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How Many Habits Have You Crossed Off Your List of Bad Habits This Year?

List of Bad Habits

Habits are often times more stubborn than Hobbits

Whilst it might not be as easy to get your Dog into the habit of using a spoon or a Pair of Chopsticks, us two-legged upright walking folks have the distinct advantage of making or breaking any habit in as little as 28 consecutive days.

But for those bigger Gremlins, it might be easier and significantly less nightmarish
to use the more nibble-friendly approach that I often refer to as “Kaizen Fusion”.

For example, if your ultimate goal is to look Fabulously Fit and Frightfully Sexy, then you’ll need to adopt a daily exercise routine into your regiment and also switch much of what you eat every day to fresh products such as Fresh Fruits, Veggies, Greens, Eggs, Nuts, Seeds, and Milk.
But restocking your entire refrigerator with a whole bunch of Rabbit Food whilst starting a strenuous bone crushing workout regiment alongside to accomplish this, can pretty much be the equivalent of booking a front row seat for the next iMax 3D Horror Movie.

The Kaizen Fusion approach is different as it’s it’s designed to work in harmony with the way our Minds and Bodies have been engineered to work. It’s based on slow weekly progression cycles aimed at improving two or more related aspects simultaneously. And the composite effort of these different Kaizen elements working in harmony over time is what creates the fusion that ultimately leads to achieving the desired goal. Think of it like turning up a dimmer switch slowly whereby you have total control of how slow or fast you wanna progress. And in the real World, it’s usually the slower starters that finish the strongest (much like in a Marathon).

So instead of tossing out all the Cheesecakes, Ice Creams, Cookies, Pizzas, Sausages and other similar friendly looking fiends out the back door, we would use the weekly transition approach mentioned earlier and replace just one small portion of one junk food each week with something healthy until we’re completely disconnected from the Dark Side.

We use a similar approach in the adapting of a regular workout routine.
So instead of starting out by running a Marathon in the middle of the Sahara, we would start out with an easy breezy 10-minute slow walk around the block and progressively increase the duration of those walks in 1-5 minute increments over the coming weeks until we eventually hit the 30-minute mark. And then we would then start increasing the pace gradually by walking a little further inside those 30-minute allotments. And finally when our legs start feeling brave enough to outrun a totally famished Cheetah, we would jump onto something a little more fun, intense and “100% ligament friendly” workout program like P90X3.

The Kaizen Fusion approach works every time if you do. And unlike the typical “go hard, go fast and go nuts” approach to Personal and Professional Development that leaves you looking around on the floor for your eyes, ears and nose afterward, it’s almost effortless.

So, use it to make and break habits in every area of your life and start sculpting a newer, better, sleeker, slender, healthier, happier and irresistible version of you.

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