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[Management and Leadership] 8 Values of a Leader

Management and Leadership

Would you feel comfortable working with a Boss who has a big red question mark tattooed across his/her forehead?

Now, would you feel any better if that Boss turned out to be you?

The success of your Business Venture (or any “ethical” operation) is primarily dependent on the kind of Leadership skills you bring to the table.

If you’re the kind of Boss who shows up to work in your Pajamas with a toothbrush sticking out of your mouth, rarely get things done on time, yawns profusely half the time, tells customers to call back afterhours and greets everyone with a frown, then you’re most likely be surrounded by an elite workforce of yawners, whiners and snoozers.

But if you’re a Leader with impeccably high standards who shows up for work hours before anyone else, greets people with a smile so bright that it’s almost blinding, dresses better than most Bosses in your entire Continent and brings along a ridiculously awesome game plan to the table every day, then you most likely have a team of sales superstars and superheroes working with/for you instead.

So, what must a leader bring to the table (aside from a big box of donuts)?

A Leader must:

1. Be able to lead by example

2. Have a series of Business objectives for the organization, for the departments, for the individuals and for themselves. And these objectives would need to backed with realistic deadlines.

3. Have the ability to identify the right people to work with.

4. Have a Marketing strategy that will enable them to reel in more customers.

5. Be able to take the helm and steer the ship to safety if things ever get out of hand.

6. Be able to come up with innovative ideas and solutions

7. Be able to differentiate a Dolphin from a Porpoise at the blink of an eye

8. Be a good manager of activities and resources

And what if you’re not the Boss?

You don’t need to have your own Clowder of Super Cute Kittens to call yourself a leader. Leadership is an inside job that starts out like a sticky dough that becomes nice and puffy with time (provided you add the right ingredients and sprinkle in a magical dose of Baking Soda to it).

And by instilling these traits within yourself (except for the “pushing people around” part), you’ll also be seen as a leader by people around you as well as well as your Boss. And that paves a path for you to get promoted to a position of leadership too (provided you also do more, learn more, be more and whine less).

Leadership isn’t something that’s limited to just your workplace. You can throw some of that good stuff into a Beach Bag and take it home with you as well.

But at home, the only kind of leadership that works every time, is leadership by example. That’s why many of us talk, walk and sleepwalk like our Parents; smile and growl about as much as our Parents and go through about as many breakups and shakeups as our Parents do.

Sure. You can “flush out” all that icky stuff and replace them with your very own version of awesomeness on a later (and sunnier) day using “self-help”.

But that’s a conversation for another day.

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