaine.

If you don’t know where to start, you can grab some great recipes from the Vitamix official website You may also need one of their badass blenders too (or a NutriNinja blender) unless you have the uncanny ability to crush fruits and vegs with your bare hands.

Raw food is real food. It’s the stuff that gets “teleported” to our cozy planet every morning straight from Mama and Papa Nature’s secret laboratory (up in the clouds somewhere). In fact, I strongly believe that if you try a 100% raw fruit and veg lifestyle for at least 10 solid days, you’ll never ever go back. That would be like asking Dracula if he would like to go back to his coffin after “waking up”.


4. Top off that nutrition with a 30-60-minute workout. So, now that you’ve put fed your mind and body with the rocket fuel that it needs, it’s time to get that engine “revved up” and ready to go.

Just like with a space shuttle, you need that initial thrust to help you reach a certain velocity. After that you can take ride that momentum (like a wave) all the way to the moon, the stars, the bank or if you prefer… your grandma’s place.

If, however you fail to reach that velocity, you run the risk of “floating back down” like a parachute, to a state of “total lethargy” within hours of taking off.

If you think you’re doing just fine without a morning working workout, then just wait and see what happens to your productivity, your health, your looks, your strength, your stamina, your IQ and your knitting skills after you add a workout to your daily routine.

Now, if you’re just starting out or you’re someone who hasn’t seen any daylight in 10 years, then your best bet is to start out with something simple like a 10-15-minute snail-paced walk around the block. Once you’re comfortable with those, you can start increasing the duration of those walks gradually until you hit the 30 or 60-minute per day mark. Finally, you would work on “increasing the speeds” of those walks, until you reach the point of feeling like you’re flying through from start to finish (without your feet ever touching the ground).

Once you have graduated to that level, you can put on your big boy/big girl pants and switchover to doing a real and ridiculously fun workout like P90X3.


5. Finish up your “morning power up session” with a hot/warm bath (or a freezing cold one if you’re a penguin), followed up with 15-30 minutes of meditation.

I started out with hot baths. I have now toned it down to warm baths and showers. As per the meditation, I normally do a session of the mindfulness of breathing meditation in the morning and a session of Lifeflow in the evening.

This morning routine is super important because our mind is about as hungry as our tummies in the morning (particularly around the time we wake up). And if we were to leave either of those untrustworthy dudes to their own devices, they’ll most likely grab the unhealthiest thing they could find in the house.  Then they’ll go out, rob a couple of banks and top off their “preexisting unhealthiness” with something even worse.

By fueling your mind and body the right way, right out of the gate, you pretty much set yourself up for a great day ahead. That’s provided you have something more important planned out for the day, than watching TV or staring out the window.

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