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The Most Fundamental Requirement in The Parent Child Relationship

Parent child relationship

Take time to TALK to your Kids and Spouse.

Men are born with a little defect in the speech part of their Brains ( the Broca area), called the “Did you say something?” syndrome. The Broca area also happens to be what’s “most active” in Women, which explains why humans can talk. And why the Ladies on average talk and blink twice as much as Men do. If the “speech training” part was left to Men, our vocabulary would probably be limited to just 10 words.

This “permanent speech deficiency” makes a man “operate” much similar to a cell phone with a limited talk time. Sure. You could still get this “human” with a “cellphone personality” to fix stuff around the house, move furniture around, do backflips, chase bees and even put out the trash. And all without it causing a “significant drain” on his “battery pack”. But the second you get him to “talk”, you’ll see him melting away like an ice cream on a hot summer’s day.

This should also explain why every Man who’s expected to “talk” at their workplace is in the habit of heading straight for their “recharging cradles” (aka the Couch), the second they get home. It’s kinda like how the “Android” from the 2015 TV series Dark Matter operate (but without all the computer chips).

This “inability to talk” may have played a pivotal role in “preserving the human race” by allowing him to be a better “provider”, “protector” and “chess player” way back in prehistoric days, where even the slightest whisper, whimper or sneeze could have gotten him (and subsequently his family) killed.

But in today’s world, where conversation is considered a “necessary tool of communication” (particularly at home), not talking isn’t an option anymore.  In fact, not talking has more of a chance of getting you killed now, than talking would have done way back in the day surrounded by dozens of hungry wolves, tigers, lions and sheep.

So, if you truly value your life and your family, then it’s time to grab your favorite pair of shears to snip out a huge chunk of the time you may be spending every day on your “recharging cradle”. Once you do, invest that “extra time” into the people who matter the most to you. No, I’m not referring to your friends at the bookie. I’m talking about your family.

Sure. It might be hard at first to get used to at first. But it would be a whole lot harder to get used to “not having them around”, if you don’t “make the time” to make their time worthwhile, every chance you get.

Contrary to popular belief Dads (particularly biological Dads) play just as important of a role as Moms do. That’s why children from fatherless homes have a far greater chance of suffering from anger and inadequacy issues that over time can lead to violent and suicidal tendencies. In fact, 90% of all repeat arsonists, 70% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers, 85% of children who exhibit behavioral disorders, 85% of youths in prisons, 80% of rapists with anger problems all come from fatherless homes. That’s discounting the ridiculously high suicide rates, teenage pregnancy rates, school dropout rates and dozens of other issues that primarily affect fatherless homes. Suffice to say that children who grow up without a biological father (even an “idiotic” one) have to weather a great deal more storms to reach “solid ground”. And even when they do get there (if they ever do), they have work twice as hard to keep themselves from shooting the first person that pisses them off.

Obviously, by “sticking around” you drastically reduce the chances of your Kid ever being a victim of any of the above. But it’s still only half the battle. You also need to make them feel loved, accepted and appreciated. And you have to do it all without a single word of criticism, blame, shame or judgement as they could result in your Kids resorting to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gang affiliations, and catnip.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean you’re gonna let them kidnap all the Pets in the neighborhood and tell them that “it’s okay” afterwards. Bad behavior should never be rewarded and shouldn’t be without consequences. But the punishment should always fit the crime, kinda like how it works in sports. We’re yet to see a sportsperson get murdered, slapped or scolded for making a mistake. Or for “accidently” knocking out a person in the opposing team. That’s because in sports, the punishment is always determined by the “rulebook”. And the rulebook only ever punishes the “act” and never the person.

So, if a cat goes missing in your neighborhood and you have CCTV footage to prove that your Kid was involved in the “crime”, then a suitable consequence could be to make one of their video games, toys or TV shows “disappear”, until that missing cat is returned to the owner, unharmed and with all his whiskers intact.

For the most part, being a Dad (or a Mom) is about showing your Kids “how to live life” just by “leading by example”. Your kids are eventually gonna become carbon copies of you anyway (right down to the kind of person they marry, how long they stay married to that person, the kind of people they associate with, and who gets the blame for everything that goes wrong).

So, if you live life the right way, love your Spouse like a “crazy person”, whilst taking the time to tell them “why” you do what you do, your Kids will straighten up and fly right all on their own (and without bumping into any planes or seagulls along the way). And given time, you’ll go down in “their history books” as the coolest Mom and Dad that ever lived.


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