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Being stuck in Kindergarten forever is no fun.

Therefore, Advanced Education plays a Vital and important role in our journey of progression.

But, the questions to ponder; before jumping in that boat and paddling like crazy; are:
“Is it worth it every penny?”,

“Did I opt for the College route because that’s what I was called here to do? OR Was I nudged, pushed, shoved or tossed into it through some form of external influence, such as Family, Friends, a flock of Cats or a Social Trend?”

And most importantly “Will this College Degree make my ass look big?”

If you dream about operating on people while you sleep and whilst in the shower and you love the feeling of walking around in a Lab Coat, a Baseball Cap, and a Stethoscope, then perhaps being a Doctor or a Surgeon is what you have been called here to do. And therefore, it’s something you should pursue at all costs. Besides, when your Creator installs a Program in your Hard Drive, it usually comes with free updates and support for as long as you pursue that dream.

But, if we’re just getting sold into the “Get a good education and get a good job” rant, then it’s most likely going to lead to loads of frustration, unhappiness and possibly a life full of regrets.

So, what are your options?

Advanced Education doesn’t necessary have to lead to Formal Education.
It can also lead to “Self Education”.

The Self-Education route is what Bill Gates and Steve Jobs ultimately took.

Yes, they did go down the Formal Education route at first. But when they found their true calling, they switched Lanes to design the life and career that they had envisioned for themselves.

The Formal Education route, for the most part, is great, if you’re happy to settle for a “more than okay life” with an egg spoon full of job security, a teaspoonful of Career benefits, a tablespoonful of retirement benefits and a whole potful of relentless head nodding.

But, if you want to live an EXCEPTIONAL life, where you get to spend time with your loved ones as and when you please, don’t have to worry about another “basic expense” ever again, do what you love every single day (in the form of “work”), leave a legacy that will live on and be of greater service to the Human race, then choose the alternative.

The alternative (as lucrative as it sounds) does carry a great deal of risk, years of arduous work, bucketfuls of failure and heaps of disappointment to finally get off the ground. But, when the harvest does come, a good portion of it is yours to keep. And if you had taken the time to systematize and automate a considerable portion of all business operations and hired the right people, then you’ll get to reap a bountiful harvest for a long time, with considerably less effort, from thereon.

So, in essence, you’re playing the game of “sowing and reaping” with your own plot of land and scarecrows.

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