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How to Experience the Power of God (with or without religion) and the 5 Reasons Why He Allows Adversity

power of god

Most adversities can help us far more than they can ever hinder us.

In fact, I would go as far as saying that many adversities are part of your “creator’s training program” to mold you, to sculpt you and ultimately steer you in the “right direction”. But it would only make sense many years or decades down the line when you can finally see the “view from the top” (but without leaning too forward).

1. For starters, he wants us to “grow” strong and resilient. And there’s just no better time to grow than in our difficult times.

Runners and Swimmers only become better when there’s someone right on their tails like a frenzy of hungry sharks. Fighters only become winners when they’re trying “not to get killed” by their opponents. Muscles only become stronger when they’re “torn down” through extreme conditions and weights. Breathing only becomes easier when the lungs are pushed past their point of “complete breathlessness”. And highly organized carbon only become diamonds when they’re kept under extreme heat and pressure for long periods of time.

So, when our Creator sees an “adversity” headed towards our backyard, the first thing that he does is assess the “threat level” of that adversity. And what the likely outcome of it would be if it were “allowed” to occur. If it can really mess up our hair or somehow “disrupt” the path leading to our “destiny”, he’ll send one of his “supernatural agents” to “take care of the problem” (sometimes without us even having to ask for help). Or if all of his supernatural agents are busy or on call, he’ll intervene in person. That’s how he ended up “physically” pulling me away from an oncoming bus that would have otherwise turned me into instant sushi. It was either him or one his agents. I couldn’t say for sure because they didn’t stick around to introduce themselves.

Now, if the adversity isn’t “critical” or life threatening and can be used be used (in some way) to push us onto the next chapter of our destiny, then he’ll just step back and … let it happen.

2.He uses adversity based circumstances to open doors that you would’ve otherwise overlooked – If you don’t walk straight into a brick wall or an elephant you may have not considered going another way. So, some “circumstances” that come our way are really nothing more than “painful course corrections”.

3. He allows certain adversities to connect us with “other people” – Our Creator has to work with 7.5 billion people and help all (if not “most”) of them achieve their destinies and their aspirations whilst helping you with yours. So, there’s whole lot of “script writing” and “thread weaving” that happens in the background.

These “individual threads” in turn help align these individuals with their “good fortunes” and “lucky breaks” through a series of apparent encounters, circumstances and coincidences. And it all happens naturally and flawlessly, like a reality show that wasn’t “orchestrated” in any shape or form.

In fact, many of the connections we form (particularly the life changing ones) are really nothing more than “arranged meetings” brought about in a timely manner to help push us onto the next level of our life journey.

4. Your requests (even sometimes the ones we deem as “vital”) are denied by Supernatural HQ with good cause When this happens the message you hear on the prayer hotline normally goes something like this: “God is currently busy and is unavailable to take your call right now. Please leave a DIFFERENT prayer after the beep.”

By “closing the door” on one or a two…hundred thousand opportunities, your Creator has the uncanny ability to steer you onto the “best path” (or more accurately the “intended path”) for your life.

5. Your requests are sometimes delayed (considerably) leaving you with disappointment and a whole lot of excruciating pain (particularly if those prayers/requests) are health and money related.

These “delays” can at times feel like “more adversities” and setbacks in themselves. But, if you were to call Supernatural HQ’s prayer hotline right then and there, the recording that you hear will most likely go something like this: “You are caller number 12765. The estimated wait time for your prayer is…. 4 years”.  All that simply means is that…it would take 4 more years to answer your prayer. Actually, Supernatural HQ doesn’t divulge the “time related” information because they don’t use clocks and calendars at their end. But the rest is pretty accurate.

Now, the reason for the delay is mainly due to the order in which your Creator prefers to adhere to, if he were to make everything work out fine (or more than fine) for everyone. He can just snap his fingers and make it all happen in a heartbeat if he chooses to. But that would violate his own prime directive of “not freaking the heck out of us whiskerless humans”.

So, instead he uses the human friendly, sequential approach. And that approach is very similar to how the components of a car is assembled in a car manufacturing plant, where the steering wheel, the windows and the doors are among the last few pieces to go in. If you start out with the steering wheel instead, then you’ll have a hard time finding it afterwards, let alone drive the car. But only the “manufacturer” of the process understands the “sequence” and the “timing” of it all.

Ultimately when it’s all said and done, you’ll be far better off than you were before you started the process (even if it’s taken decades to get there). As an added bonus, our Creator also compensates us for any time that we deem as lost or wasted (even if it’s a couple of decades worth). That’s how in my forties I ended up being blessed with more energy, stamina, strength, health, youthfulness and spinach than I had in my 20s. And I can now roll my eyes a lot faster too.

So, despite the intentional delays (and the occasional denials), if you continue doing your part to consistently help his children (of all different colors, shapes, sizes, languages, accents, religions, regions and rationales), then it’s only a matter of time before your Creator comes through for you in a big way. In fact, if you stay “faithful” to your virtues (as best you can) the Chairman (and Founder) of the Universe will not leave your side (even when you’re fast asleep and snoring away).

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