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How To Be a Better Employee: 11 Questions to Get You on the Right Road (The One Without a Dead end)

How To Be a Better Employee

Not the biggest fan of your Boss?

If you hate your Boss almost as much as them hating you right back, then it’s safe to assume that the career prospects at your current place of employment are hopelessly bleak.

If that’s the case or you’re stuck doing something that makes you makes you and all your Pets cringe, then you should make a dash for the nearest Fire Escape. Then once you’re “safely” out of the building, you should start looking around for the kind of job that you had always wanted to do. Better yet, go into business for yourself and start living the life that you were meant to live.

However, if the “issue” at your workplace is only limited to just your Boss and your co-workers, then your next course of action should be to ask yourself the following questions first:

  1. Do I show up to work early?
  2. Do I show up looking professionally dressed and well groomed?
  3. Do I have a great attitude and personality (even when I am around people other than myself)?
  4. Do I stay away from “gossip whisperers, whiners and Complain Crew”?
  5. Do I get the work done quickly and accurately?
  6. Do I place a greater importance on my Boss’s agenda?
  7. Do I stick around and work late whenever there’s a job that needs to get done?
  8. Do I spend time chatting with my coworkers or do I work away like a wound up cuckoo clock?
  9. Do I take regular coffee breaks and numerous lunch breaks?
  10. 10. Do I always show up early to work? Or do I phone in sick the second I feel a slight tickle in the nose?
  11. Would I entrust someone with my work ethic to take care of my Children? Or would I be compelled to shoot them during the interview?

If the answers you provided makes you an important asset to the company, then your Boss is a complete Idiot. And he/she doesn’t deserve someone as awesome as you to work there.

If, however the answers say another story, then maybe you should have a longer conversation with the guy or gal in the mirror. And start making some adjustment…to yourself.


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