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The Best Source of Internal Motivation is from…Our Desires and Desperations

The Best Source of Internal Motivation is from

Getting Bossed around is no fun. But it gets the job done.

Ever wondered why most Organizations have so many different Managers, Supervisors and people with “firearms” designated for the sole purpose of making us “work” for our money?

Well, that’s because it’s human nature to either be pulled toward a goal that we desire through tingling sensations of inspiration. Or be pushed toward one through utter mind-numbing desperation.

Often times (at least in the short term), it’s the desperation model that works best. That’s why we don’t worry about our weight until we get our first heart attack, why we take our spouses for granted until we’re eventually forced into having a heart-to-heart conversation with their Bulldogs, why we don’t find the courage to quit smoking until we’ve to cutoff an arm and a leg, why we don’t quit drinking alcohol until our liver is completely “dissolved”. And why we don’t even consider the possibility of starting our own Business until we get tossed out of the Boss’s window on a dark and eerie day.

Conservative minded folks prefer to pay the price later rather than now. Then years down the line, they end up paying many times than what they bargained for. That’s provided they “live to tell the tale” in the first place. But a few smart individuals are crrrazy enough to pay the price (in full) beforehand so that they can play the game of life at a much higher level. And away from all the hedgehogs, rabbits and reptiles. By doing just that, they flip the switch from being bossed, pecked and poked around by the big hairy, fire breathing monster called “life” to becoming the bosses of their own lives. And sometimes to even owning their own oxcarts.


So, how is it done?

It’s done by taking “total charge” and “ownership” of your life. I don’t just mean changing the side you get up from in the morning and moving the furniture around.  I’m a talking about a total life transformation in your health, your wealth, your relationships and your spirituality, where you “pluck out” absolutely everything from head to toe that isn’t “working anymore” and everything that isn’t working as well as they should. And then replacing them with brand new and shiny habits and parts. But it’s all done “one habit pattern” at a time so that the results become “sustainable” and “waterproof”. Besides, it’s the subtle changes that make the biggest differences (provided those subtle changes are applied “consistently” and “diligently”).

For instance, just getting into the habit of drinking one glass of water per hour (while you’re awake) could make a significant difference to your wellbeing and weight. And maybe even your height. Likewise switching just half of what you eat (and drink) with fresh (and raw) vegetables and fruits would make an exponential difference to your energy, vitality and immune system, whilst “potentially” giving you psychic abilities.

But as with everything, we have to start the “growth process” by acquiring some “knowledge” first. You wouldn’t get into a car and drive it toward an intended destination if you didn’t know how to drive and didn’t have a clue on how to get to your destination.

As per the “brand” of knowledge, we are specifically after self-help or self-development, which by the way is where they keep all the “good stuff”. Or anything of “significant value”. But don’t worry. You won’t be expected to show up with a suitcase full of $500 bills or gold bars. So, cost-wise they sound pretty average. But value-wise, one little bitty book could weigh as much as 2 bigass Elephants.

Now, when you show up at the bookstore (not the grocery store), be sure to grab yourself a well-reviewed book each on “relationships”, “spirituality”, “health” and “wealth”. Everyone wants to start out with the “wealth” part. Then they wanna move onto the… “wealth” section. And top it all off with a book on… wealth (for good measure). But if you don’t also take the time to work on improving your relationships, your lifespan could very abruptly be shorted to that of a cat. Consequently, you could also become “very accident prone”.

Likewise, if you don’t take care of your health, you could be running the risk of going up in smoke the second the sun hits your skin. Lastly, if the growth effort in the spiritual department is a big fat “zero”, you could potentially wake up one morning on a different planet (with no music or internet). To put it another way, neglecting 3 of the 4 vital areas of your life is not much different to betting on a one-legged horse as opposed to a four-legged one.

Once you have the books, allot 1-2 hours per day to “absorb the knowledge” you had invested in. You might not be able to suck the knowledge out of the books just by putting them up on a bookshelf and staring at them really hard. Many have tried this strategy already to no avail.

As per “finding the time”, simply swap out 1-2 hours per day of your TV time to accommodate your newfound friends. Besides, if you keep the front door shut, the TV won’t be going anywhere.

Once you’ve read the books, start applying just one idea (per month) from each of those books (or topic areas) into your daily regimen. At that rate, within just 1 year you will have adopted a total of 48 new habit patterns (and perhaps a couple of homeless kittens) into your daily regimen. Fast-forward 3-5 years from there, and you could be looking at a “superhuman” of extraordinary abilities who’s living life on their own terms.



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